You use tools every day, right? You got your nail gun, you got the shovels, you got hammers, nails, right? And so you use these things to make your life easier, and the same thing applies when it comes to your digital marketing and producing more roofing leads.

And so in today’s video, what I wanna share with you are some of those tools that I’ve personally used over the last six years in producing more quality roofing leads for my clients in this industry. Let’s dive right in.

It is essential to have good tools, but it is even more important that those tools be put to good use.

Now, with that quote being said, it is very important that you utilize the tools that I’m going to be sharing with you on a regular basis because these will make your lives so much easier and more efficient, more effective when it comes to producing roofing leads.

For those of you guys who don’t know me, my name is Mats Moy. I’m the owner of Moy Consulting, a marketing company that I put together six years ago to help roofing contractors just like you get online and start producing leads.

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Tools can help make your life easier

Now for the topic at hand. Tools. Tools, tools, tools. We use tools every day. And the purpose of these tools is to make our lives easier. The same goes when it comes to producing leads online. There’s things that you can do manually and there’s tools that you can use to make your lives easier.

1. Google Analytics

And so the very first tool that I highly recommend that you start using today is Google Analytics.

Now, I don’t know how other marketers do it, but I can tell you how we do it. Every decision that we make when it comes to this online space and producing more roofing leads is data-driven, meaning you need to be collecting data over time for you to make data-driven decisions.

It’s not a guessing game, trying to figure out what’s not working versus what is. We have data to back our decision-making online. And so I say this because I speak to numerous roofing company owners each and every single day. These are companies who think they’re doing an amazing job online, whereas that’s not really the case, right?

Doing an amazing job online, hopefully, in your eyes, means you’re getting tons of leads, form submissions, phone calls, right?

But how do you improve what you’re already doing online? That stems from the data that you’ve gathered over time. So setting up Google Analytics, and this is again something that many companies have not done. They just have, let’s say, a website and nothing else on the backend to track how people are doing on that website. So set up Google Analytics.

2. Facebook Pixel

The second tool that you should be using online is your Facebook Pixel. So just like Google Analytics is for Google platforms, you have Facebook Pixel, which is for Facebook. It allows you to take a look and see how people are engaging, interacting with your website that is coming from Facebook.

Now, these two tracking tools are absolutely mandatory. It’s a great thing to have these two tools set up, but it’s even more important to have goals set up.

3. Have goals set up

How do you know when something actually happens, when a lead actually happens, right? Which leads me to the third tool. You should be utilizing for both of these platforms is having goals set up, right?

Human error is there, right? You don’t always remember to ask how people found you, right? And it should be a thing that you ask, that’s for sure, every single time you get a phone call. But you can also have it tracked automatically by using goals through Google Analytics and conversions through Facebook.

So have these two things set up so that you know when a roofing lead comes in, where it came from, what keyword the person typed in, how long they were on.

There’s so much information that comes along with these tracking tools. It is absolutely mandatory for you to have these if you want any form of success when it comes to your online presence with your digital marketing long-term.

4. Heat map tracking

The last tool that I’m gonna share with you here is heat map tracking, and I love to use a company called Hotjar. What this enables me to do is to view on the page exactly what customers are doing.

Let me give you a scenario. Let’s say one of your pages wasn’t showing up properly. You wouldn’t necessarily know this, right? Maybe it’s showing up properly on your end when you’re looking at it, but in the eyes of other people, it’s not showing up properly at all.

See what people are doing on your website

Let’s say your call to action, which is a “Call us now” with a nice, big, red button that says “Call us now.” Your customers from other parts of the area are not seeing it properly.

Well, with a tool like Hotjar, you can actually see what people are doing on the page with screen recordings. You can also see how far down people are viewing content on a page.

Let’s say you have an amazing offer and you’ve decided to shove it all the way at the bottom of your page. Maybe your phone number, at the very bottom. Maybe you put it in the footer and you’ve left it there. You haven’t put it anywhere above the fold, so at the top of the page itself. How do you know that people are actually seeing your phone number, right?

With tools like this, Hotjar, you can actually see this stuff, and that’s why I love using a tool like Hotjar and I recommend, especially that it’s free, I highly recommend that you have something like this set up on your website so you can visualize what your customers are actually doing on your website.

Be sure to set up these tools

So tools, again, are meant to make your lives easier, right? The Equipter, Jobber, EagleView, whatever it is, Hail Trace, whatever it is that you use on a day to day, the same goes for your everyday marketing to help you produce more leads.

So take the time to set up what I’ve mentioned to you in this here video because they will make your lives easier. And when you do decide to hire a marketing company to help you with your online presence, then you’ll have something to go base on, data to go based off of. That way you can make the slight modifications, tweaks necessary to help you generate more roofing leads online.

So there you have it, tons of tools, tracking tools, really, mainly. It is tracking tools, to help you on a day-to-day make smarter decisions with your marketing, and in turn, helping you produce more quality roofing leads.

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