So, if you didn’t know already, you most definitely can produce quality roofing leads from your local community consistently.

That’s exactly what we’re gonna talk about in this video, where I’m gonna share with you how. Let’s dive right in.

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How can I produce leads without a website?

Now, something that’s come up time and time again is, how can I produce leads without having a website?

I specifically created this video because I’ve seen too many roofing companies obsess over how their website looks. Pure aesthetics, right. You need to remember that your website is meant to be a tool to produce roofing leads for you consistently.

Now in 2020, big companies like Google have made it less and less important for your website to be of anything of value. They’re making it easier for our consumers, customers to get in touch with your company without ever having to leave Google. So the aesthetics of your website is not as important as it once was.

Understand that Google is making it easier for customers to get in touch with you just from Google alone, right. So they don’t even need to go to your website. And so, by you spending a crazy amount of time on your website, just on the aesthetics, you’re losing focus on what works.

Now, how do we actually go about producing roofing leads without even owning a website? So the beauty of Google is, they have three platforms that allow you to generate leads from without a website.

Google My Business

Okay, so Google My Business. This is a listing that you should most definitely sign up for and get set up on because this is one of the most popular platforms where customers can get in touch with you directly.

You can give so much information from your Google My Business, all the information that you have on your website can essentially be condensed, extracted, and put on this Google My Business listing, right.

This is something that a lot of roofing companies are not doing today. It’s an opportunity for you to stand out because understand again, Google is making it easier for customers to get in touch with you without ever having to leave Google and going to your website. And so if you can take all of that information and put it on your Google My Business listing, which you most do definitely can.

If you need help with that, I have a really cool program that I would love for you to check out. The link for it is down below in the description, where I share with you the best strategies to get your Google My Business listing up and running and producing leads over the next month. So be sure to check it out, the link for it is down below in the description.

Google Local Services Ads

The next platform is GLSA, Google Local Service Ads. This is a paper lead platform of a much better alternative to any lead generation platform that is out there currently. So be sure to check that out.

This is a byproduct of the very first thing that I mentioned, which is Google My Business. So if you haven’t already, be sure to check that out. You can get leads for as cheap as I don’t know, $30, $50 somewhere around that price range.

Now, what you will need to get set up on Google Local Service Ads is the right documentation. They’re going to do a background check on the company, right. So there are a few hoops that you’re gonna have to jump through before you actually get yourself set up properly on the platform itself.

If you need help with that, I encourage you to comment down below, GLSA, and I’ll be sure to send you my free guide so that you can start getting yourself set up on this platform and start buying leads from a reputable company where you can actually dispute some of these leads that are coming in.

It’s a much better alternative to you know what is out there. So be sure to check that out, again comment down below GLSA.

Google Ads

Now the last platform that Google has to offer is Google Ads.

Approach this with caution. I would highly recommend that you get the proper training on Google Ads. I had a customer reach out to me a couple of days ago saying that they’ve tried Google Ads and they’re getting absolutely nothing with it.

Now, Google Ads is not something – again, I repeat – it is not something that you wanna go out alone with no training whatsoever. Google will just take your money and eat it up. You want to get the proper training for the platform, because there are so many settings that you need to eventually put in place so that you minimize the amount of ad spend, the money that you’re utilizing on a platform, and minimizing how much of it is going to waste. So again, get the proper training.

Join my Google Ads training program

Fortunately for you, shameless plug, if are looking to tackle this on your own, I encourage you to reach out to me, we have an awesome program to help roofing companies just like you get online on Google Ads and start producing leads from the platform. If you are interested in that, comment down below, I’ll reach out to you and we can make something happen.

Now, of these three platforms that I’ve mentioned, one of them is a time in exchange for leads type platform and that’s Google My Business. So I encourage you to use that platform on a day to day and not just by yourself.

If you have other sales reps in your company, add them to your Google My Business listing, have everybody utilizing it on a day to day and producing leads. It is absolutely free. It doesn’t cost you a dime except for your time on a day to day so that you’re able to reach out to the customers who are online and looking for roofing services.

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Don’t send paid traffic to your website

Now, for those of you guys who have tried Google Ads, you may be wondering. If we’re not gonna be using a website, how can we use Google Ads? Well, a good, a general rule for those of you guys who are using paid ads is for you not to be sending your traffic to your website.

It is a huge and very common mistake that companies make on a day to day. Sending your paid traffic to your website is a big mistake because there are tons of distractions on your website. So many links, so many different things that customers can do on your website. That will distract them from the initial thing that you want them to do which is to contact you. Give you a phone call, fill out the form submission.

Set up a landing page

And so instead, what you want to do is send them to a landing page where they only have one option. There’s literally like one thing that they can click on, which is either call you, right. They can just dial in the phone number from their phone, or they can fill out the form submission. Those are the only two things.

It’s not to say that that’s all that they’re gonna see on the page, no. You can put in all of the right items on the page itself. A good headline, testimonials, a project gallery, all that fun stuff to compel them to call you… You can have all of that information on the page.

But again, before you send any form of traffic anywhere, you need to get those landing pages set up for your website.

All of these platforms are all means of generating leads without even having a website. It can be done. I do it and I help roofing contractors do it each and every single day.

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Again, my name is Mats Moy and I will see you next week, peace.


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