Google Ads. So you’ve tried to generate leads with your roofing company using Google Ads, and it hasn’t quite panned out.

Whether you tried to use the regular version as in the advanced expert mode, or you use Google Ads Express, either or it didn’t work out, if you know it was two separate platforms.

And so we’re gonna go ahead and dive in as to how you should have been optimizing your Google Ads account to yield better results over time. Let’s dive right in.

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Optimize your Google Ads campaign

I’ve helped numerous contractors generate online roofing leads all across the U.S. and Canada, from contractors who are just getting started, who had no online presence whatsoever to contractors who are already online and now are doing even better as far as producing roofing leads for their company.

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So ways to optimize your Google Ads campaign. Now my guess is that you probably gave up a little bit too early, especially if you have already tried. If you’ve already tried and you’re no longer working it, then you probably gave up too early or you did not optimize enough.

So by the end of this video, I wanna make sure you understand how the optimization process goes. Because the truth is, Google Ads is all about optimization. You need to constantly keep tweaking. If you’ve spent $10,000 on ads, then understand that that’s what you bought. You just bought $10,000 worth of data and that data can be tweaked so that you’re able to yield even better results over time.

Look at your Search Term Report

So if you have an existing Google Ads campaign, here’s what I want you to do. The very first thing that I want you to look at as far as optimization goes is the search term report.

This report will tell you exactly what kind of traffic you’ve been getting for the duration of however long you ran your ads for. Take a look at this report.

What you’ll wanna do is go to your account, sign in, head over to the campaign level, and then go to the keywords search terms. That is where you’ll see all of the queries that somebody or anyone typed in to trigger your ads.

Now, if you go in there, and you see a bunch of queries that are specifically related to your Google Ads that you’ve done well, but my guess is that it didn’t quite work out for you because that search report was poor, right? We’re looking to go for roofing leads. Now if you offer other services, that’s fine. Those should generally be separated and put into their own campaigns.

But if we’re looking at your roofing campaign, if you take a look at the search report, what kind of searches were people triggering your ads for, right? But if you see stuff along the lines of flooring or a garage or, I don’t know, windows, then that gives you an idea that, hey, my keywords need to tighten up, and I should have been optimizing this campaign over time. If I kind of just set it up and let it run, this is why it’s been run down to the ground and I haven’t yielded any results.

Split test

The second optimization method is split testing.

Now, this is a huge mistake that I see a lot of people making. They don’t test enough ads within an ad group. If we have an ad group, and I wanna simplify this as possible.

Let’s just say we have one ad group. In every single ad group, what you wanna have is two separate ads going head to head.

Have you ever watched, let’s say, I think it’s “X-Men.” One of the “X-Men” movies where Wolverine is just going head to head with whoever else is in the cage, and they just keep sending a new challenger in every single time he beats him up.

That’s exactly what we wanna do. We wanna keep testing the ads against a champion, so we keep going, right? The champion wins, we keep testing another ad until the challenger eventually beats the champion. That is a constant process of split testing. So split testing your ads is only one component.

You also want to split test your headlines of the ads, you wanna split test the landing pages that you’re sending your traffic to.

And again, if you’re sending your traffic to your website from Google Ads, huge mistake. Be sure to check out this video where I explain why.

So split test, split test, split test, I cannot stress this enough. This is an ongoing process that doesn’t stop so that you can keep yielding better and better results. Imagine going from paying $250 per lead, and driving that number down to $60 per lead. That is a process.

You will lose money

Understand that at the very beginning, you will lose money. I wanna make this clear: you will lose money at the very beginning. And you need to be okay with that.

This is an investment that you are committing to for the long run because Google Ads has done long-term thing as well, it’s not just SEO.

Google Ads is also a long-term thing where you wanna continuously spend money with Google so they can regard you as, hey, this guy, this company is one of the top producers for roofing leads within a specific area, so he’s gonna be or he or she is gonna be the priority when it comes to me sending traffic. Okay, that’s how you have to look at it.

So our next optimization method is making sure we subscribe to the channel so that we get tips like this every single week to learn more about optimizing your Google Ads campaign.

Track conversions

Third optimization method, track conversions. I cannot tell you how many contractors don’t do this. How do you know you’re getting results? How do you know? And the majority of contractors that I speak to, they’ll say, “Well, I normally ask over the phone how they found us?” And they normally say Google.

Well, okay, there’s Google Ads, there’s Google Local Service Ads, there’s a website search, there’s your Google My Business listing. So it’s not specific enough.

You need to understand and measure it from the systems themselves. So within the systems, measure how you are getting those results. And so set up the conversion tracking, set up the call tracking, set up the form submission tracking, these are things that should have initially be done at the very beginning of your campaign.

Now, over time, things happen, technology breaks. And so you need to double-check your tracking every now and then. Maybe once a week, once a month. Just do it often enough so that you can see that everything is still working.

I personally have made that mistake. Here’s another video that you can check out: some of the mistakes that I made with the whole marketing that cost myself hundreds of thousands of dollars. And so that’s something that you wanna check out.

Add new keywords

So the next optimization method is adding new keywords. So a great place to look for new keywords is the keyword calendar, the Google Keyword calendar.

There, you can double-check to see what keywords have good volume, have a relatively low cost-per-click, something that you’re willing to pay. The very best place to look for new keywords is in the first optimization method that I mentioned is the search term report.

In that report, you’ll see some keywords that you probably never thought of, that didn’t show up in the keyword planner. And so you wanna double-check that report so that you can take away some of the keywords that you should probably be bidding on. So take a look at that, add new keywords.

Over time, you’re gonna keep adding new keywords so that you can start ranking for stuff. The more relevant keywords you add into your account, the cheaper you’ll pay for those keywords. It’s because they are now in your account. Google doesn’t have to try to modify them in any way to trigger your ads for. So add new keywords.

Find the best ones and add them to your to the account. Make sure you add them to the appropriate ad groups. It’s so that you’re able to match the keyword to what your ad is gonna say to the landing page you’re gonna send them.

So it’s a process, it’s a process, but it yields very, very good results.

Never stop optimizing

Our last optimization tip here, guys, is to never stop optimizing. This is a never-ending process. It’ll just keep going and keep going. And this is something that you can do on a weekly basis.

Sign in once a week, take a look at these optimization processes, and just do them. It shouldn’t take you a crazy amount of time, especially if you have just one account that you’re managing. It should really take you one to two hours, a week to do so that you’re able to yield results.

People need to understand that these are machines that you’re working with. These are systems, they work themselves, you just need to pay attention to them every now and then. So never stop optimizing, your split testing, looking at the search report, your landing pages, your conversion tracking.

Pay attention to all of that every single time, oftentimes.

So the question of the day, for your roofing company have you ever tried Google Ads? And if you did, let me know how it worked out for you. And if you haven’t yet, why haven’t you started? Leave me a comment. Drop me a comment down below and let me know why.

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So there you have it, folks. That is how you go about optimizing your Google Ads campaign.

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