,60%. 60% of the leads that my clients receive come from the Google My Business listing. Alright, so it’s extremely important that you understand how to use this tool because many of you have no clue. So let’s dive right in.

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For those of you guys who don’t know me, my name is Mats Moy, I am the owner and founder of Moy Consulting, a company that I created simply to help roofing companies generate online roofing leads.

So by the end of this video, I wanna share with you some optimization tips. Right, many of you have a Google My Business listing, however, it is not optimized whatsoever. And so by the end of this video, I’m gonna share with you some strategies that I use for all of my clients, to help them generate more roofing leads organically each and every single month.

Alright, so Google My Business optimization tips. I made a video similar to this one, months ago. So if you haven’t already, check out this video so that you can find out how to pretty much just set up your Google My Business listing.

I don’t wanna touch on anything that I’ve spoken about in this video here, however, there are many more optimizations that you can make to your Google My Business anyway.

So if you want to get a basic understanding on how to use your Google My Business listing, comment GMB down below and I will go ahead and send you my free guide so that you can download that Google My Business listing this has helped hundreds of roofing companies generate online roofing leads. Anywhere between one to three roofing leads a day once you really get going on this thing, so comment GMB down below, I’ll send it over to you.

So as I said earlier, 60% of the leads my clients get come from their Google My Business listing. Now, this is extremely important because this is way overlooked. Right, many people try to focus on their website, trying to tweak this and change that. Where your website is nowhere near as powerful as your Google My Business listing. And so I wanna emphasize this.

Spend more time on Google My Business

I want you to spend more time, on your Google My Business listing, right? Download the app, start using it daily, right, treat it as as a social media platform for people who don’t know you, right?

One of the big differences here is Google is getting your business listing out to customers who don’t know you, whereas on Facebook, Instagram, any of those other platforms, those generally go out to people who follow you. And so they already know who you are they already know your service. Right, and so I would much rather you spend time on your Google My Business, because it goes out to people who don’t know you, plus are actually in the market for a Roofing Service. So spend more of your time there.

This is, I guess the best analogy that I can give you here, in comparison to your website versus your Google My Business listing is let’s say an iceberg. Right, like Titanic iceberg. We’re talking about water, iceberg, where the tip of the iceberg is generally a very small portion of what you see, right, of what it actually is as far as lead generation. All right, and so forgive my poor analogy here, but bear with me, okay?

We have the tip. That’s the tip that you see there, that’s generally your website. Everything underneath Google My Business. Right, I wanna stress this because it’s extremely important for you to understand that your Google My Business listing, is your most powerful asset.

There are so many things that you can do with it. The post feature, right, putting in your business hours, people don’t even have to leave Google to call you. Right, the reviews that you get so powerful, right, call tracking, you can set up a call tracking phone number so you can see how many phone calls are coming from it. Right, the insights tool to see how many people found you through it.

There are so many things that people overlook with your Google My Business listing, most companies don’t even have one. Right, so I don’t even get it. But here I am telling you now you have no excuse. You need to set one up. All right, set one up.

Now one of the sections in your Google My Business listing, let’s assume you’ve fully completed everything, right. This is like basic 101. Don’t leave anything blank, right. This is Google My Business optimization 101, just fill out everything. Please put photos, put your business name, your hours of operation, days that your closed, holidays, description, all that good stuff, put all of it in, and make sure that it’s filled up in its entirety.

Now, some more advanced stuff is there’s a little section in the Info tab of your Google My Business listing, that allows you to describe your business. You have 750 characters available to you, which is an opportunity for you to write a compelling piece of content to get people to contact you.

Sneak in some keywords

On top of this, you can actually sneak some keywords in there. Like for those of you who don’t know what keywords are, it’s essentially a way for Google to determine, what your business is about based on some of the words that you have in there.

So, roofing, roof repair, roof replacement, those are different types of keywords, that you may or may not want to show up for. And so there are some of those keywords that you can actually sneak into that description section. You have 750 characters available, why not throw some in there.

So I have an example here for you, I’ve blurred out some of the sensitive information, I don’t wanna reveal too much about this client here. But, residential roofing service, roof, roof needs, roof installation, repair, flat roofing, Metal Roofing, repairs, replacement, maintenance. Right, these are all keywords related to let’s say the roofing service that this company here offers. And so do your own.

Now don’t overdo it. Don’t put a whole bunch of keywords in there that don’t make any sense, let it flow naturally. Alright, nobody wants to read something that just doesn’t sound like proper English. Right, so take your time, just fill it out naturally let it come out, and just try to put some keywords in there every now and then.

Send your reviews to your Google My Business listing

All right, another place for you to put keywords is in the reviews, right? Many of you, well, if you’re not already, please for the love of God, do not send any of the reviews anywhere other than your Google My Business listing. This is your most powerful asset naturally. Do not send people to your HomeAdvisor page, your Thumbtack, your Angie’s List, your Facebook, send them to Google.

Google will provide you with the highest quality leads that you can find. Right, right after referrals and word of mouth, Google comes in. Okay, so definitely send your reviews here.

When somebody leaves a review on your Google My Business listing, respond to it. I see a lot of companies that get reviews and never say thank you. Why won’t you wanna appreciate your customers? Just say thank you. Right, and when you’re saying that thank you, you can put in your own keywords in there.

So for example, let’s say we have a homeowner who was ecstatic with the roof that they got. They’re extremely happy to say, hey ABC roofing did an amazing job on our home, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You can come back and say, hey Nancy, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to come out and give you and perform or conduct this roof replacement in New York. That’s a keyword right there.

Right, and don’t think to yourself that Google can’t pick up on these things. “It would be a pleasure for us to come out and conduct a roof estimate for any other roofing, anybody else that needs a roof.” And I’m just making this up off the top of my head here, but you get the point. Okay, put the keywords in the response so that Google can detect some of these other keywords when you’re responding to the reviews.

Add photos to your Google My Business listing

Another very simple optimization tip here is adding photos to your Google My Businesses listing. Right, people or companies listings with photos get, I believe 35% more clicks to their Google My Business listings rather than the companies that don’t. So add them.

Right, and try to stay away from those stock images. They have become so common and I’ve been in this space for quite some time now, and I see the same stock images across the board from website to website.

If you can, please put in your own images. Those are so much better than the stock ones, and try to add really good ones, as opposed to some blurry photo pictures that you took like horizontally, that has like a black bars on the sides if you upload them. Stay away from that stuff.

Take a moment and really try to capture some really nice images of some roofs that you may have done in the past, right, you don’t have to get a fancy camera, or a drone or anything like that, just use your smartphone. When you’re at a job site, take good pictures that you can use, for your Google My Business listing.

Respond to reviews

Now I’ve already touched on this but responding to reviews. Whether they’re good or bad, respond to them.

The good ones obviously they’re much easier to respond to, you can go ahead and just write a good response and see how much you’re grateful for their service, put some keywords in there, cool.

Now for the negative ones, now I don’t know what it is about the roofing industry, but man, some of you guys have quite the tempering, okay? Do not lose your $#!+. Okay. Do not lose your $#!+, when responding to negative reviews, try to be as professional as possible.

There are tons and tons of haters out there. Some people will create fake reviews for you, but you need to show some class. Alright, respond to the reviews and address the issue. Give them an opportunity to reach out to you. Give them your phone number, a method of contact so that you can resolve whatever the issue was. At the end of the day in the eyes of the customer, they were right.

Assuming this is not a hater, a competitor trying to do some nonsense online to try to diminish your company, don’t let that get to you. Just respond to it, show that you’re very professional, and people will see that. Right, people will see the response and see the type of person that you are.

The absolute best way to get rid of or overcome negative reviews is to drown those out with a flurry of five-star reviews. Right, if you have 20 five star reviews and you have one person that gave you a one-star, most people can overlook that.

But when you have five, bad reviews and then one good one, then you’re in trouble.

Your online reputation is everything. You wanna make sure that that is in good standing. People will see that and that will be a huge factor when it comes to determining who I should call.

Monitor insights

Next, we have monitoring insights. Be sure to take a look at your insights tab of your Google My Business listing. So here, we have an example of an insights tab, and what you ideally like to see is what you see here.

Mostly blue, a little bit of green. Right, this is what you call a very well-optimized Google My Business listing. It’s getting almost 3000 searches in the last month, of people that are discovering the listing. These are people who don’t know your company by name but typed in specific keywords related to roofing, to find your company.

This is the position that you wanna be in. This listing alone, I’ll guesstimate they get maybe 60 to 100 leads every single month from their Google My Businesses listing. Right very, very powerful tool, that works for you. It’s an asset. Right, this is a system that works for you.

And so, discovery here, customers who find your listing for a category, product or service. Right, they don’t know who you’re, what your business is, they don’t know the name of your company, but they found you through, searching for a service that they were looking for. Versus direct, customers who found you by business name. Right, so these are guys who already know you. And that’s a very small portion here, which is fine, but the majority of this should be all blue.

So take a look at your listing. Go to the Insights tab and take a look at it right after you do all these optimization tips. After you’ve downloaded my Google My Business guide and you start to implement some of the stuff. Check to see how it trends on a monthly basis to see if you’re making the improvements.

Utilize the Posts feature

Lastly, you have the post feature. Right, if you haven’t already downloaded the guide again, comment GMB down below, I’ll send it to you. But everything that you need to know about the post feature is in there, do this daily, guys, once a day, every single day, so that you’re able to really get good in the eyes of Google, even if you’re not tech-savvy. Please do not use that as an excuse. I’m not good with computers, I do not care.

This is a tool that will bring you many, many leads. Okay, and so you can start using this and stop using the excuse that you’re not tech-savvy, to generate leads that you will ultimately add to your bottom line.

Everybody wants leads, but most people wanna just, sub it out to somebody else to get from. This is your business, man. This is your business. And so you need to be able to do everything and anything in your power to generate more leads for your company. This being one of them, it takes you three minutes a day, you are the best person to do it. You know your company the best. And so you should be really the person doing this, on a day to day basis.

If you need help, you can add some of your team members to your Google My Business listing. Let them handle it. Right, but keep it in house. That’s the most important thing.

Schedule a call with me

Now, everything that I’ve shared with you here in this video, it’s all stuff that I teach in the training program that I have available for roofing contractors.

If you’re interested in my training program where you work directly with myself to set up online assets, one of them being Google My Business to generate more roofing leads for your company, then click the link in the description down below.

Let’s schedule a call. I’ll send you to the learning page where you’ll see all the information about the training program, and you and I can get on the phone and chit chat about your business. We’ll see where you’re at, understand your goals and see if we would be a good fit for working together.

Also, if you wanna join a community of roofers, just like yourself, who are learning about this forever changing space called the internet, then we have a Facebook group mastermind that where I essentially share a lot of information on how to better your business online. I answer questions if you have any. So go ahead and join that, the link for it is in the description down below.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed this video, and until next week, peace.


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