Rejection: it stings. It hurts the heart, it hurts the soul. When you go out and you give out a quote, and the homeowner says “No, we’re not going with you,” it feels bad, man. It feels bad.

Don’t worry, I got you in this video, I’m gonna make sure that we minimize the amount of noes that you get just from using your online presence. All right, that’s what we’re gonna discuss in this video, and let’s get started.


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My name is Mats Moy and I am in the business of helping roofing companies just like yours, generate leads online, all the time. So if you’re currently struggling with your online presence, you’re not generating as many leads as you would ideally like, then you’re definitely in the right place.

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I’ll talk a little bit more about that at the end of this video, so make sure you stick around for that.

Dealing with rejection

So you got the lead, it came in. You got the notification on your phone. And so you head out to the home, you get up on the roof, you start looking around, you know, seeing what you’re dealing with, so you can give an accurate quote. Or maybe you ordered an eagle view drone shot of the roof itself to get a better idea. And so you’re ready to now speak to the homeowner.

You knock on the door, you introduce yourself, you sit down, you give out the quote, and the homeowner says, “Okay, you will need this with me, I’ll think about it.” And you head out, you know, thinking, “Yeah, you got this one for sure.”

Homeowner calls you later, “Yeah, we decided to go with a different company.” And then you start to wonder.

Well, that’s the scenario for a lot of roofing sales reps. Right, they go out and they don’t get the job, even though they think they were the cheapest guy, right?

Sometimes it’s not a matter of that.

So I wanna share with you one strategy that has helped a few of my clients sell more jobs without having to reduce the price or without having to really do anything else. Really just showing this one thing to help close more jobs. And that one thing is, reviews.


Reviews, reviews, reviews, generating reviews, and using them to sell jobs. It is 2020, right? Consumers are a lot smarter than they were 15, 20, 30, 50 years ago.

Everyone has access to the internet.

Now it is likely that when you left that house, thinking that you got the job, that homeowner, went online, did their due diligence, looked up your company see what you’re all about, and turns out, they couldn’t find much about you online.

Didn’t have too many reviews, but your competitor came by and he had 100 plus reviews, people are raving about his company online, they can see everything, you know, they can see the owners, they can see the rep that came out, and they decided to go with them, just because of that fact, right?

And so, you got to think about it from a homeowner’s perspective, right?

Think from a homeowner’s perspective

When you’re looking to do anything these days, right, think about it, like you’re looking up a hotel that you’re looking, or resort that you’re looking to go out to down in say, Florida, right you’re looking at some of the best resorts, you wanna make sure that you know you and your family have a wonderful time, the resort is clean.

You know the pictures on the on the website of the resort, they look good, the food looks good, the beach looks good, right? You wanna make sure all of these things before you go out and book it.

It’s very similar to what these homeowners are doing today. They are online looking up companies that they’re gonna deal with, right?

They don’t necessarily like the door-to-door salesman anymore. It’s that much harder for door-to-door salesman to go out and you know, secure a job just by knocking on doors. It’s not impossible, but it’s just more difficult.

So to minimize the amount of jobs that you lose to your competitors, what you can do instead is focus on, generating more online reviews to your Google My Business listing.

Facebook helps somewhat as well, yes. But it is much better for you to generate them to your Google My Business listing, because that is where you will typically get new traffic. Google will send you new traffic. So generate more reviews.

Zero to 150+

Here’s how powerful this is guys. I work with a roofing company, Slavin Home Improvement.

If you haven’t already, check out my interview with Zak, the owner of the company. Right here I will link to it, that way you can take a look at it.

So I’ve been working with Zak for just under two years now. Before he and I started working together, his online presence was non-existent.

So we managed to set up an online system within his business, to where now he generates give or take six leads every single day from his business. And again, check out the interview so that you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

But in the span of one year, we we’ve been able to go from zero online reviews to me just hammering this in his head that he needs to focus on, generating reviews for his Google My Business listing. And he’s done an amazing job of going from zero to I think today he has 158 online reviews, 158.

Now, if you wanna compare that to some of his competitors, the closest guy, it’s probably at about 40, maybe 20 reviews.

It’s a no-brainer for who the homeowner is going to contact and who they’re gonna give the job to. It’s just because of their reputation online, it’s not about going with the cheaper guy.

Sure, there are some people who want the cheapest, but as a business owner who was getting a bunch of leads, you will not need to go target those people. You go to people who actually value quality, right? And so that becomes a thing when you start to generate a lot of leads. And so this is why I like to focus on reviews.

So how do we go about generating more reviews for your business to your Google My Business listing? Because again, that is the most important place for you to get them, your Google My Business listing, not your home advisor page, or your Angie’s list page, or Facebook, it is Google, Google is key.

Reach out to your past customers

The best place for you to start generating those reviews is to start reaching out to your past customers.

Now, if you’ve experienced this process of trying to get those reviews from your Google My Business listing, then you will know when I what I’m talking about when I say it’s like pulling teeth, because some homeowners although they say “Yeah, yeah, well you know, we’ll go on and leave you a review,” they never end up doing so. And you’ll follow up and follow up and follow up and it never happens.

And so the best way for you to do this is give them a call and let them know that “Hey, I wanna come out and do a free inspection on your roof just to make sure that everything is good. When will you be home?”

Invest in an iPad or tablet

That is the perfect place for you to present them with an iPad or a tablet. Have them leave a review for you right there on the spot.

You go out there and do that free inspection. In return, you ask them for a review about the overall service right there and then on the spot.

You get the iPad. For the older ones, it makes it easier on the eyes for them to see and kind of user-friendly. Present them with the iPad, open up your Google My Business listing on it already, and present it to them, and have them leave a review for you right there on the spot, right?

So you’re doing, you’ve done that free inspection, you know, everything looks good, you know, “While I’m here, could you take a few minutes?” And right there on the spot, do not leave and say “Can you leave it later?” No no no, for them right there on the spot, present it to them, and have them leave a review, right.

For one, you’ll get it right there on the spot, and two, it makes it that much harder to say anything negative about you while you’re standing in front of them. All right, so definitely utilize that strategy.

Now, going into the future, you wanna do this as well. Whenever you’re doing that final walkthrough with the homeowner and you know that they’re happy with the work that you did, go ahead and present them that iPad. If you don’t have an iPad, just use your smartphone, right?

And yes, the person does need to have a Gmail account and the majority of people do. If they don’t, you wanna have a separate tab open to the Gmail page. Have them create an account and then leave a review.

Dominate the competition

Guys, trust me when I say this: it is worth every moment to follow through with this. It will produce new roofing leads for your business. And this will play in five years down the line, 10 years down the line, all right?

Be sure to follow through on this. Have your entire team onboard. Recognize that reviews are going to be a huge part of generating new business for your roofing company.

So these reviews can come from big or small, doesn’t matter, right? From the smallest repair to a huge commercial project, get the review. This will help you dominate the competition.

Again, it’ll help you stand out from all of your competitors. If you generate these reviews after every single project, it will also help you drive more leads.

Reach out to family and friends

Now for those of you who are just starting out, it’s gonna be a little bit more difficult for you. Reach out to family and friends and have them leave a review about you as an individual. So they can leave an honest five-star review about your business and your company, as well as yourself.

Show off your reviews on your website

Take advantage of these reviews and upload them automatically to your website. There’s tons of free tools out there that you can use. Take your GMB, Yelp, and Facebook reviews, etc. and have them automatically uploaded to the review page of your website.

That’s something that you can also do to really so you don’t have to manually add them every single time.

So now you know how to minimize the amount of sales rejection, the digital way, right? Just by doing this one thing consistently. Sooner than later, you will be the local market Titan that’s able to go in and sell the job.

So as mentioned at the beginning of this video, I have a free one-on-one call available to you.

If you are dissatisfied with the current state of your online presence, then book a call with me. We will discuss and figure out the fastest course of action to generate more roofing leads for your business. The program will show you how to set up a system online to consistently produce roofing leads for your business. Again, the link for that is in the description down below.

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