How Eric Miller went from being depressed running his roofing company to $500,000 in less than 12 months.

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It wasn’t too long ago that Eric was stopping by the fast-food restaurants to have the good ol’ roofers shower in the bathroom sink. Change his clothes, put on some cologne and voila, all of a sudden he’s the company salesmen off to give out a roof estimate.

It sucked!

Like most roofing companies, Eric started off subcontracting, relying on word of mouth or even buying leads from companies like Homeadvisor. 

He’d tried creating his own website; which didn’t generate much for him.

After operating his own company for 7 years, Eric had reached the top of the subcontracting game and it was time to level up. 

Depressed with running his roofing company, feeling beat up by his business, and tired of being the subcontractor to all his roof work, Eric decided to start generating his own roof leads.

Eric hired me to set up a roofing lead generation machine to generate exclusive roofing leads for his company.

In 7 years; never had his roofing business been like this. 2 months after working with me, he started getting calls. 

Fast forward 14 months later, Eric is on track to hit 7 figures in 2020.

Eric no longer swings a hammer, no longer stresses about finding work, has an unlimited source of roof leads and best of all…


Here’s a quick overview of what we spoke about during our interview:

  1. Where Eric was before he decided to start working with Mats.
  2. How Eric went from being on the roof with his crew to no longer swinging a hammer. 
  3. How Eric went from subcontracting to being one of the “Big Dogs” in town
  4. How an exclusive roofing lead generation system has transformed his business over the last 14 months.
  5. Why Eric decided to start working with Mats.

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