You’re finally ready to get started online. You got the crews lined up, the sales reps are ready to take on some more leads, but you just don’t know where to start yet.

No worries, I got you covered in this video. I’ll share with you how to get started online.


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For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mats Moy and I specialize in helping roofing companies generate online roofing leads while becoming a local authority.

Dominate your market

I am very big on world domination, in your case, market domination. So I’m looking to help you dominate your market in generating roofing leads above all of the competitors. And this is what the channel is all about. So you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking to get started, in this video, I’m gonna share with you the best course of action when it comes to getting started online so that you get taken in the right direction, you take the right first steps in order for you to get started in generating some roofing leads without making any mistakes. So let’s dive right in.

So in 2020 it can be quite overwhelming as far as the information that’s out there, right? Where do I start? Should I do Facebook? Facebook Ads? Google? Should I do LinkedIn? Instagram? Like Twitter, it’s so much information for you to be overwhelmed with and I can appreciate your concern.

And so I wanna make this as easy and as simple for you to follow along to be able to take the right steps and generate those first few leads because it starts with one, right?

We’re not thinking we’re going to be generating 30 leads right out the gate because that’s probably not gonna happen, especially if you are brand new to the online space.

Do not start with a website

So the first course of action, which is probably contrary to what many people believe, what you might yourself believe is do not start with a website. Don’t start with a website. Not just yet, okay?

And the reason for that is because if you are brand new and you do not have the investment nor the time to commit to say the next six months to a year with your website, then I would avoid it altogether.

But if you do have the cashflow, you have the finances to be able to invest in the growth of your online space for say the next six to 12 months then by all means create the website, but make sure you nurture it because if you don’t, you will have wasted your time and your money.

Now, for those of you wondering, “Well, if I’m not gonna start with a website, what should I do?”

Go the Google My Business route

Right, I would much rather you go the Google My Business route, right? You can create your social profiles, you can create your Facebook page, but the most important thing for you to create to generate new business, new leads, new eyeballs for your roofing company is through Google.

So if you haven’t already, download my nine page Google My Business guide. If you wanna get access to it, comment, drop me a comment down below that says GMB so that I know that you want my guide and I’ll go over and send it over to you, all right. So go ahead and comment down below and I’ll be sure to send it over your way.

In that guide, I will share with you how to set up your Google My Business properly right out the gate so that you don’t make any mistakes and how to start using it on a day-to-day so that you’re able to generate new roofing leads for your business.

This is the first place you should start. Once you start drumming up business with your Google My Business listing, you can then move on to a more advanced, more time-consuming, but highly-rewarding course of action, which would be your website.

But not until you have the cashflow, you have the time to invest into set said website, but until then, stick with the Google My Business system. It is free. It is easy for you to use. It’s user friendly and it’ll actually produce roofing needs for your business.

Target one location at a time

Now let’s say we have all of the money, we’re ready to go with the website. What do we start to do? Right, I’ve seen on many roofing company websites, that they target, let’s say an entire state or like a 50 mile radius. Don’t do that, okay?

What you wanna do instead is target one individual location at a time. Now this is not to say that you cannot mention on your website somewhere that you service here, here, here, here, here, here. However, you should optimize your website. It should be catered towards one specific area because that is where you will be generating leads from.

Now, for those of you guys who are in rural areas that are just not very busy, don’t have a huge population size. If you head over to Google and type in your area plus population and it comes back and it says you have like 2,000 people in your area, then you’re probably not gonna get too many roofing leads.

And that just is a result of the population size, the lack of competitiveness and lack of people, right? It’s just not gonna be able to produce a solid, consistent amount of roofing leads for your business. And so unfortunately you need to understand that Google works on a per area basis.

Go for an area that has a decent population size

And so you need to build a website that’s targeting a separate area that has a decent population size. Decent population size, what does that even mean? Right, I typically like to aim for 40,ooo to 100,000 in population size. That is a very good sweet spot.

If you know what you’re doing, you can realistically start generating 30 to 50 leads every single month from that population size area, okay. And it’ll take you, give or take six months or so, six to eight months to start generating that amount of leads.

So if you haven’t already, if you’re targeting a super dense metro type area, I would recommend that you stop because if you are new, if you are a newer company, it will take you a very long time for you to start seeing results from that area.

Use your social media profiles

Now, other things that you yourself as a business owner, as a sales rep, office manager can start doing on a day-to-day is using your social media profiles. Whether it be your personal Facebook page or your business Facebook page. Whether it be your Instagram, right? You can start using some of these things and start posting on them on a regular basis.

What you wanna include in all of your posts is your lovely face, right? We want to see who we are dealing with in terms of business.

Go live

If you’re comfortable enough, start going live. Going live is a huge opportunity, it will reach a lot more people, right? Facebook’s algorithm will start to publish your live feed to much more people than if you were to publish a post, right? So start going live, that helps.

Whenever you’re out at a job site, pull out the smartphone, and turn on live. Tell me what’s going on on the roof. Start doing that on a regular basis. Whenever you’re posting final images of a roof that you’ve just completed, add your lovely face in there, right?

Just take the smartphone, smile and take a picture. Simple as that, right? And post it.

Those will generally attract more engagement, more likes and more likes will turn into more reach. It’ll reach more people, right? Because your Facebook is seeing that people like this stuff, people are interacting with it and so let’s push it out to a few more people. See how it goes, right?

Generally speaking, the pictures and the posts that get one or two likes are not gonna go very far, right?

Facebook is in the business. Google is in the business of pleasing its customers, okay. So understand that you need to attract more engagement with your social media profiles.

Post on your Google My Business listing

Now, above all of your social media, there’s one place that I highly recommend you work on on a daily basis. Your Google My Business listing. There is a post feature that is available to you and all of your competitors. This will actually produce new roofing leads for your business.

It’s very similar to using Facebook or Instagram where you take a picture, you write a caption, and you post it, right? It’s that simple. You need to be able to use these tools to generate more business for your roofing company.

So I highly recommend that you download my nine page guide again. Comment down below GMB, I’ll send it over to you. And that way you can generate more leads from your Google My Business listing.

So if you’re looking to get started online, now you know what course to take. Again, this is important. Only if you’re looking to get started, not if you’re established. If you’re looking to get started online, now you know what to do as far as the first steps to take.

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