I’ll be the first to tell you Google ads works. Right, for those of you guys who have tried it and it didn’t work for you does not mean that it does not work. All right, so let me explain how to better your campaign over time.

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For those of you guys who don’t know me, my name is Mats Moy, and I am the proud owner and founder of Moy Consulting, a company that I created just to help roofers just like you learn about this forever changing space and help them generate leads online.

Now I love Google Ads. It’s no secret. Take a look at some of my YouTube channel videos and you’ll see that Google Ads is one of my preferred methods of generating roofing leads online.

The reason being is you can set up a campaign within say a week, week and a half, two weeks, and start producing leads for as little as, I don’t know, the lowest I’ve seen leads come in for like consistently it’s been like 30 bucks, 30 bucks a lead people that have a roofing problem picking up the phone and saying, “Hey, ABC roofing I saw you online can you come out and check out my roof”?

Right, I hate the, send me, information and good luck, right. I’d much rather get a phone call from a homeowner, to say, “Hey, I have a problem with my roof can you come out and give me an estimate”?

Google will reward you

And so this is why I like Google ads. I love this platform, right. It’s no secret. Google Ads is one of the few platforms that will actually reward you for doing really good work.

Right, and what I mean by this is let’s say we have, you get more roofing jobs, right. In turn, you need to buy more materials and so your material expense might be a little bit more. Right, you get a much bigger commercial roofing project. Maybe you need more guys to get on that project to get it done within a reasonable amount of time. And so you got more labor expenses that you need to put out there, but with Google ads, you actually get rewarded for doing a really good job.

With the campaign itself the better you have it performed, the cheaper your ads will get, right. And so the reverse kinda happens when you go up, right. You increase this, this will decrease and so that’s why I liked this platform. If what you’re doing with this platform here, then you can really make a lot more profits for your business. So what’s the difference between a really good Google ads campaign and one that’s mediocre or poor. Really the bottom line is it comes down to quality score. So what is the quality score?

Quality score is simply a way for Google to tell how, how good your campaign is right of what quality is your campaign. So it basically follows a numeric system, one to 10, 10 being amazing, and one being, poor. And so you would ideally want your campaigns to be on the higher end because that’s where you get cheaper cost per click.

Customer experience

And one of the reasons why I didn’t mention yet is no matter how deep your pockets are, it’s not the only variable that comes into play here. You need to give your customers a really good experience. And by giving them a really good experience, you will get rewarded by Google.

And so your ads have to be really good. They have to be related to whatever it is that you’re looking to bid for, right Keyword wise. So if you’re bidding on a keyword that says, “roofing companies in Toronto”, then your ad better not say something about, we sell cheesecake. You know what I mean?

That just wouldn’t make any sense and you’d probably get a quality score of one. And so you really gotta make it related, right.

Your keyword with your ad, as well as your landing page. These are the three things that really, have a big impact on your quality score, your click-through rate of your ads, the click-through rate, the landing page experience itself, and the keyword to ad relations. Right, they need to be related.

Quality score

So all in all better quality score, it gives you better results from Google, it gives you more clicks, more impressions, in turn, more leads, right, with ultimately is more profits for your business.

And so if you take a look at the quality score column in your Google ads campaign, you just open it up. You head over to the column section at the keyword level, and you start to take a look to see how your, keywords are performing quality score-wise.

If you have keywords that are at a 10, perfect, you don’t need to do anything. Those keywords are performing extremely well. Keep them running as is right. Anything above seven. I wouldn’t bother with you’re doing fairly well Keep it as is.

When we’re talking about anywhere between five, like four, like five, six, and okay, maybe we need some TLC, right. Some Tender, Love and Care. Maybe we need to mess around with some of that.

Three or four, okay, we need to, we need some help, right. We definitely need to start addressing some of the things that are going on in your campaign. You’re overpaying for the keyword itself and it needs a lot of work.

I would much rather just pause some of those keywords and write in a different variation of them. That’s kind of like a hack that I put in there, but a quality score is everything guys. You really need to pay attention to how the quality scores are, ranging across the entire campaign.

Optimize your campaign

So if you want, you should probably reach out to some of your, whoever’s handling your Google ads campaign, whether it be yourself or you’ve hired a marketing company, ask to see what the quality scores look like, right.

And don’t let that be, the be-all, end-all because some quality score keywords may be poor. However, the keyword itself may be profitable for you, right.

So at the end of the day, cost per acquisition is everything, right. Are you generating leads? Not only that but are you closing on some of those leads, that number has to ultimately make sense. Everything else comes afterwards, right.

But quality scores typically an indication that, hey, my campaign needs some work. So what do we need to do to improve our quality score for our roofing campaign, right. I’m only going to touch upon the major, the biggest factor that affects your quality score, which is your click-through rate.

So how do we improve our click-through rate in our Google ads campaign?

Well, first things first, you need to hit the subscribe button. We put out quality content, just like this one each and every single Wednesday.

Split test

But on top of that, one of the strategies that I love to use to increase your quality, click-through rate is to split test, always split tests. We need to create better ads over time.

So split testing is simply matching or taking two ads and having them go head to head right, over a period of time. And so we have ad A that says we’re affordable and an ad B that says we’re amazing, which one would perform better? Don’t guess. Let the data tell you, look at the metrics so that you’re able to see that this one is clearly the winner.

Once you’ve run it for an extended period of time, you would look at the two ads, pick your winner, pause the one that lost and bring up a challenger, bring up a new ad. So what you’re doing here is you’re increasing over time.

It’s a never-ending process if you wanna get really, really good, at Google ads, you need to optimize all the time. Another thing that you can do to increase your click rate is to make sure that the keywords in each ad group are relevant to one another.

So for example, a keyword such as roof replacement shouldn’t necessarily sit in the same group as roof repair. They’re two separate things.

You can see speak directly to someone who is looking for a replacement versus someone who’s looking for a repair. That’s two different messages, right. And so take those out of the same ad group, keep them in separate ad groups, write specific ads for the two categories.

So think about it like themes, right. Roof replacement, roof repair, commercial roofing, metal roofing, flat roofing, right.

Keep each topic separate from one another and create specific ads for each individual category. It’s a lot of work, but this is where the money is, right. This is where you get the beat the competition by doing an extremely good job with your Google ads campaign.

Create a negative keyword list

Last but not least, one of the things that you can do to increase your click-through rate is something that we touched upon in our last video. So be sure to check it out here, but it is negative keywords. Be sure to create that list and keep adding to it over time based on the data that you’re collecting from Google.

And as I mentioned in this video, when you are starting with Google ads expect to lose money. This will happen at the very beginning. Over time, as you start to rack up data, you will get better and better and better results by optimizing your campaigns.

So there you have it, that’s the core method to improving your quality score, right. And this is something that we touch upon in the training program that I’ve created specifically for roofing companies.

If you’re interested in working with myself and my team, then be sure to check out the link in the description down below. It’ll take you to a nice landing page that will give you all the information you need to know about the training program itself. Ultimately, it’ll get you to book a call with myself or one of the team members. We’ll discuss essentially what we can do to help your company grow and generate more roofing leads online.

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