Knowing how to attract roofing clients is good.

But how about getting a steady flow of clients + earning repeat business?

Even better.

Nowadays, people search for and interact with businesses differently.

Reason? The internet.

Imagine a homeowner checking out Google for a roof repair service while they’re doing the laundry.

Or a property owner who’s making plans to get their roof cleaned over the weekend.

Can your ideal client easily find you?

Today, I want to talk to you about new ways of marketing that will improve your roofing business.

But to appreciate them, we’re going to recall the old ways of marketing.

Let’s dive in.

Old-School Marketing Techniques

Are you still using the old strategies to reach your potential clients? I’m not saying they don’t work anymore. They still do.

But here’s the thing:

Traditional marketing can be expensive. Time-consuming too.

You have limited opportunities to engage with your audience.

It’s also impossible to personalize your messages.

Here’s how most roofers still do marketing:

1. Billboard advertising

Billboards can be a quick way to capture people in your area. Advertise in a high traffic location and you’ll be able to communicate your message fast.

The bigger the billboard, the greater the impact too.

Yet, we cannot deny that billboards are not the most cost-effective. A billboard could cost you up to $14,000 (or more) depending on the market.

Not just that. People get used to your ad eventually. They ignore it over time.

If you want to keep people interested, you need to refresh your message.

Here’s another disadvantage: Billboards stay in one location. They don’t move with your audience.

Think about maintenance. What if it gets damaged over time? Consider the cost of a replacement.

2. Newspaper advertising


Businesses still use newspapers as a way of staying visible to their local community.

Newspaper advertising is also less expensive than billboards. Changes can be made to your ad right away.

But despite its cost-effectiveness, newspaper readership is declining.

You see, nowadays people can simply get the latest updates on a topic by doing a quick Google search.

When it comes to the audience, you’re less likely to reach younger generations.

Millennials don’t read the paper while they’re having their morning coffee. Instead, they check their mobile devices.

3. Radio advertising

Radio advertising used to be the go-to method for delivering timely messages.

For example, if you wanted to promote your snow removal service, you could use radio as a platform.

But one thing that radio advertising lacks is a visual appeal.

And because of that, radio ads can become background noise. This is especially true if listeners are not in a buying mood.

For your message to be effective, they need to be heard by people at the right time and more than once.

4. Door-to-door cold knocking

Do you still go door to door to offer your roofing services? If you knock on as many doors as you can, you’re certain to get more leads.

But as you may already know, it’s time-consuming. Door knocking also presents some challenges:

Your customers are not at home.

Customers may be skeptical of you. (Door to door scams are common!)

People won’t always answer the door.

Whether or not you’ll be visiting an area depends on the weather.

5. Direct mail marketing

As a popular old-school marketing strategy, direct mail still works.

Direct mail allows you to provide detailed information to your prospects. You can show your company’s history and how people can benefit from working with you.

Plus, you can offer special deals.

However, costs can eventually add up. Response rates are also low.

There’s also no way for you to know whether people opened and read your mail or not.

If people are not looking for roofing services at the moment, your mail could end up in the trash.

Digital (Modern) Marketing Techniques

Whether you are a new or established roofing business, digital marketing can offer you one thing:

Greater opportunities to get more targeted leads at a lower cost.

The more visible you are online, the higher your chances of succeeding over your competitors.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is measurable. You can rely on analytics to know if your campaigns are working or not.

Let’s take a look at five digital marketing strategies for your roofing business:

1. SEO

Over 63,000 searches are done each second in Google on a daily basis.

Do you see how huge this is?

This means that most of your potential clients search the web for information. It tells you that people demand your online content.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is about optimizing your online presence so that people can easily find your roofing business in Google search results.

As a local business, you need to attract prospects in a certain geographical area. Maybe you’re looking to focus on one area or expand.

Local SEO can help you.

Think about it:

When homeowners have a roofing emergency, they do a Google search of the best local roofer in town.

Within seconds, Google shows them a list of roofing businesses with their reviews, location, website, and contact information.

Homeowners can then call a roofer right away.

As you can tell, local SEO improves your visibility online. The right people can find you in a few clicks.

2. Google AdWords

You’ve probably already heard about Google AdWords.

In case you haven’t, here’s what Google AdWords is about:

Google AdWords is Google’s advertising program. If you want roofing ads that show in Google search results, AdWords is your answer.

You might be wondering, “But how do my ads appear in Google?”

They’re triggered by specific keywords that people use when searching for roofing services.

The higher the quality of your ad, the more likely it is to show in search results.

Unlike newspaper and radio advertising, Google AdWords is measurable. You’ll be able to tell whether your ad appeals to your audience from Google.

You’ll also know if someone who clicked your Google ad became a customer.

3. Email marketing

Can you imagine communicating with potential clients on a regular basis without having to knock on their doors and risk annoying them?

People’s inbox – it’s a special place where you stay connected with your prospects.

Here’s good news for your roofing business:

More than half of the planet uses email. And by the end of 2022, there will be 4.2 email users worldwide.

Email marketing also has an ROI of 122%. It can be a great driver of sales and conversions.

Let’s say a couple of homeowners visit your website. They subscribe to your email list because they want to get updates on the latest roofing offers.

As you might expect, not all of them will avail of a replacement right away – especially if it’s not an emergency.

They need more time to consider their options. Perhaps a little motivation will nudge them in the right direction.

Your email marketing messages will allow you to provide them with more information.

You can also personalize your email campaigns based on their needs, location, and readiness to buy.

4. Blogging

Blog posts boost your roofing business in many ways.

When done using the best practices, it can:

  • Increase your opportunity to show up in search engines.
  • Help your audience realize the benefits of maintaining their roofs and hiring the right roofer.
  • Fill your social media calendar. You can share your published blogs on Facebook and other channels to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Help you build trust and credibility.

5. Social media marketing

Do you know what social media is good for?

Building relationships with people.

With social media, There are many ways to reach more people and build a loyal following:

You can:

Share your roofing company blog posts.

Run contests to build buzz around your business.

Respond to people’s inquiries about your services via messenger.

Send people directly to your website through your offers.

Want to know something interesting?

Social media allows you to crowdsource ideas that will improve your content and business.

By paying attention to people’s conversations, you can gather insights.

Over to You

It’s no secret that people rely on the internet these days to do anything.

Communicate, research information, and make purchases.

As a roofing business, digital marketing offers you a more convenient, faster, and personalized way to reach your local audience.

Traditional marketing is a thing of the past. It doesn’t always go for the exact audience you want. It’s slow and can be expensive.

Plus, you cannot track your progress and maximize a particular channel.

Are you considering digital marketing? Still not sure how it can truly help your roofing business?

Today, I’m offering you a chance to get my free case study.

You will learn how I use digital marketing to help residential and commercial roofing contractors get over 20 leads each month.. And how you can achieve the results you want.

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