So in this fancy report that your marketing company just sent you, you see that you’re getting a lot of clicks to your website. However, the phone’s not ringing. Let’s figure that out.

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So you’ve got this fancy report that your marketing company sent you. The numbers are going up, we’re getting a whole bunch of visitors to our site, however, the phone’s just not ringing. And so you start to question what’s going on. How come we’re getting all of these visitors to our site but we just can’t seem to get the phone ringing? What is the deal? What is happening?

I’m going to share with you some of the things that you may want to look at on your website to make sure that it’s properly structured. So how to go about optimizing it, so that we now generate the visitors, and now we turn those visitors into actual leads. Because the truth is some of your websites are overwhelming, they’re not structured properly, and they’re just not guiding the visitor in the direction that you want them to go. So let’s dive right in into how to go about tweaking it and making sure that your visitors know exactly what to do.

Quick side note, if you’re interested in working with myself and my team, later on I’m gonna share with you how to get in touch with me, so be sure to stick around til the very end so that we can go about connecting and working together.

Put yourself in the shoes of a homeowner

Let’s talk a little bit about your website. If you go on your website, let’s put yourself in the shoes of a prospect, a lead, a homeowner. Let’s put yourself in the shoes of a homeowner. We’re heading over to your website. What do you see? What should the homeowner be doing on your website?

That’s the shoes that you need to put yourself in so that you have a better understanding as to what needs to be modified on your website. If I go to your website and I’m looking for roofing services and I’m looking to contact you, can I do that simply? Is there a phone number that I can see very clearly on your website? Is there a Contact Us button that I can see very clearly on the website?

The truth is, most roofing business owners ignore the fact that the website is simply a tool to get customers. That is the main purpose of your website. It should be an asset to generate leads for your business. And so what you want to do is make it as simple and as easy as possible for someone who is looking for roofing services to get in touch with you. You might be thinking I need this on the website, I need to do this, I need to tweak that, but realistically, all you need is a means — a very easy and simple means — for a homeowner to get in touch.

There are five things that you should have on your homepage

So there’s five things that you need to have on your website — must have on your website to make yourself not only stand out from the rest of the competitors, but essentially get people who don’t know you to visit your website and turn those people into actual leads. People who will pick up the phone and call you for a roofing estimate.

So what you want to do with your website is actually guide the visitor in the direction that you want them to go, which is to call you. That’s it. You don’t want them to go shuffling through your blog, or shuffling through your service pages, or shuffling through anything else.

But there are five core elements that you should have on your homepage because that is your most visited page of your website. You want to have these essential elements on your home page so that you can convert people who have enough information about your company to go ahead and call you guys.

1. Add a call-to-action on your homepage

For you guys being roofing companies, the main purpose of your website is simply for someone to contact you. And so the main element that you want to have, the essential element that you want to have on your website, is a call to action.

Call-to-action or CTA simply means what you want the person to do. What action do you want that person to take? For you it would initially be to call or to submit a form submission, that’s it. And so front and center, this is what you want to have on your homepage, at the very top, where it’s easy to find. That’s the first thing a person will see when they land on your website.

So here, for example, we have a homepage where you can clearly see Contact Us, or Call Us. That’s it, keeping it very simple for the homeowner to see and take action upon. We’re making it big, so that it’s visible, and this is directing the person in where we want them to go.

2. Come up with a captivating headline

You want a captivating headline, front and center, that describes exactly what your business is.

For some companies, companies that offer roofing exclusively or offer roofing as the main service that they want to promote and to sell, I’ve seen websites that say something along the lines of “We offer financing.” But financing for what, right? Or we do electrical, renovations, home improvement, and very tiny somewhere on the page, it says roofing.

If roofing is your go-to, put it right there, front and center, that “Hey, we offer affordable roofing solutions in X city,” whatever area that you’re from, the main area that you’re looking to target. Understand that you shouldn’t be targeting the entire world. You shouldn’t be targeting the entire state.

On your website, especially if you’re new, target one area at a time. If you wanna target different areas, then create specific location pages for those areas. But for the homepage, we’re looking to target one primary area to start, and so “We offer affordable roofing services to — let’s say — Toronto, homeowners.” That’s it.

2.1. Highlight your unique selling point

In that headline, you might want to add what I call a unique selling proposition. What makes you stand out?

It might be something along the lines of you’re affordable, you offer financing, limited warranty, lifetime warranty, materials and labor warranty, whatever it is that you want to promote and put out there, put that front and center.

Something that makes you stand out, you know, 43 years, 45 years, 50 years in business, family-owned, third generation business… Things like that. What makes you stand out amongst all of the competition? This is what you want to put front and center. Your unique selling proposition, unique selling point, whatever you want to call it. And so those two things, two elements in one. Your headline as well as your unique selling proposition.

3. Add a “hero shot”

Essential element number three, what you want to have on your homepage is what you call a “hero shot.” Something, an image, that looks very very crisp, very clear, very attractive, appealing, whatever you want to call it. Right there, front and center, behind the headline that you’re putting up.

You want to have a very nice image. Do not put something that is grainy and with the pixels all out of whack. Put something that looks very good. This is where I’ve seen a lot of roofing companies do a really good job of this, they’ll put a video of, like, a drone. I’ve seen many companies do a really good job at this as well as many companies doing a very poor job.

You’ll have an image of — let’s say — a roof that you may have done in the recent years but you want to have a really crisp, high quality, high resolution image in the background. You don’t want to have something that you took from your cell phone that when stretched out, it’ll just look all grainy and pixels are all out of whack. So make sure you take the time to invest in some high quality image.

I would highly recommend you stay away from stock images, if you can. If you can’t and that’s all you have available to you to start, then by all means, use it. But the more images that are your own, the more unique you will stand out.

I’ve gone through so many different roofing company websites and one thing I’ll tell you is: the same images are being reused over, and over, and over. So if you can invest in a really high resolution, high quality camera, and start taking some really nice images, this will make you stand out. These images are just for your website.

When it comes to your regular images, stuff that you can put in your gallery per se, you can take that stuff on your cell phone, that’s not a big deal, because you’re not going to be blowing them up like you would the hero shots on your homepage.

4. Ask for testimonials

On your homepage, when people start to scroll down, you want to have testimonials.

Testimonials sell a lot. Testimonials will help whoever is looking at your website make enough of a decision to go ahead and call you. This is all we want to do, we want to guide the visitor into taking action, which is calling you. And testimonials add that effect.

They go through your website, and all we’re doing again, on your homepage, is adding the essential elements to have on it so that the person visiting your site can go ahead and contact you. And testimonials will definitely do this.

How many testimonials, you say? Anywhere between two and three. Two and three testimonials are really a good sweet spot to have. Don’t overcrowd the entire homepage with a bunch of testimonials. Just have a few, and if they want to see more testimonials, you can link to your Google My Business page, your Facebook page, or your testimonial page on your website.

So again, this homepage is to have enough essential information for the visitor to go ahead and contact you.

5. List the benefits of working with your company

Lastly, you want to list the benefits of working with your company.

Again, think along the lines of unique selling proposition. Why should I contact you? Why should I work with your roofing company above all else? You want to have that somewhere on your homepage.

All five of these essential elements, your call-to-action, headline, hero shot, testimonials, and benefits will all come into play when it comes to decision-making, as far as the person contacting you. You gotta think along the lines of “I am a homeowner and all I want is a quote.” Make it easy for me to do just that: get a quote from you, whether it be call you or fill out the form.

Bonus: Do not ask a million questions

If you have a form on your website, do not ask a million questions right out of the gate.

The person doesn’t know you yet, you haven’t done anything for them yet, and so a lot of people are hesitant on giving you all of this information upfront. Worse comes to worse, you can ask that stuff over the phone as opposed to having the person sit there.

All they want to do is just have someone call them, that’s why they’re filling out the form. You’re gonna call them anyways before you get out there, and it’ll be much faster and much easier for you if you ask those questions over the phone.

So now, you know how to go about optimizing your website, more specifically the homepage of your website, so that you can turn these visitors into website leads — roofing leads for your business. And as mentioned at the beginning, I have a few spots open for a one-on-one call with myself where we can figure out the best course of action for your roofing company to generate more roofing online leads for your business.

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