$85 a square. Materials and labor. How does any roofing business survive off of that? How, sway, how?

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My name is Mats Moy. For those of you guys who don’t know me, I specialize in helping roofing companies just like yours generate online roofing leads on a consistent basis while becoming a local authority. I am all about market domination. Right and that’s all that I do. I look to take over and make sure that your business is well established.

And this is mainly on the topic of today on how to use your online presence to keep your roofing company profitable.

Now, I recently got off the phone with a roofing company owner and one of the questions that I typically like to ask during our one-on-one call and side note, if you are interested in that one-on-one call with myself, I have a few openings open for the next couple of days. So be sure to click the link in the description down below.

If you wanna learn more about my training program. I will talk a little bit more about that later on in this video so stick around to the very end that way you get some information on that.

Knowing your worth

Going back now, $85 all in. That’s materials and labor. I got off the phone with a roofing company owner and this is what he told me he charges for walkable, one layer tear off, shingle style roof replacement. He charges $85 a square. Now so many guys are looking at me like, what, what, what? Question marks everywhere, what?

And I felt the same way, when I was just speaking to him and I just kicked back and I said, wait a minute, you can’t be serious. You cannot be serious.

Right, and so I was speaking to him and I was trynna figure out how he goes about doing this as far as charging, and just basically this much for his roofing company that’s paying his guys, that’s materials, that’s labor and I just couldn’t understand it.

And so when it comes to situations like that, it’s not a lead problem, it really isn’t. The simple thing for him to do would be to just raise his prices, right? You’re undercutting yourself and that’s not something that you wanna do. Because then your price should at least be triple.

That is the lowest I’ve ever heard by the way. Right, typically the lowest after that is typically 200, 220, 225 then you got the guys who are charging like 700.

Now I understand the idea behind trying to charge a cheaper price but understand also that it doesn’t always have to be a matter of price.

There’s reasons as to why your roofing company was not able to close a specific job at a cheaper price than say your competitor. It’s not always about cheaper price. And I understand also the mindset behind going in and charging as much as you do thinking that hey, I need to close the job, I need to close the job because if I don’t then I’m not gonna get any money.

Right, and so you try to go as cheap as possible, making it as appealing as possible to whoever you’re looking to sell the job but you end up undercutting yourself. Now a quick fix to this mindset is getting an abundance of roofing leads.

Get an abundance of roofing leads

When you get so many roofing leads coming into your business, you will get to the point where getting every job isn’t a concern of yours. It’s not the primary focus. It’s more on delivering the quality workmanship and getting paid what you’re worth.

So how do we get to that point where we’re generating so many roofing leads that we don’t have to try to undercut ourselves? Or be the cheapest roofer in the room, right?

It’s about positioning yourself as an industry leader, right. What are you currently doing right now online? Because let’s face it guys, online is where a lot of your customers are looking in terms of to find a roofing company to hire to come up and give him a quote, give him an estimate, do the job.

So what are you currently doing online to showcase your work and you’re pretty much dominating? Like, how are you showing that online? You have a lot of reviews, what does your website look like? Are people raving about your company, right? Do you offer really good workmanship, right? What is your warranties? What are your warranties look like? Are you licensed, are you insured, right?

I understand some states don’t require that stuff but you need to figure out a way to position yourself above the rest. That’s all it is: positioning.

And once you’re able to do that and actually create an abundance of roofing leads for your business, from let’s say online or whether you do stuff offline, whether you door knock, whether you buy leads, whatever it is. If you have an abundance of those leads, you will then realize that hey, there’s no shortage of work here.

The work is out there. It’s just about you positioning yourself to be able to create that lead flow that pipe, keep the pipeline full and being able to generate those leads for your business.

Generate quality reviews to your Google My Business listing

Now, I’ve already touched on this but one of the major ways that you go about positioning your business to be an industry leader, right market domination, this is what I want for you. Every single roofing company that I work with, I want them to dominate their market, their local industries, right.

And one of the primary ways that we do this that you have in your power to go ahead and get started on today is by generating quality reviews for your business to your Google My Business Listing.

If you haven’t already, check out this video just touching on reviews, how to get them, why they’re so powerful. Check out this video and it’ll explain how we go about getting those reviews and then positioning our company to be one of the industry leaders so that we’re able to now charge more because so many customers are happy with our product, with our services.

Right, I spoke to a roofing company owner two days ago and they have negative reviews on their page that they have no idea about. I look up their company and I see two reviews, both one star, that’s a huge deal, right?

When you go and sell the job and the owner looks up your company and says, oh you know, who are you again? Okay, lemme look you up and I see that, that’s a huge turnoff. That’s points that you’re losing from the sale, right.

Address your online reputation

And so fix those things, address your online reputation.

Google yourself, try to find yourself online, see what shows up and if anything bad shows up, then go ahead and address that, alright? What you can do is with the two negative reviews that you have, you can try to go about fixing that, reaching out to those people who left those negative reviews. Try and see if you can fix that.

Get more positive reviews

If not, drown out those negative reviews with positive ones, get more positive reviews and make it a priority for your business, for your sales reps, anyone who works for your company to generate more reviews for the company at the end of each and every every single job.

So for example, I work with a roofing company out of Calgary, Alberta. And they are now very very specific about the jobs that they take on which I love. Right, and that comes as a result of them getting many many leads every single day. Give or take 10 leads every single day for their business and they can be very selective about the types of customers that they take on.

Don’t undercut yourself

The customer that I’m specifically speaking about is Mike Payne of No Payne Roofing.

If you haven’t checked out his interview and I’ve post it right here. I mean that way you can go ahead and check it out but what he does now is he doesn’t undercut himself, right?

He’s able to say you know what, you are trying to lowball me and I’m not gonna have any of it versus some of the guys who are in the scarcity mindset thinking that oh, I need to get this job. I need to get this job right. I understand that mentality. I’ve once been there right and it’s not a very good place to be because you think that there’s a shortage of work.

Let go of the scarcity mindset

This typically happens when you’re first starting out, right. It’s a matter of just knowing what you’re worth, and raising your prices right. Understand that you are in the business of making money. This is what you do business for. You’re in the business of making money to produce wealth for yourself, for your families right.

So ultimately, you’re able to live a pretty good life. And so, being able to charge what you’re worth, right, $85 a square for let’s say two roofs, right that’s double the work for you, much smaller profit margins versus you doing one roof, I’d say $150 which is still too low in my opinion but one roof at $150. It’s half the work and more money for yourself right.

And this way, you’re not worried about, oh, I need more leads. I need more leads, no you don’t. You don’t need more leads. What you need is to raise your price. So for some of you, it might not even be a matter of generating more leads, right? If you could simply increase the amount of jobs that you land that you close, then that can be a solution to your problem.

Invest in improving your sales skills

Why not increase your closing rate, right and simply by having the self awareness to know that you might not be the best sales rep right. And if you are a sales rep, that is your job, that is the only thing that you do, that you might wanna invest in yourself to increase your sales skills whether it’s buying books, hiring a coach or consultant or whoever else to teach you how to go about doing that.

I’m not an expert in selling roofs so I wouldn’t be your guy. But when it comes to that specific thing, there’s many guys out there that go ahead and do that. There’s many people that can help you sell more jobs and if you don’t wanna go that route, you can just hire an experienced sales rep to start selling more jobs for you right. That could be the solution to your problem.

It’s not necessarily about getting more leads right, you can raise your price. With raising your price, you gotta be a little bit more confident, right and you can start selling more jobs by increasing your sales or hiring an experienced salesman. That’s it.

Build your online presence

So for the roofing companies out there that are looking to get more profitable, if you are one of the companies that are charging, way undercharging for your service, it could be a matter of just raising your price and if you’re not confident raising your price thinking that you’re gonna sell the job, hire sales rep, a more experienced sales rep that can sell the job at that price or invest in yourself to improve your own sales skills.

So your online presence will definitely help you sell more jobs because again we are in 2020 where the homeowner, the business owner are because they’re a little bit smarter than they were say 20 years ago, right?

They wanna look you up online because there’s so many companies out there that you know, fraudulent companies out there right, and so people wanna be wary, they wanna make sure that they look you up, do their research, see if you’re the real deal, right and so they’ll go to the internet and you need to have that online presence when that person goes to the internet.

Book a call with me

As mentioned at the beginning of this video, I have a few one-on-one slots open with a call with myself. So if you’re a roofing company owner who’s somewhat dissatisfied with the current state of their online presence and lead generation, then you definitely wanna book a call with me. We’ll get on the phone and we’ll figure out a course of action to start generating more work for your business.

For those of you who don’t know in this training program, we go about setting up a system within your business and you work with me directly to help you generate more online roofing leads. I’ve helped many roofing companies from Colorado to British Columbia to Alberta to Georgia to North Carolina. I helped them generate more roofing leads online and this is exactly what this training program is gonna do for you.

Also, if you wanna join a community of roofers just like yourself, I have a free Facebook mastermind group where you can learn about some of this forever changing space, we call the internet and so join in there. And the link is down in the description down below.

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