Recruitment Marketing Campaigns for Roofing Companies

Do you need roofers for your new company? Are you saying no to clients because you lack manpower? Want quality employees who share your values and goals?

Moy Consulting amps up your recruiting game. We help you find and retain candidates by creating a recruitment campaign that aligns with your roofing company’s goals.

Hiring the Right Candidate Can Be Stressful. We Streamline Your Recruitment Process.

Many roofing businesses are overwhelmed by the recruitment process. It takes a lot of time and effort to write an accurate job description, create effective advertisements, and evaluate roofers.

Rushing the hire leads to mistakes. Not to mention, wasted resources!

We make it simple for you to build an amazing team of roofers. Our years of experience in recruitment makes sure that the best candidates find you.

How We Recruit Top Talent for You

Our recruitment action plan includes the following:

  • Craft a precise profile of your ideal roofing contractor. We consider the candidate’s location, background, goals, motivations, and more.

  • Write a job description that features the required education and experience, job expectations, and your company’s culture.

  • Design a landing page with great copy. We add company images, social proof, form fields, and other important elements that connect you and your best candidates.

  • Create enticing ads, videos, and social media posts that drive candidates straight to your website.

  • Manage your roofing company website in a way that creates a positive impression on the right candidates.

Qualified Employees Strengthen Your Bottom Line

So many roofing companies fail within months of opening because of recruiting mistakes. A successful roofing business starts with right roofers. Moy Consulting makes success possible for you.

Maximize your productivity. Stop turning away roofing projects. Avoid bad hires.

Choose Moy Consulting for Your Recruitment Needs

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