So it’s been a year and you’re still wanting to generate leads for free, huh? So you are really one cheap mother– nah, I’m just playing.

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Again, my name is Mats Moy and I am the owner of Moy Consulting. This year alone, we’ve helped well over 100 roofing companies get online, set up machines, systems within their own companies, and show them how to produce their own leads in-house and they are reaping the great benefits of doing so. So if you are looking to produce more leads for your company, again, you are in the right place.

By the end of this video, I’m going to be sharing with you how to generate leads without spending a single penny on, that’s right. Generating roofing leads for free.

Invest in your business online

So you spend all day door-knocking anyway. So you clearly have some time on your hands. If door-knocking canvassing the area is one of the primary ways you are producing leads for your company, then you are definitely in the right place because I would much rather you spend that time elsewhere within your own system that’s going to produce for you and work for you over time.

If you keep on knocking on doors you’re going to have to keep knocking on doors to produce those leads. Rather, if you spent that time, invested that time in your own business online, you could build something that’s going to keep giving you, every single day.

1. Educate the customer

So if you’re like most roofing contractors that I speak with whenever you sit down and speak with a customer it’s always the same spiel, right? And at some point in there, you try to educate the customer in maybe a roofing system or your processes, you know, customer service whatever it is, you try to educate the customer. Now you, whether you know it or not are a wealth of knowledge, you have tons of information in your brain that needs to be put out there.

So the first thing that you need to do here, guys, is to educate the customer.

You can do this with short one- to two-minute videos. We each have one of these, right? We each have one of these smartphones that can help us shoot these one- to two-minute videos and we can publish these across all media platforms.

This is going to help you stand out in a sea of roofers who are getting in front of customers and saying, hey, we give free estimates. Everyone gives free estimates. So what makes you any different?

Stand out from your competitors

Get online, start using these videos, and educate your customers. And when the time is right, your customers are gonna look at you in a different light. They’re gonna see that, hey, this is not every other company, right? These guys are different. They’ve taught me quite a few things and what to look out for.

Make these little videos, repurpose them. And what I mean by that is you can use them, you can post them on your YouTube channel. You can post them on your Facebook, your personal and your business. You can post them on LinkedIn, right? For those of you guys who are dealing with a lot of commercial clients, that’s a beautiful platform for you. A lot of B2B there, poster videos educate the customers about the processes.

Why are you guys any different, right? We live in 2020, right? you can no longer afford to be like everybody else. And so you really got to get your name out there and start creating content, that’s going to help you stand out and get more traffic, more eyeballs on your business rather than the competition

2. Google My Business is your best friend

Method number two–and you’ve heard me speak about this a lot if you have been following me for quite some time–Google My Business.

That is your best friend. This is where you will produce the most organic leads every single day. And when I say organic, I mean, absolutely free. It’s an exchange for time, right? You exchange your time to produce leads. You don’t have to pay for anything, right? Simply, you have to invest your time in the platform and reap the benefits of it.

If you haven’t already, comment down below GMB. We have a new and updated guide, that’s going to help you produce more leads.

And the reason why we’ve updated it and taken the time to do so is that Google changes all the time. And so I wanna make sure you have the most relevant information to help you produce those leads and stay ahead of the competition. So again, comment GMB down below, grab the guide. Comment down below. I will send you the guide. That way you can go ahead and download it, go through it, take action on it, right? That’s the most important.

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3. Create content on your website

Method number three. Now, this is a little bit more complicated because you really need to have an understanding as to how the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo communicate with your content with your website, okay? So creating content on your website, written content.

This is gonna be something where you’re gonna have to sit down and type some stuff out. You’re gonna have to get a little bit of SEO knowledge, right? If the content itself is good, really, it’s a matter of just getting it out there. But it also helps if you know how to properly structure the content to help you gain more visibility on your website.

Learn a bit of SEO

The most important thing here is, you need to get very specific, as to what you’re looking to accomplish here. When I say that I mean the type of traffic that you’re looking to attract to your website needs to be very specific. This is gonna help you gain that specific type of traffic.

So for example, if you are looking to get more metal roof repairs, if you can write an article about metal roof repairs in a specific area, then that’s gonna help you attract that kind of traffic, right? This is what I like to call “low hanging fruit.”

If you can start picking those low hanging fruit, then that is going to help you gain more traffic, specific traffic, and help you generate more jobs, absolutely free, right? And the reason why we like to go after those low hanging fruits ’cause it’s easier than going after the broad, the super big generic type of traffic of the customer who’s just looking for a roof replacement, right?

Think someone who’s looking for a TPO roof, think someone who’s looking for a Cedar shake roof, right? That demographic, that audience is a lot easier to get in front of if you’ve written the right content on your website, to get in front of that audience.

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So there, you have it guys, three different things that you can do. Three different methods for you to produce leads without spending a single penny. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to like it. Be sure to subscribe and check back in every Wednesday because I put out new videos just like this one, every single Wednesday.

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