Every year is gonna require a different you if you wanna achieve something different. That could be different numbers, that could be different people on your team, that could be a number of things.

But in this specific video, we’re gonna talk about marketing your roofing company. Things that I, myself am no longer doing in 2021. Let’s dive right in.

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What I’ll stop doing in roof marketing this 2021

So when I first got started online producing leads, I was doing almost everything to try to generate leads for my clients. And since then, about six years ago, here’s what I’ve stopped. I wanna kinda share this with you so you understand what’s been working and what hasn’t been working over the past couple of years. So let’s get right to it.

1. Trying to generate cold traffic on Facebook

Number one, I know there’s still a lot of you guys that are doing this, and here’s why I’ve stopped doing it. And what I’m talking about is trying to generate cold traffic on Facebook.

Now, let me explain why I’m not a fan of Facebook. Now, when a storm happens, Facebook can actually be a pretty good platform to go after because the awareness is there. A lot of people know that there was a storm in the area, and it’s probably a good idea to get a roofer.

Now, the mental state of a person that’s casually scrolling on Facebook is I’m bored, let me kinda just scroll through my timeline, see what my friends and family are up to on social media. Never in the history of ever has anyone gone to Facebook and actively sought out a roofing contractor.

What people will do, however, is go to Facebook and ask for recommendations. Now, that’s another form of word of mouth and referrals. Not to actually seek out roofing contractors to hire them based on what I find on Facebook. Most people don’t do that. Maybe there’s a small percentage, but most people do not do that. And this is why I prefer the platform where I know people are actively doing this because I have data to back it.

My go-to platform: Google

This is Google. And that’s why I prefer the platform above all else because that is the go-to platform after people have already asked friends and family if they know a roofer, right? Because that’s usually your number one, word of mouth, referrals, nothing will ever beat that, nothing.

But the moment that somebody doesn’t have that word of mouth or referrals or nobody that they trust, then they do their due diligence on their own. They go out and actively seek out a roofer that’s in the area. And this is why I prefer Google.

If you haven’t already, check out this video, I’ll give you a full breakdown as to why I prefer Google over Facebook. The video’s right here, go ahead, check it out.

2. Building citations

Next up is building citations. Now, if you’ve done any form of SEO in the past, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. But if you haven’t done any SEO, this might sound like mumbo jumbo, but a few years ago, building citations was a really big thing.

And just a quick explanation of what citations are, essentially they’re just mentions of your company, name, address, and phone number across other websites. So this used to be a really big thing. The more you had, the more visible you would likely be on Google.

Now, this has become less and less important overall. And it’s not to say that I’m no longer doing it, I just stopped focusing on this avenue because it’s not as important as it once was.

Instead, I use a company like BrightLocal. I’m gonna post an affiliate link down below so that you’re able to see what I’m talking about here. But I use a company like BrightLocal to build out a set of citations, and that’s it. I no longer touch it, right? I’m not spending a crazy amount of time on citations because it’s not as important as it once was.

3. Spending too much time on your website

And finally, we got number three, your website. I am not spending a crazy amount of time on your website. Look, it’s 2021. Understand that companies like Facebook, Google, are making it so much easier for customers to get in touch with you. And they don’t even have to leave their website. It just goes directly to you, right?

So imagine somebody searching on Google for a roofing contractor, and they happen to come across a listing that they’re impressed with, their phone number’s right there. I can call you directly from Google.

People are spending a crazy amount of time on their website making it look pretty and just spending so much time on tweaking this and tweaking that, whereas it’s not as important as it once was. It’s still important, just not as important. So understand that, okay? I’m gonna end it there, keeping it short and simple, straight to the point.

Optimize, not redo

The only time you should be spending time on your website is when you’ve established that a certain page needs to be optimized. You shouldn’t be going through the entire page. And this is a big mistake that a lot of people are thinking, oh, my website kinda sucks, maybe I should redo it. You shouldn’t be redoing your website at all. You should be doing individual pages, right?

A lot of people go into this, thinking that a new website is going to attract leads. Whereas that’s not the case, what’s going to attract leads is quality traffic to your website.

No matter what your website looks like, and obviously some websites can look better than others, but the most important factor is getting people to the website, not the actual website. So once you start getting people to the website, you can then start to tweak what the website looks like over time to make it better and easier for people to get in touch with you, and ultimately easier to compel people to contact you. That’s what you’re looking to do.

Make your website mobile-friendly

And then lastly, you wanna make your website mobile-friendly. You wanna make it responsive. A lot of people are using smartphones, scrolling every day. Most people don’t use laptops to get in touch with a company.

Look, I have an immediate roofing problem. I just want the roofer to call me back, that’s it. I’m gonna go ahead and use my smartphone. I’m gonna visit your site. If you make it easy for me to contact you, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

All right, guys, so those are the three things that I’m no longer doing in 2021, plain and simple. I’m not spending a crazy amount of time on my website, I’m no longer building citations, and I’m not spending money for cold traffic on Facebook.

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