There’s nothing like catching a trend on its way up, especially when it comes to generating leads. When you are the first to do something in your industry, it can definitely pay off huge.

Now, 2020 has been crazy altogether, so you best believe that 2021 is gonna have its own fair share of trends. That’s exactly what we’re gonna discuss in this video, let’s dive right in.

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What’s going to happen in 2021?

Now, this video is gonna be all about trends, it could be an uptrend, it could be a downtrend. So here’s my best guess as to what’s gonna happen in 2021. This way, we’re able to get ahead of the trends and make sure we capitalize just by being a viewer on this channel.

1. Fall of paid leads

So trend number one. Maybe you thought we were gonna talk about trends going up, but I’m also gonna talk about trends going down. The very first trend that I wanna talk about is the fall of paid leads.

Now, if you’ve been in this industry for quite some time, then you know how painful it is to get paid leads that are of high quality. Truth be told, this industry is full of poor quality leads, which roofing contractors just like yourself may or may not have bought in the past. It’s really raked up a really bad reputation when it comes to the quality of the leads that most companies are buying.

The majority of paid leads are poor in quality

When you look at some of the giants in the industry that are supplying some of these leads, you have to question, where are these leads coming from? Because some of them, you can’t even get a hold of the lead that you supposedly purchased and was supposedly of great quality. Some people don’t know who you are, so the quality of the majority of these leads that are being purchased are just overall poor.

I think a lot fewer companies are going to be paying for these “leads” in 2021. Really, the cost associated with these leads is going to be reduced significantly because there’s gonna be so many of them out there and nobody to purchase them.

My main problem with these leads is that they are overpriced. Now, if you’re looking to pay $20-$30 for some of these leads that you’re buying, then truth be told you get what you pay for. But when you’re paying over $100, $150, $200 for leads that are just not that great, then I personally think it’s a rip-off and I can see how people are going to start moving away from this avenue of generating leads.

2. Fall of door-to-door canvassers

Our second trend is also a negative trend and it is in my opinion the fall of door-to-door canvassers.

If there’s one thing that 2020 has introduced to us is COVID-19. A lot of homeowners are wary about having people come knock on their doors. It’s completely understandable with the fear of catching a virus and potentially getting sick. People are just trying to protect themselves, and so door-to-door has taken a huge hit in 2020. I think it’s gonna carry on in 2021, even after things go back to normal.

I still believe that door-to-door is becoming less and less of a means to produce leads. Homeowners are getting smarter and smarter every single year. What consumers tend to do is to “follow the masses” when trying to see what a company can provide. This is based on the number of reviews, testimonials, and stuff that they see online. They really wanna do their due diligence. They wanna do their research to make sure that they’re hiring the right contractor.

I myself have been a victim of door-to-door scams. As a brand new homeowner, I didn’t know any better. Somebody knocked on my door and it ended up being a legitimate scam. This company was facing a lawsuit, yadda, so my trust factor with door-to-door sales has gone down the drain from year one of me owning a property.

It’s not weird or uncommon for homeowners to be skeptical about door-to-door. I just think with 2021 around the corner, this is gonna be even more of a downward trend.

3. Show your face

2021 roof marketing trend, show your face. This is gonna become a big deal. Companies are now understanding that you want to be able to close a lot of these contracts before you actually even sit down and meet with the homeowners.

Putting a face to the company name is going to help you so much, and I think it’s a trend. I’m starting to see a lot more companies become more camera-friendly. They’re stepping in front of the spotlight so that they’re able to get in front of potential customers. When the time comes for them to go out, sit down with a homeowner, it’s almost like they already know them.

That’s kind of how you have to look at it. That’s why I really appreciate it when roofing contractors step out of their comfort zones. Get in front of the camera. Take a photograph of whatever it is that you’re doing on the roof. Take that selfie. Post it along with other photographs that you’ve taken up the roof of the work that you’re doing that day.

That’s going to help. I’m seeing the rise of that, I’m seeing a lot more contractors on social media doing this. This is a positive trend, and I hope that you pick this up as well.

4. The rise of GMB

Lastly, the rise of GMB, if you don’t know what GMB is, it stands for Google My Business. This tool is helping roofing companies close so many more projects because of the credibility it adds to your company.

Do me a favor. When you get the opportunity, go over to Google and type in your company name. Take a look at what shows up. For comparison’s sake, do a search for roofing contractors in the area that you’re servicing. Take a look at the other contractors’ to see what they’re doing online. If you have one contractor to call based on what you’re seeing online, would you call you?

If the answer is no, then you need to jump on this trend. A lot more companies are getting online, getting on Google My Business. They’re tweaking it and making it seem as though they are the best company in the neighborhood, even if they’re not.

So long as it seems like they’re the best company, then they have the highest chance of receiving that phone call when the homeowner is looking for a roofing contractor.

The more credible you look online, the higher chances of getting a call

A great example of this is last year when I was booking a shuttle from the airport to a hotel. We were planning a vacation with my family and I was looking for a shuttle that I trusted and seemed to be credible. I landed on this website and it said that they provided shuttle services, but the website itself looks super sketchy. So I went over to Google, typed in that name, and there was barely anything online about it.

Now, even if they were a legitimate company, me doing my due diligence and not being able to find information was a complete turnoff for me. So as a result, I went back to Google. I started looking at shuttle companies that had a Google My Business listing along with reviews from other people, just like myself, who had used that company. That ultimately made the decision for me.

Now, the first website that I visited, they were charging about $19 per person. This one, they’re charging about $30 per person. It wasn’t a matter of price for me. It was a matter of having my family in a safe environment that I trusted so that I’m able to get them from point A to point B.

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