Consistency, consistency consistency. Figuring out a way to get and produce roofing leads consistently, every single month is what we’re gonna be discussing in this video. So if you are looking for a means to do that every single month, stay tuned till the very end. Let’s do it.

What is up beautiful people, my name is Mats Moy from Moy Consulting and what we do here is help roofing companies out as far as producing leads online.

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Wanted: Consistency

Now a big problem that I come across whenever I speak to roofing company owners is that there’s a lack of consistency when it comes to making the phone ring.

Normally after a storm, you’re super busy. But a lot of people just pray for those storms. You’re just sleeping at night, just praying that a hailstorm is gonna come through and save your business. And that is where the business really drums up and you stay busy for months if not a couple of years.

But once that dries up, the leads are gone. And it is at that moment that a lot of you start to look for other ways of producing leads for your company.

Now, I encourage you to set yourself up ahead of time rather than waiting until those leads have disappeared. So by the end of this video, I’m gonna share with you a few strategies to help you start producing leads consistently, rather than this up and down wave that you might be experiencing.

So what do we need to do to get more leads consistently online? It’s not rocket science folks, you just need to be more consistent online. It’s as simple as that.

So I wanna break it down into four different platforms that I personally love to use for the roofing contractors that I work with, and how to stay consistent on those four platforms to make sure you are producing leads, again, keyword, consistently.

Google Ads

Now my very first platform and my platform of choice because this is where I’ve seen the best results come in is Google Ads.

Now, Google Ads I would like to think is kind of a big boy platform meaning if you wanted to really play on Google Ads you’re gonna need to cough up quite a bit of cash, right? And making that cash really work for you is dependent on a few things that you’re going to be doing consistently.

Big mistake that a lot of people make is just thinking to themselves, well, I’m just gonna go on Google Ads, I’m going to try it out, you know figure things out and see how it goes. Huge mistake. Don’t even think about touching Google Ads unless you’ve had proper training on how to use the platform.

Otherwise, you can expect your money to just get siphoned by Google. And next thing, you know you’re waking up wondering what happened.

So what should you be doing on Google Ads consistently?

Split test, split test, split test

One, you should have a basic, at least a basic training on how the platform works. Besides that, we need to be consistently split testing our ads on Google.

Now, what that means is there was this analogy that I used last week where I’m using X-men in a cage. We got Wolverine going head to head with any challenger that comes in, and he’s our champion.

So what you wanna do with split testing is keep throwing more people into the ring with Wolverine, and hoping that one of them is going to beat him.

Now, the likelihood of that is very slim in the movies. But with split testing with Google Ads, that’s exactly what is going to happen eventually, right? You’re gonna keep throwing new challengers into the ad group and have these two ads go head to head. And you’re split testing to a point where we’re trying to figure out which one of these ads is going to win.

And this is a process that needs to be done consistently. Always, you never stop doing this. And that’s how you start to yield better and better and better results.

Keep adding negative keywords

With the Google Ads platform, another thing that you need to do consistently is to keep adding negative keywords. These words that will eliminate your money going to the trash and just getting wasted.

Keep adding these words to eliminate people who are searching for specific things to not trigger your ads. You don’t wanna show up for let’s say, roof repairs. If you don’t wanna do roof repairs, put repairs as a negative keyword.

You wanna keep adding those keywords over time cause new people will be searching for new things. And whether you wanna add those new searches to the group of keywords that you’re targeting, versus eliminating some of those words.

That’s how you save money over time and start to yield better results. And you do this consistently. So those are really the two main things that you should be doing consistently with Google Ads. There’s not much more to it, right?

Obviously, there are settings that you can be setting up but all this stuff is set up at the very beginning. You’re setting up a campaign but the consistent part, which is not rocket science is really just those two things, pay attention, and just consistently optimize over time.

Google My Business

Our next platform is Google My Business. Now, how do we consistently use Google My Business to produce more and more results over time?

Use the Posts feature

Well, one, the Posts feature. Have you ever heard of the Posts feature, cause not a lot of people use it.

It is a tool given to you, it’s free. Please use it and if you don’t know how to utilize it yet, check out this video, it’ll show you exactly how to go about using that Posts feature each and every single day.

Once you get the hang of it, it takes you no more than three minutes a day to use this and start providing, start generating roofing leads for your company each and every single day.

Start getting more reviews

Our second step with Google My Business is quite simple too. And this is something that each and every single one of you guys that own a roofing company should be doing daily. Get more reviews. Stop sending them to your Facebook, to your Yelp, to your BBB. Send them to Google, plain and simple.

This is the place where the majority of your new leads, new customers are going to come from. If any online marketing platform at all, it will mainly come from your Google My Business. It is free and it just requires you to go the extra mile to make sure that you get that review.

I know companies that have been in business 30 plus years don’t have a single Google My Business review. And they’re fortunate enough that their name has been out there for so long that a lot of people know them, word of mouth.

But if you’re looking to get new business for someone who doesn’t have a roofer in mind, they’re gonna generally go and find the company that has good reviews online. So get them.

Subscribe to my channel

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Our third platform is your website. Now on your website, it’s not enough to just create a website. A lot of you guys think, oh, you know we’re just gonna get a website and hopefully, things work out. No, no, no.

You need to create a website with the purpose of nurturing it over time. It’s so that it can grow and ultimately provide you with leads.

Write blog posts consistently

So the one thing that you need to be doing on your website once it’s set up is to blog. Blog, blog, blog. Write content on a consistent basis, whether it be once a week, you know once bi-weekly or once a month. Whatever it is, pick a frequency and stick with it. That is going to help you generate more traffic to your website and look good in the eyes of Google.

Google Local Services Ads

The fourth platform that we’re looking to set up here is Google Local Service Ads. Now, for those of you guys who are not familiar with the platform. If you do wanna get on it, I have a guide to show you how to set it up and help you produce leads from it.

Comment GLSA, Google Local Service Ads down below. I’ll go ahead and send you that guide so you can set it up for yourself.

I recommend this platform because you will get cheap leads from it that are of high quality. $40 is what Google is probably gonna ask you for, give or take. That will get you somebody who’s looking for a roofing service to pick up the phone and call your company directly. No middleman involved.

Get set up on that platform. Now what you need to do consistently on this platform is quite simple. Just monitor it, right? It runs itself.

Everything that I’ve mentioned in this here video, they’re all machines, they’re all assets. They’re systems, they run themselves, they just need a little bit of maintenance every now and then.

And so make sure that you are paying attention to the Google Local Service Ads. Whenever you do get a bogus lead that comes in, just message Google and say, “Hey, this wasn’t a valid lead. Can you credit me back for that?” And Google does a really good job of doing this unlike other companies *cough* HomeAdvisor *cough*. And so, you need to pay attention to it. It’s so that you’re able to see for yourself that, hey, these are actual leads coming in.

The targeting is right, it’s the right kind of lead that I’m looking for. And that way you can go ahead and capitalize from it.

Book a call with me

So there you have it. Those are four things that you can do to consistently produce roofing leads for your business. And if you’re interested in having someone help you set all of these platforms up, that’s precisely what we do here at Moy Consulting.

I have a free webinar down below. That will show you and explain to you how to go about working with us. And setting up all of these platforms to produce leads for your business consistently.

Again, you might think to yourself, you’re not tech-savvy. To give you some insight here, the oldest gentleman that we’ve helped set up a system like this to produce leads consistently is 63 years old. He could barely turn on his computer at all, and is now producing leads online. If he can do it, I guarantee you with our help, you can do it as well.

If you are interested in getting set up online and finally producing roofing leads consistently for your business, check out that webinar in the description down below.

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