Take a look at this screenshot. I once had a contractor say that he went to Facebook, managed to generate 300 leads, which were all duds.


Now, I would stay away from Facebook if I were him. And here is why. Check out this video.

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For those of you guys who are joining in for the first time, my name is Mats Moy. Again, I am the owner of Moy Consulting, a company I created to help roofing contractors get online and start producing leads. At this point, we work with hundreds of roofing companies in North America, helping them do just that.

What you’re doing wrong with roof marketing

So 300 leads and every single one of them, trash. Now, personally, I think that’s just a stroke of bad luck. Maybe he’s missed counting, maybe a few of them turned out to be good. I find it extremely difficult to believe that 300 of them were duds. However, maybe the majority of them weren’t that great of quality.

Now, I wanna break down why, okay? I wanna kind of explain the thought process of someone who would contact your company directly from Facebook. It’s always good to put yourself in their shoes – as a customer that is contacting you from Facebook.

How customers on Facebook think

Now, if you put yourself in their shoes, I had no intentions of calling a roofing contractor. What I did, and I’m speaking as a customer here, what I did is I was bored, right? And I pulled out my cell phone and started casually scrolling on Facebook.

Now, as I was scrolling looking to see what my friends and my family members have been up to these past couple of days, I happened to see an ad from a roofing contractor that’s offering me a free, no-obligation roof estimate. Oh, okay, sure, let me check out my roof.

Why not? It’s free and I’m not obliged to anything. So let me go ahead and put in my information and sent it. Now I go back to casually scrolling.

That’s the thought process. And this is the process, again, if you are marketing your company on Facebook the way that most roofing companies market their business on Facebook.

1. There’s a strategy for Facebook

Most roofing companies on Facebook simply throw an ad out there that says, “Get a free estimate.” And that’s it.

There’s a strategy for Facebook. And if you’re doing what I’ve just described, then the quality of your leads are going to be poor. The majority of them, okay? So understand that this is the mindset of the people who are casually scrolling on Facebook.

I had no intention of contacting a roofing company for anything, it was just a matter of you showed up in my feed, it was free, it didn’t cost me anything. And so why not? Is there something wrong with my roof? Sure.

Qualify your Facebook leads

Now, for those of you guys who are doing these free estimates, get a free whatever, free inspection on Facebook, I would highly recommend that you further qualify those leads that are coming from Facebook. And you’ll find that by qualifying them, you’re gonna save yourself a lot of money, a lot of wasted time. So please do that, okay?

The intention is different on Google

Now, the main reason why I prefer, let’s say Google, above Facebook is because the intention is different. When someone needs a roof, and I was just explaining this to a contract over the phone, but when somebody needs a new roof, they know.

There’s normally indications. There are signs that I need a new roof. Whether there is a leak coming through my ceiling, there’s a couple of shingles missing off my roof. The house across the street is getting their roof done. There’s no really signs that get shown, that get put into place to tell the homeowner that a roof inspection or estimate should probably get done. And when that time comes, that person is going to go out and actively look for a contractor.

Ask your customers

Now, that person doesn’t normally do it on Facebook, it just doesn’t happen, right? Ask your customers, “What would you do “if you were looking for a roofing contractor?” That’s a great place to start. And whatever the majority of them tell you, is probably where you should be. So going out, ask your customers, people that were referred to you, “If you were not referred to me, what would you have done to find a roofing contractor?” Simple exercise.

Call up 10 customers and ask them that very simple question. See what they say. And if you are not showing up in any of the spots, then you are missing out big time.

2. Buying leads is problematic

Now, another reason why the leads that you’re probably getting are not of the greatest quality. For of you guys who are buying leads, buying leads is, it’s getting more and more difficult these days because the leads themselves, there are a few problems with them. Two mainly.

Bought leads are shared

One of them being they are shared. They are now normally given to multiple contractors. Now, unless you’re up for a bidding war, fighting for scraps with other roofing contractors, I highly recommend you stay away from this method, right?

Bought leads are normally cold

And the second problem with buying leads is that the leads themselves are normally cold, right? The person you are calling doesn’t know who you are. And this is one of the reasons why the leads, quality of the leads are also poor.

Imagine picking up the phone and having someone call you randomly along with four or five other contractors saying, “Hey, we got your information. Can we come out and we can reschedule an estimate?” “Oh, yeah, sure, line up with the rest of the guys.”

The quality of the leads is just not the greatest because now it becomes a matter of price. It becomes a matter of price. “Oh, the leads, oh, they are unengaged” or “they’re not really saying much.” Or “somebody else beat me to the punch.” That’s the quality that you’re gonna get from buying leads. So if anything, stay away from that.

Buy leads directly from Google

An alternative for you is to buy leads directly from Google. Not many people know this, but there’s a program called Google Local Service Ads. It is absolutely free to sign up and you can be buying exclusively leads, meaning they’re only for you.

You’re getting calls directly from the homeowner or the customer picking up the phone saying, “Hey, Mr. Roofer, I found you online. “I need a service. Can you come out and give me an estimate?”

There’s a big difference there because that information is not being given to you and then hoping that you can make something of it. There’s a customer on the other line actually calling you and saying, “Hey, I found you online and I need a roof estimate.”

Now, granted, you need to give them a reason to call you. You need to compel them enough to call you. So these are things that you’re going to need to work on. This leads us to number three.

3. You haven’t given people a reason to call you

One of the reasons why you’re getting low quality leads is because you haven’t given people a reason to call you, right? If you’re getting any leads at all.

What would I find if I did a search for your company online? Would I be impressed or would I be, “Eh, whatever. It’s gonna be a matter of price for this guy, right?” Ask yourself those questions.

Understand that you need to get in 2020, 2021, you need to give yourself, you need to give customers a reason to contact you.

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