With the internet becoming increasingly popular, it’s becoming so much more difficult to stand out online and dominate your local market unless you’ve done an extraordinary job.

So how do you go about dominating a market in 2021? How do we get your business in front of more potential customers? That’s exactly what we’re gonna be discussing in today’s video. Let’s dive right in.

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Dominating the local roofing market in 2021

Now, what we’re gonna be discussing today is how to dominate your local market in 2021. Things are a little bit different this year, especially because of last year’s crazy virus going around. It has changed the way a lot of homeowners are thinking these days. And so there are a few things that we can do this year that are gonna help your business stand out. And so let’s jump right to it.

1. Assess the market

The first thing that you’re gonna wanna do is assess the market. Now, what I mean by this is taking a look to see what the majority of the competition is doing.

When I say the competition, I mean the guys who are killing it already, guys who are carrying their hard work from last year, the year before, and the years before that, into this year. Let’s take a look to see what they are actually doing and where they stand in today’s market to give you a baseline as to what you need to do in order for you to become one of the top companies in the area.

So what I would like for you to do is head over to Google and search for roofers plus your area. So if you live in Atlanta, Georgia, for example, what I want you to go ahead and type in is “roofing Atlanta.” So once you’ve completed that search, what you’re gonna want to look at is the top companies that are showing up in the Google local map pack.

One-up the top roofing companies in your area

So the top companies in there will have a rating attached to their business name. Take a look at those stars. Those stars are some of the most important stars when it comes to establishing yourself online. So if you see that the top companies have let’s say 100 stars, 100 reviews on their Google my business listing, then what you need to do in order for you to be competitive is aim for 101, that’s it. All you’re looking to do is to one-up the company that’s there.

Now, getting 100 reviews is no easy task. It really isn’t. It is a very difficult thing to do and it will take you years to accomplish. So pick carefully.

If the area that you’re looking to go after has companies that have over 200, 300, I’ve seen 500 reviews for a roofing company, understand that it’s gonna be damn near impossible for you to establish yourself in that area as one of the top roofing companies.

Win big with customer reviews

So does this mean forget about it? Kinda sorta, or if you want to take up the challenge to go after as many reviews as possible, and if you think that you can honestly get to that level in terms of review count, go for it because that’s going to help you win big.

To give you an idea, companies that get about 20 reviews, it normally takes them about a year to get there, okay? So that’s to give you an idea as to how difficult it is. And the reason why it’s difficult is that you need a Gmail account to leave an actual review. And on top of that, you need to get the customer to go ahead and leave that review for you.

It’s much easier on other sites. Most people have a Facebook page so it’s easy to leave a review on your Facebook page, but that’s not where the big bucks are going to be. You need to get them on the platform that attracts the most people online to contact roofing companies like you. So that’s why you want them on Google.

So, what do you do instead?

2. Go after the low-hanging fruit

Me personally, I’d much rather you go after the low hanging fruit. And what I mean by this is the surrounding areas. The surrounding areas are ripe for the picking and they are much easier to get yourself established than going after the major cities, going after the major cities is a nightmare when it comes to trying to establish yourself locally within the area. So look at some of the surrounding areas and try going after them.

You can do the exact same search, type in “roofing” plus the area. Take a look to see what the companies in that area are doing in terms of ratings. Here’s the truth, guys: not many people are emphasizing getting reviews online. Many of your competitors are not even wanting to do it.

Focus on getting reviews to your listing

I’ve seen companies who have been around for 40 years, 50 years, and only have like two, three reviews online, right? Because in the time which they started their companies, word of mouth got them to where they are today. Those older companies, they’re gonna slowly fade away because they have not leveraged their reputations and used them to better improve their online reputations today.

What they’ve done is just gone on with word of mouth. Eventually, it may not be this year, it may not be in the next five years, but eventually, they’re going to fade away because guess what? The millennials are the people who are going to be buying homes, they’re gonna be the ones owning properties. And they’re gonna be the ones that are gonna be going to Google to find roofing contractors for roof estimates.

So once you’ve found the right area for you to produce leads out of and you’ve started to build your reputation with the area by collecting reviews to your Google My Business listing, then what? Now you’ve got their attention. So when now someone is searching for roofers in a specific area, you’ve got their attention because you stand out.

3. Give customers a reason to call you

Now, once you stand out, you now need to give them a reason to call you. So this is how you dominate the market now. You’ve got their attention, that’s the first step. Once you’ve got their attention, we need to give them a reason to call us.

We do this by giving them more than just a free estimate. Look, this idea of a free estimate has gone on for way too long. Any, and everyone who calls themselves a roofer offers a free estimate. So what can you offer that’s gonna one up?

This is all you need to do. You just need to one-up that free estimate offer. So if I say something along the lines of free estimates within 24 hours, that’s already a one-up and I just made that up. Now you need to think outside the box and see what else you can offer that’s better than just a free estimate. Give people a reason to contact you versus the competitor.

4. Optimize your Google My Business listing

So if you can go ahead and do this, find the right area, build the reviews on the listing, and then lastly, optimize. You need to optimize that Google My Business listing.

If you can optimize it well, you will dominate your local market. And when I say local, I mean the specific area that you decided to target based on the level of competitiveness within that area. So if you can do that, you will be well on your way to dominating your local market in 2021.

And to further help you out, I have a Google My Business guide completely free available for download. If you comment down below GMB I’ll go ahead and send that over to you. It’s newly updated. And that way you can go ahead, download it, and start utilizing it to start dominating your local market in 2021.

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