Yes, this is a channel about generating roofing needs online. So let’s dive into the pros and cons of marketing your roofing company online.

I hope by the end of it, I’m gonna convince you to get online, but just let it be known, it’s not all glitz and glamor over here online, definitely has its pros and cons and that’s exactly what we’re gonna touch on in this here video, so let’s dive right in.

What is up, beautiful people? For those of you guys returning to the channel, thank you for coming back and tuning into another video.

For those of you guys who don’t know me, my name is Mats Moy, and I am the owner of Moy Consulting, a company that I created to help roofing companies generate online roofing leads online.

Roof marketing: door-to-door or digital?

So, I’ve helped numerous roofing companies transition from offline to online while still keeping some of the offline stuff going because some of it does work and it works well. But my goal is to shine us some light, shine some light on some of this online stuff, because it is much more effective and efficient than the traditional means of advertising your businesses.

And so, by the end of this video, I want to give you a list of pros and cons when it comes to door knocking, for example, versus generating leads, using digital means.

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So let’s start with door-to-door. Now, please do not get me wrong here. Door-to-door is, still works to some capacity. And so, a lot of these companies that I work with, some of the larger companies that I work with that have sales reps that are needing to generate their own form of leads, they normally do what they know to work best, which is door to door, right?


Whenever a storm happens or whenever a specific neighborhood tends to have older homes, they’ll go out, they’ll canvass, the area, they’ll go knock, knock, knock, and go through that whole spiel. Now why it’s getting tougher.

And here are some of the cons before I jump into some of the pros.

Close contact

Some of the cons are, one COVID, COVID happened, right? It changed the game for a lot of door-to-door sales reps, because not a lot of homeowners want you to be knocking on their doors, selling anything, right? They want you to stay away as much as possible because of this infection, this COVID, Coronavirus. They don’t want any of that anywhere near them. So that’s just one.

Restricted in some areas

Two, before COVID even happened, there are some neighborhoods where no soliciting, right? You just can’t go door-to-door for specific areas and you’re just completely locked off to them. So how do you get in front of those people if all you do is door knock, right? So that’s another con to just going out and door knocking.

Dependent on weather

Not to mention the weather, right? What do you do in some areas of North America or wherever you’re from right when winter strikes, right? Do you still kind of put on your shoes and go door-to-door when it gets too cold? Or on the flip side, shoot, it’s way too hot for you guys to be walking up and down and it’s exhausting, right? It’s just exhausting.

The fact that you have to go up and down, it’s not a gig built for everyone, right? It’s really, it’s a numbers game. You really just gotta knock a lot of doors before you can start to produce leads and get in front of someone who may or may not be having the conversation of, “Hey, you know what, you’re right. “Maybe I need a new roof.”

Prone to rejection

And the biggest con of all is, the rejection, right? I know a lot of people cannot take rejection, they take it personally and it shouldn’t be that way. And that’s just the nature of this door-to-door stuff, right? Taking, being able to take rejection like a champ.

So, if you’re not someone who’s built like that, then door-to-door is just gonna be a little bit more challenging for you, especially if you can’t take rejection.

So those are the cons of going to door-to-door knocking. Now it might not sound all that bad, but once I do present the pros of digital, you can kind of see the comparison.

Again, this is not to say that you should completely cut out door-to-door knocking, especially if you have the manpower to be able to do so. But for you owner-operators, that are wearing all of the hats in the company, door-to-door just isn’t a feasible strategy for you.


So the pros of door-to-door knocking are quite simple, straightforward, straight up hustle, right?

Straight-up hustle

You got straight up hustle in the pros. If you are a go-getter, you just wanna go get it. And you’re not shy, you’re open to the idea of, “Hey, I’m gonna be rejected a lot. And I know that it’s a numbers game.” Then this is a pro for you, just go out there and straight-up hustle.

Less overhead

Two, we got less overhead. Going out and door-to-door knocking will not cost you anything, right? It’s gonna cost you time, yes, but not financial means.

So if you’re just getting started again, a great place to produce leads, especially if you don’t have any other means of producing it, nor do you know of any other means to produce it.

But if you do know other means, and you’re still doing this, you might wanna reconsider. But again, it’s a great starting point for you to get started.

Exposes your brand name

It’s a great way to get your name out there. When you got your trucks that are wrapped and you’re driving around in the neighborhood, people can start to recognize the name, right?

You displayed a really good business, and the fact that you guys are professional, you got your nice golf shirts on, you got the uniform, you got the trucks wrapped and you look good, right? That’s gonna help you with brand awareness and getting your name out there.

So there you have it, your pros and cons, of door-to-door knocking, understand that this is a straight-up hustle mentality that you need to go out there and get it and provide your own roofing leads for the company, right?

It’s outbound leads. These are leads that you’re going out to chase in hopes of turning into actual jobs. And that is the primary focus of door-to-door sales.

Digital marketing

So on the flip side of that, we have digital marketing, which is what this channel is all about.

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So let’s start with the cons of digital marketing.

Can be expensive

One, you know it, it can be expensive, kind of sort of, depending on how you look at it. At the very beginning, expect it to be expensive. And this is simply because you are not familiar with the algorithms yet, you are a brand new player to the game. You haven’t yet gone through the optimization process.

But the idea here is it’s expensive at the beginning, and it will start to be less expensive as you go on, and you take the necessary steps to make sure that you’re getting the best results from your advertising, from your marketing online.


Another con is that competition, the competition is everywhere. And one thing that I wanna clear up while I’m in this video here is, that understand that competition is everywhere. I hear contractors that are in say New Jersey saying that, the competition this.

Look, unless you are in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado. Those are really the only places where I can really consider them being competitive, everywhere else, you kind of have it easy in comparison to some of those guys.

So don’t think that the competition really is anything, because you can rise above that fairly simply and a good check for you to do.

And here’s a small exercise that I’m kind of throwing in here. Do a Google search for roofing companies, your area, and look to see what kind of and how many reviews the companies that are in that area have.

If you have companies that are showing up in that map pack that have less than say, 20 reviews, you’re not competitive at all, there’s nothing going on in there. And you have an opportunity to really rise and start producing leads from that area within a relatively short amount of time.

If you’re interested in learning how to do that, then be sure to stick around to the very end of this video. And I’ll share with you how you can get in touch with us, so that we can help you, rise above that competition and ultimately produce leads and dominate the market.

Demands consistency

So back on the topic of cons, we have that this can not be half-assed, this digital marketing thing cannot be half-assed, you really need to be consistent with it.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Yeah, I’m just gonna get online, I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna do that, I’m gonna try this, try that.” Think again, you need to have a plan, right?

And on the topic of plans, check out this video that I’ll show you exactly what plan to take before you start running a digital marketing campaign for your roofing business. It’ll outline six steps for you, and it will show you exactly what to do to get to a point where you’re actually producing leads and you’re making money from it.


Another con to digital marketing, is that it can be very time-consuming, right? If you don’t have a blueprint, a framework on how to tackle this online platform, it can eat up a lot of your time just trying to figure things out.

That’s another reason why I encourage you to seek out a company like ourselves, so that we can help you and direct you on what to do and how to go about producing leads in the most efficient and effective way possible. But enough of the cons let’s jump into the pros.


What are the main reasons as to why I recommend using digital marketing to your advantage and start producing leads from it?

Time effective

Pro number one is contradictory to what I just said with the cons, time-effective. This can be very time-effective, again, if you know exactly what you’re doing.

So again, be sure to seek out the help of someone to guide you, like, look up, just go online and look stuff up. Matter of fact, just go on my YouTube library channel and see what needs to be done for you to produce leads effectively, consistently, and predictably, each and every single month.


Another pro to this is targeting. Reach your target audience online.

Now the door-to-door is all outbound. Digital marketing is all inbound, right? These are people who are finding you online, picking up the phone and calling you. And that’s the big difference.

Think about it from a flyer perspective. What do you generally do when you get a flyer in the mail? I’ll give you two seconds to think about that.

It goes in the garbage. It goes in the garbage because they’re not interested. You’re not interested in whatever this flyer has to say, because it’s not time yet, right?

At some point in time, you will need that service. And that’s who we wanna get in front of using digital marketing, getting in front of people who need the service at a particular time. This is why you can reach that audience using digital marketing. And that’s a huge pro, that the offline door-to-door doesn’t have.

Accurately measurable

Another pro, which I am a huge fan of is the fact that this is measurable, accurately. So you can accurately measure what you’re getting from your online versus your door-to-door.

Let’s say it was a hot day, you were just knocking on doors and you lost track of how many doors you knocked on. And you can’t gauge an accurate conversion rate on the number of doors that you knocked on, right?

Versus where you’re online, it’s all done through systems. You don’t have to manually do any of this. It’s all done for you, through the systems. And that is another huge pro that’ll give you an accurate measurement as to what you’re spending versus what you got back from what you spent.

Can be personalized

Last, but not least, we have personalization with your digital marketing, keep it consistent across the board. Like you could go door-to-door knocking and give a different message each and every single time, because we’re humans, right? We fumble, we make mistakes, we mess up here, we mess up there.

But with your messaging online, it’s consistent all the time. You’re seeing the same thing all the time. You’re testing new things all the time, right? Split testing, trying different messaging, unique selling propositions, it’s always gonna be the same online.

That is why I like the fact that I can test something, see if it works, and if it does, I can keep it and throw challenger at it. But if it doesn’t work, I can change my messaging and then try something else.

So there you have it guys, digital, door to door, here are the pros and cons.

The verdict

Now, one thing that I wanna stress here is that there’s no right or wrong way of doing this, but a lot of people are looking at this as, “Oh, door-to-door is best because of this, because of that.”

Sure. That’s your opinion, that’s what you think. And just like this is my opinion, this is my line of thinking. These are the reasons why I believe that digital is better.

There’s nowhere out there that says you can’t do both, right? Just think about that for a second. Why not do both? Right?

One thing that might come through your mind right now is that there’s a limiting belief, that, “I don’t know how to do online. That’s why I’ve never done and tried it.”

Well, get away from that belief, understand that the world is moving forward. You need to be adaptable.

As my guy, Bruce Lee says, be like water, become like water. You need to adapt, right? You put water in a cup, the water becomes the cup. Put water in a water bottle, it becomes the water bottle, right?

Times are changing guys, and you need to understand that digital marketing is not going anywhere. Door-to-door is only getting harder, especially during this pandemic.

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