So I literally just got a comment under one of my YouTube videos from a roofing contractor that says he has gotten about 300 roofing leads from Facebook. And they all turned out to be crap.

Now, what I say to that is there are certain ways for you not to market your roofing company online. That’s exactly what we’re gonna be talking about in today’s video. Let’s dive right in.

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Again, my name is Mats Moy. I am a digital marketing professional that specifically caters to the roofing industry, helping them get online and producing leads from mainly Google.

I’ve helped well over 100 roofing companies get more visible online this year alone. But more importantly, I helped them start to produce leads from their online marketing efforts.

Now a quick side note later on in this video, I’m gonna be offering a one-on-one call with myself. So if you’re interested in finally getting online and starting to produce roofing leads from your online efforts, be sure to stick around until the very end of this video. So how not to market your roofing company online?

Relying on a single source of leads

One of the things that you probably shouldn’t do is rely on a single source of producing roofing leads for your company. Now, this is specifically talking about the comment that was left there. Three hundred leads from Facebook, and all of them: crap. Facebook is a different animal.

Now, here’s my belief. And I’ve touched on this in a few videos, but if you haven’t already check out this video that I’ll explain to you why I prefer Google over Facebook.

But here’s my thinking, here’s my logic. Now, someone doesn’t necessarily need a roof. And I’m speaking about, you know, your average, your typical homeowner doesn’t necessarily need a roof until they believe that they need a roof.

When do homeowners think they need a roof?

Now, why would they believe that they needed a roof? Well, one, they’ve been made aware that they need a roof such as a shingle is flapping in the wind. The roof is old. You know, those shingles all over the floor. You know, there’s a leak in the ceiling. Something happens to trigger the awareness to say, “Hey, I need a roofer to come out and give me an estimate.”

Now that doesn’t necessarily happen, let’s say on Facebook, right? When that moment arises the homeowner is gonna then actively go out and seek. And the reason why I prefer Google is because you need as a roofing company, you need to be visible when that opportunity arises. That’s all that it is, right?

You’re entering the conversation as it’s happening in the homeowner’s mind. Not just when they’re on Facebook, you know looking at what their friends and family are doing. No, when someone is actively looking for roofing services they’ll either one have someone in mind, right?

They have a roofer that they already know. They’re reputable. They’ve done business with them in the past, or they have someone refer them to a roofer. But the next logical step would be, let me go out and find one. And in 2020, 2021, what most people are doing is they’re heading online and they’re doing their due diligence. That’s what’s happening.

Just having a website

So another way for you to not market your roofing company is just having a website.

Now, Google has been able to monopolize this industry, right? About 70% of all the website traffic flows through Google. And now specifically for local businesses like roofing companies, Google is making it so much easier for customers to simply contact roofing companies without ever leaving Google, right?

There’s so much information that you can do display on Google — information about your company to give a customer enough of that information to ultimately pick up the phone and call you. So websites are becoming less and less important.

I see so many roofing company owners focusing all of their efforts on their website, “My website’s not doing this. My website’s not doing that.” Look, it’s not as important as it used to be. You should really be channeling a lot of that energy in your Google My Business listing.

And fortunately for you, roofing companies that are out there, shameless plug, I do have a program on Google My Business. If you’re interested in that, comment down below. Let me know. I will reach out to you and see if we can make something happen with this program. And the intention here is to have you generating roofing leads each and every single day from your Google My Business listing alone.

Not subscribing to my channel

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Not utilizing Facebook

Another thing that you’re probably not doing right is utilizing Facebook.

For the most part, the bare minimum that you should be doing on Facebook is publishing posts about your company, right? On your business page, as well as on your personal page, right?

I get, you know, sometimes you wanna keep business and personal separate. If that’s the case, sure. But at least post on your business page, that way you can get your message out there.

Now, a lot of people say that “I’ve tried Facebook in the past and it hasn’t quite worked.”

Well, Facebook is a lot more complicated than just having a post put out there. That’s really for branding purposes, right? Just really getting your name out there to some of the people who know who you are, who know who your company is and people who were following you, right?

But for more in-depth lesson on how to utilize Facebook to grow your business, you’re gonna have to take some form of training. Well, it’s better if you do take some form of training to learn how to utilize Facebook, learn how to utilize Google.

Otherwise, hiring a company to do it for you is your next best bet. But it’s not enough to just post on Facebook expecting to see amazing results from it.

Stuffing keywords in your GMB listing

Now, this last one is a very common one in the industry and attempts to try to cheat the system. And it’s very common across Google, and I’ve seen it happen many times. The art of stuffing keywords in your Google My Business listing name.

Now, when you have all of these keywords stuck in your Google My Business listing name, you are asking for Google to suspend your listing.

Is it a great short term strategy? Absolutely. But you’re gonna be hurting in the long run when you do get caught. So I highly recommend that you don’t do that as you will be hurting your overall roof marketing efforts.

So hopefully you found some value in this video. You learned a thing or two.

Book a call with me

For those of you guys who are interested in learning a little bit more about Google My Business, I mentioned earlier that I have a few spots open for a one-on-one call with myself. There’s a link down below. Go ahead and click that, let’s schedule a call, and let’s talk about your roofing company. I’ll explain how I can help your roofing company generate one to three phone calls each and every single day. This just by utilizing your Google My Business listing.

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Again my name is Mats Moy, and I will see you next week. Peace!


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