Man, 2020 was the craziest year I’ve ever personally experienced. There were lots of ups, a lot more downs, especially due to COVID-19.

So there are quite a few things that I’ve learned this year that I thought I’d share with you guys because they’ve helped a lot of my clients survive if not thrive, many of them have had the best year in business. Hard to believe, but let’s dive right in as to why that was able to be made possible.

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What I learned in 2020

So on the topic of generating leads, this year has proven to be quite an eventful year itself. So many things happened, one of them being COVID-19. A lot of businesses went out of business, unfortunately. A lot of businesses just kinda shut things down for the entire year and other businesses actually thrived. They made do with whatever they had and survived if not thrived throughout the entire year.

In this video, I wanna share with you what I learned as far as marketing goes to help my clients generate more leads than they ever have before.

1. Never ever stop marketing

So the very first thing is to never ever stop marketing. Marketing, generating leads is the lifeline of your business. If you don’t have any way to market, get your message out there, get in front of customers when they need your service, then you are missing out on hundreds, thousands of dollars every single day.

Roofing will never go out of business

Now, this is something that few people learn the very hard way. Understand that roofing is a service that’s never gonna go out of business. Rehab, building rehabilitation is something that is needed each and every single day.

Prior to my getting into marketing for roofing contractors, I was actually a building science consultant. So I looked after buildings properties on behalf of property managers, building owners. And the one thing that happened every so years was the windows needed to be replaced, the bricks, the mortars started to give out, the roof needed to be taken care of. Something about the building with time, weather affects the building itself, and some component of the building is gonna have to get replaced every, however many years.

So roofing is one of those things where homeowners are forever going to need. If you can’t afford to get in front of your target audience, the customers that are looking for you, then you are going to be missing out on a lot of revenue every single time you decide to turn things off.

Now, you can reduce your budget. If things are just not working as it is and the funds just simply aren’t there, you can reduce your budget. However, I would highly recommend you do not cold turkey this altogether. That’s one big mistake that a lot of companies made this year. They completely shut everything down and said, “Hey, I’m gonna rely on just word of mouth.” And again, if you’ve been following my channel for some time, word of mouth, I repeat, word of mouth is not a marketing strategy.

You want to keep the algorithm going

And the second reason why you want to never turn off your marketing is that you always want to keep the algorithm going. The moment you decide that “Hey, we’re gonna turn everything off,” the algorithm is no longer working for you.

And this is for those of you guys who are joining me here for the first time, I prefer Google above all else. And you know what? I’ll put this video here so that you can see why I prefer Google above all else, but understand that once you get into the top 20% of marketers using Google, then you want to stay there because the moment you decide to take a step back and move out of that 20%, it’s going to be hard for you to get back in.

Google already likes you. It knows that you spend X amount of dollars every month and it’s gonna make sure that they spend that. If you decide, “Hey, I wanna go somewhere. I wanna turn this off and cold turkey this all together,” Google is gonna go find somebody else that they’re going to spend their money with. And that’s who’s going to become in that top 20%. So you wanna stay there once you get there.

2. People will always need roofs

Now, the second thing that I learned about marketing roofs in 2020 is that again, and I’ve already mentioned this in my very first tip, but people will always, always need roofs.

When it came to this online space, leads we’re still rolling in. Understand that the leads didn’t slow down because roofs were still leaking, storms were still happening, roofs were still getting old. And so services were still needed.

When people were trying to contract rather than expand during the pandemic, well, okay, I’m gonna go after somebody who’s visible when I’m looking for them. People who are looking to hold back their money, hold back their marketing, and spending their time elsewhere, well, you’re missing out. That’s all it is. You’re missing out on the opportunity to present your company whenever that service is needed by a customer or a customer.

And the crazy thing is that for many of my clients, they had their best years in business. Check out this testimonial from Richard Sakowski out in North Carolina. He had a completely monster year this year just doing roofs, just by being online, being present when other companies weren’t. It is all it was. It was a matter of getting the attention of the consumer when they had the conversation of, “I need a new roof.”

3. Reputation is everything

The third thing I learned this year is that reputation is everything. A very simple and quick test that you can do right now is head over to Google, type in your company name, plus your area, type that in, and let me know what shows up in the comments down below.

Are you impressed with what you see? Are you happy with the results that you found? If you were a customer, would you call you? These are the types of questions that you have to ask yourself. Whenever you’re doing a search for your own company online, are you happy with what you see? Is there enough reason, are there enough reasons for a customer to actually call you, pick up the phone and say, “Hey, I found you online. Man, you look impressive. Can you come out and give me an estimate?”

If the answer to those questions is no, then you need to do something about that. Reputation is absolutely everything.

One thing that you can do is start to drum up reviews. Check out this video that’s gonna give you a few tips to get you more reviews on Google. This is the only place you should be getting your reviews. I’ve seen companies with 200 plus reviews on HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List. Those are not as valuable as you think they are.

If you’re going to get reviews, the one place that you should focus on getting them is Google. So what I wanna leave you with here is that your reputation matters just as much offline as it does out online. So no matter how great you think your company is, if you wanna grow and scale your business, then you are going to need to have that reputation that’s offline being reflected online.

4. Relying on one stream of leads is a death sentence

So the fourth thing that I learned this year about marketing roofs is that relying on one stream of leads is a death sentence, especially for those of you guys that are relying on word of mouth.

Again, word of mouth is not a strategy. It is not a strategy to grow your business. Referrals, it’s the best kind of lead that you’re gonna get, 100%, I can agree with you there, but to rely on word of mouth to grow your company is not a marketing strategy.

Now, for those of you guys who are relying on, say, word of mouth, big problem. What happens when somebody doesn’t refer your company? You don’t have leads.

You need to diversify

For those of you guys who are buying leads from, let’s use HomeAdvisor, as much as I dislike the company, let’s use HomeAdvisor, seeing as they’re one of the most popular ones. If you are deciding to purchase leads from HomeAdvisor, what happens when HomeAdvisor goes out of business, which is maybe likely to happen. What happens when they go out of business if they go out of business? Where do you get your leads from?

Relying on one source of leads is a death sentence. You need to start diversifying.

When you find something that works, you can then move on to another source of leads. So don’t only have one. And this goes with Google, too. Let’s say Google goes out of business. What do you do then? You need to have other streams of leads.

There’s always gonna be multiple social media platforms. There’s always going to be multiple lead generation companies. Once you find something that works, stick with it and try to tack on something else. We’re already doing Google. We move on to YouTube. We can do Facebook and LinkedIn. The radio, billboards, we can do that. There’s a lot of things that you can do.

You need to pay whatever is most efficient, most effective for your company right now and then add on a few more afterward.

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So there you have it guys. Those are the four things that I learned this year about marketing roofs in 2020.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this video. If you did, I would really appreciate it if you hit that thumbs up button, you subscribe to my channel and you hit the notification bell because I put out videos just like this one each and every single Wednesday. And if you are looking to grow your company online, generate more leads for your business, then it’s a very good idea for you to do so.

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And if you don’t see me before the end of the new year, I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and all the best to you guys in 2021.

Again, my name is Mats Moy, and I will see you next week. Peace.


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