You’re still doing it. You’re still buying those same leads, you’ve been complaining about last year as you are this year. I encourage you to think a little bit differently.

Why would I buy leads if there’s a way for me to generate them on my own? And that’s exactly what we’re gonna be talking about in this video, let’s dive right in.

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For those of you guys who don’t know me, I am the owner of Moy Consulting, a company I founded a few years back now to help roofing contractors do exactly what I just mentioned which is generating roofing leads online.

Transitioning from buying to generating

Now, by the end of this video, I want to give you enough reasons to make the transition from buying leads versus generating your own leads in-house, right?

So for those of you guys who are buying leads from third-party companies, HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, the list goes on, and you’re sick and tired of paying for leads that are just, let’s just call them crap. Then I encourage you to set up your own systems to produce these leads yourself. And here are a few reasons why.

So I ran a little experiment last year. I had the unfortunate experience of having my furnace breakdown on what seemed to be the coldest night in winter. I am in Toronto, Canada, and so it gets pretty damn cold during the wintertime. And for some reason, my furnace decided to break down and call it a quits.

So middle of the night, my wife, my kids were freezing. We were all bundled up in one bedroom. You got the little heater going, and we had to make it work, right? So the night passes, we survive, we wake up in the morning, and the first thing that I do is say, “Hey, okay, we gotta make sure that this furnace is working by the end of today. What can we do to get it done?”

The experiment

So I decided to run a little bit of an experiment just to see what the process is like, from the customer’s perspective. Because I’ve spoken to tons of roofing companies, and it’s always the same thing. “Oh, customers that contact me from X lead, X company, they don’t know who I am, they’ve never heard of me.” They never ended up contacting the company to get a service or whatever it is, right?

And so I decided to give it a shot, I’m in Canada and so HomeAdvisor owns another company called HomeStars which also owns Angie’s List. But in Canada, it’s HomeStars. So I went over to HomeStars and I typed in furnace repair, and so a bunch of different companies showed up, but they just ask for your information, and then a contractor will get in touch with you.

The result

So I get on the phone. Or sorry, I get on the internet, put in my information, not even 30 seconds later, boom, I get my first phone call.

XYZ contractor, “Hey, I see that you have a furnace issue. “What seems to be the problem?” As I’m describing this over the phone, not even 20 seconds later, I get my second phone call. “Hey, hold on, I’m on the line with another contractor. Just give me a second, lemme call you back or call me back in a few minutes.”

30 seconds after that I get another phone call. After that, another phone call. After that, another phone call. In total, I received seven phone calls from different contractors all wanting to help me with my furnace.


Now, this can be a conflict of interest. How are you supposed to compete with six other contractors if I’m the lead company that’s providing these leads to contractors like you?

It becomes a matter of who called you first. And funny enough, I did end up going with the first contractor. I guess maybe I was more engaged with him and it did become a race. I didn’t even entertain the others ’cause I didn’t wanna bother, right? It’s just too much work to try to repeat myself over and over and over. I just wanted my problem fixed.

Now, a lot of you guys can see that there’s a problem here, right? And I ended up being an actual customer. I ended up hiring the person from HomeStars. They came over, fixed my furnace, problem solved. But now you got to put yourself in the shoes of the customer. I am annoyed by the third, fourth call. I do not want other contractors to call me. So this is where you need to start thinking, “Okay, is this worth it?”

1. The leads are shared

So that brings me to reason number one, the leads are shared. When you are buying leads, unless you have an agreement to buy leads from a company that is exclusive to you, the leads are shared.

Normally, they are shared. That’s how these companies are going to money. And so you’re buying leads, understand that you’re gonna have to compete with other contractors who have the same exact information as you. So your odds of getting that job significantly are reduced, right? And so the leads being shared puts you already at a disadvantage.

Rather than having those shared leads, if you have leads in-house coming directly to you, you’re eliminating the possibility of that lead going to other contractors. You’re automatically increasing the likelihood of you closing that deal. So rather than buying those shared leads, set up a system in-house produce those leads for yourself and your company only.

Now, you don’t have any control if the homeowner wants to do their due diligence and get a quote or an estimate from two, three other contractors, right? You have no control over that but at the same time, this is not purposely being shared with six, seven, eight, nine, 10 other contractors to become fighting for scraps. You become a bidding war.

That’s not gonna be the case when you have that lead generation in-house, rather than from a third-party.

2. Tire kickers

Reason number two, tire kickers, right? You’ve experienced this.

If you’ve used any of those third party companies for quite some time you’ll notice that when a lead comes in, you contact them, sometimes they’ll say, “Well, I never filled out my information.” “I was just messing around on the internet.” “Oh, we’re looking to get the job done next year, I was just looking to get some prices.”

Those are the types of leads – many of them – that you will be getting from these third-party companies, right? The quality of them is not that great. And unfortunately, this is something that a lot of roofing companies have become accustomed to.

When I speak to them and say, “Hey, how many leads would you say you actually need?” Some of them have a crazy idea of, “Oh, I need 200 leads.” And they say that because we’ve been conditioned to understand that a lot of the leads that are gonna be coming in are gonna be junk. So only a few of them are actually gonna be good and that’s a result of just getting poor leads over a number of months, years at a time, right?

Defining a lead

A lead in my opinion is someone who contacted you because they have a roofing problem.

And in my opinion, every single one of those leads should be valid, right? They’re looking to get the job done relatively soon, not “Oh, I was just browsing the internet and I happened to see that you’re offering a free inspection and so I put in my information in hopes that somebody would come out and just take a look at my roof, see what I need.” No, no, that’s not a lead, right?

The homeowner needs to acknowledge that they have a problem, right? Shingles are flying off the roof, the roof itself is old. There’s a leak in my ceiling, I can see a leak spot, right? So those are the types of people that should be contacting you, and those are the people that you should be getting in front of, not just anyone.

3. The leads are way overpriced

Reason number three, the leads are way overpriced. You are paying for overpriced leads.

Some of you guys are spending in the neighborhood of 100 plus, 150, $200 per lead that is shared with other companies that may or may not be valid leads themselves.

That idea to me is absurd, all right? Rather than spending $150 to $200 per roof replacement lead, you could be spending $30 and getting a much more quality lead directly from Google. Think about that for a second.

And the reason why this sounds like, whoa, to a lot of people is because some of you guys have no idea how. And it’s about getting yourself educated with the systems, having the systems in-house rather than going to these other companies.

One thing that I would like for you to do is ask yourself: where are these companies getting their leads from? Where? Where is their lead source? The answer is the internet.

They have systems that they’ve built out to produce, to generate traffic, turn that traffic into actual leads, take those leads, and sell it to multiple contractors, and have them fight for the job, right?

So take a step back. Having the lead generation system in your company rather than buying it from somebody else is a much more cost-efficient way of producing those leads for your company. It’s going to help your bottom line and it’s gonna reduce the expenses that you’re spending on these leads every single month.

Setting up a lead generation system

So how do you set up one of these systems to produce those leads in-house rather than buying it from other companies?

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Book a call with me

So there you have it. Those are the three reasons why you should be switching from buying leads to generating your own roofing leads in-house. Hopefully, you enjoyed this video. If you did, again, do not forget to like, share, and hit the notification bell so that you get notified when I release a new video like this one.

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