So you finally come to the conclusion, that you wanna get online. You just don’t know where to start yet and this is why you’re watching this video.

So let’s jump right in as to how to start using online marketing strategies to help you generate more roofing leads online, that actually work. Let’s do it.

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For those of you guys who don’t know me, my name is Mats Moy, and I am the owner of Moy Consulting, a company I created just to help roofing companies generate more online roofing leads.

Getting started online

So by the end of this video, for those of you guys who are just looking to get online and get started, the guys who are beginners, you’re going to get a few strategies that actually work in helping you produce roofing leads online. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you wouldn’t consider yourself, someone who is on the computer all the time. These will still work for you because they are that simple.

Also, quick side note, if you are interested in working with me and my company as far as producing leads, getting you online, getting you set up, then be sure to stick around until the very end of this video, to get more a little bit more information about that.

So getting started online, it is a scary thought, especially if you are more of a hands-on type of individual that I guess kind of shies away from the computer. The idea of getting online and starting producing leads, you just don’t know where to start. And so I just wanna break this down, in a few simple steps to actually get you going. That’s the most important thing.

Now you might sit here, watch this video, think that you’ve gathered tons of good information, and then sit on that information and not do anything. Whereas what I would like for you to do, is not only take in the information in this video but also take action. These are very, very simple steps and will move you forward towards the direction of producing leads from your online presence.

Going online should be a priority

So one thing I wanna point out here, is that online should be a priority over any other marketing strategy for your company. The reason being is online can get you in front of customers who are more likely to contact you for an estimate.

There are hundreds and thousands of people online, searching every single day for roofing contractors and those are the people that you wanna get in front of.

A lot of people make the mistake of, “yeah, I’m gonna print out mailers. I’m gonna send out, I don’t know, $6,000 worth of it,” and by the end of it, you get maybe one or two leads off of $6,000 worth of mailers. And I’ve heard it time and time again.

Now the issue with that is it’s not targeted. What do you do? Like, let’s be honest here. Let’s have an honest conversation. What do you do generally do when you get a mailer, when you get a postcard, or a flyer, or whatever it is at your doorstep?

Me personally, I just chuck it in the garbage. I’m not interested so it goes in the recycling bin. The moment I become interested, I’m gonna go out to seek. I’m gonna go out to find, whatever service it is that I am looking for and only at that time.

Be visible

And so what you need to be is visible, whenever someone is having that conversation of “I need a new roof.” Because nobody needs a new roof, until they actually need a new roof. Let’s be honest here. If a storm happens you know, you can clearly see “Okay, there’s damage” and even when there is no damage or whether there is or isn’t any damage. Is it visible to the homeowner to the uneducated homeowner about roofs?

They’ll look at their roofs and yeah, you know my roof looks fine, whereas you and I both know, that that may or may not be the case. It’s very likely or very important for you to check it out.

And so, needless to say, you need to enter the conversation when it’s happening, not just at any given time and just mass mail a whole neighborhood, because that’s what you were accustomed to. So think about that.

Google Local Services Ads

So our first online strategy, which actually works for producing roofing leads is using the Google Local Service Ads Program.

Now depending on where you are, this may or may not be available to you. For those of you guys in Canada, not so much, but in the US there are many states that this program is now available. Google is slowly rolling this out. I strongly believe that Google created this to eliminate companies like HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Porch, and so on and so forth.

So if you have had a poor experience with those companies, then I think this is probably a better platform, for you to check out. There are specific requirements for you, to get on set platforms. So we should have checked it out before you do so.

I do have a guide, on how to go about setting this up along with the video. So comment down below GLSA and I’ll go ahead and send that right over to you. So you can go through the process of setting it up.

Pros and cons

Now the pros of this are again similar to HomeAdvisor, where it’s a pay-per-lead type of system. So you wouldn’t necessarily be just coughing up money without anything in return.

You’re only paying Google, when you do get a valid lead and that you’re aiming, or you’re I’m guesstimating that you’ll get leads from anywhere between 30 to $50 per lead, give or take, right?

That’s a good price, that is an amazing price for someone who picked up the phone and found you online, and called you to come out and give them an estimate. You can compare those prices to HomeAdvisor. For those of you guys who have been using them, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The downside to this is that the volume simply isn’t there. Now, this is not enough to keep you busy all-year-round, but it is good to supplement and get you started on the platform.

Now there are again, a few requirements that you will need besides legal documentation.

Google My Business

You will also need a Google My Business Listing and that brings us to our second strategy, to help you generate leads that actually works: Google My Business.

Now this platform there’s no reason why your roofing companies shouldn’t be on there. It is 100% free to set up and it will actually help you produce leads if you know how to use it right.

So I have another guide on that, or I have an entire video. You can check it out here, on how to set up your Google My Business Listing properly, and that will complement our first strategy. So be sure to do so, okay.

Subscribe to my channel

What you will need to do, to set up your Google My Business Listing properly, is one subscribe to this channel, because again, we put out content like this every single week. It is a great platform for you to get free information. Free information on how to produce roofing leads online.

But two, you will also need a Gmail account. That is what you need to set up, all of these Google properties, Gmail which is Google Mail. It will help you get set up on all of the properties that Google has associated with their platform.

Use the Posts feature

So with Google My Business, you need to start using the Post Feature again referred to that same video. It’ll show you how to start using it on a day-to-day, this is something that should be done every single day. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll take you no more than three minutes and it will actually produce leads for you.

I kid you not, I’ve given this advice to many roofing companies, and just last week, I got a contractor and that hit me up and said, “Hey Mats, so your advice worked. I landed a $1.3 million project from this.” It works, so please just do it consistently.

If you really don’t have time and I personally think that’s a bunch of BS, but if you really do not have time, you wouldn’t be looking for more leads. Why would you be looking for more leads, if you don’t have time? What makes you think, that you’ll have time for those leads?

It’s a matter of priority. Prioritize the fact that you wanna set your business up for the next five, 10, 15, 50 years of producing leads if you have any intentions of passing this down to your kids that you might have or selling the business with a flurry of leads coming consistently.

Set yourself up because the first part of every single business is traffic. You need people to know about your company. So let’s get that done and let’s start to utilize our Google My Business Listing, daily with the Post Feature. Still on the topic of Google My Business, because it is a great platform for beginners. It’ll help you do so much.

Optimize properly

Two, we need to optimize it properly. So setting that up again in that same video, I’ll show you how to do that.

Set up a free website

And third, on that same topic of Google My Business, set up a free website. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a free website set up because it’s gonna be maintained with the fact that you’re posting on a regular basis. So this is all interconnected.

So be sure to set up your Google My Business Listing, use the Post Feature, set up the website, and optimize the listing properly, for consistent leads to start.


How many leads, you say? It depends on your area. But generally speaking, you’re looking at about one to three if you’re lucky every single day. Once you really get the ball rolling on this. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be doing it.

Now I know companies, that have been in business for 30 plus years. Companies that are doing eight figures a year that still don’t utilize this, because yeah, maybe they’re fine. They’re doing fine without it. But you as a beginner, you need all the help that you can get and this is where you can really leverage the internet.

And it’s tools, it’s free tools to help you produce more leads and really get an edge on the competition. Because those guys who are not utilizing these things will eventually start fading away because they have become complacent and are not adapting to the new ways of doing things.

Get social

Now our third strategy, online strategy for beginners that actually works is for you to get social. Now, time and time again I see just individuals, who are not promoting their businesses online. They’re using their social media for sharing memes and GIFs and they’re not actually promoting their businesses.

These are business owners that are struggling to get online and nobody knows about their company. They have their Facebook page, Facebook Business Page which is fine, right. You wanna have that, but also use your personal Facebook Page to get your message out there.

People are more likely to interact, with a personal profile than a business page. ‘Cause everybody and their grandma, has a Facebook Business Page, especially if you have a business. So start using your own personal Facebook Page, your own personal Instagram Page

These are all free tools to help you get set up and producing leads online. Get your message out there, don’t be shy.

Ask for reviews

Our last and final strategy, for producing roofing leads that actually works is getting reviews. Get as many reviews as possible. Not just anywhere, not the BBB, not eHelp, not even Facebook, get them on Google. That is the most rewarding place for you to generate those reviews because they will produce the most for you long-term.

Google is king, I repeat Google is king. 80% of the traffic, that flows through the internet period comes from Google.

And so again, we wanna come back to the very first thing I said in this video. You wanna enter the conversation as it’s happening in the homeowner’s mind, in the business owner’s mind. You don’t need a roof until that homeowner believes they need a roof. When they believe they need a roof, they’re gonna go out to find, where? Google. Why? Because Google is king.

There’s a reason why that phrase is out there, just Google it. Nobody says just Facebook it, right? So understand that Google is the place where you wanna be to start producing roofing leads. By getting those reviews, you are going to attract more visitors, more traffic to your Google My Business Listing, and ultimately have them call you. So there you have it. Those are the steps.

Book a call with me

If you are interested in working with myself, and my team in helping you produce more roofing leads and getting started online, then be sure to check out this free webinar down below in the comments. That’ll show you exactly, how we go about helping roofing companies get online, get set up, and more importantly, produce roofing leads from their online presence.

Also, if you wanna join a community of roofers, just like yourself, I have a free Facebook Mastermind. We do separate stuff there, not the stuff that you’ll see here or anywhere else, just for the people in that group. It is 100% free.

Just be sure to click the lin, in the description down below it’s a Facebook Mastermind Group, Online Roofing Leads. Join in, you won’t regret it. You’ll see myself and other roofing company owners who are learning about this for ever-changing space. Again the link for it is down below.

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Start today

You need to start somewhere. This is the perfect place for you to get started and pretty much you have no excuse. You have no reason as to why you shouldn’t be doing, some of the things that I’ve mentioned in this video here. Other than you having the limiting belief, that, ah it’s too much time or it’s too hard. I’m not good with computers. Get that out of your mind and just get it done.

All right, so that’s it for this week’s video. I will see you next week, peace.


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