In my six years in helping roofing contractors generate leads online, there are a few things I’ve learned from beginning to end and that’s exactly what we’re going to be going through in this week’s video. Let’s dive right in.

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My name is Mats Moy and I am the owner of Moy Consulting, a company I founded just to help roofing contractors, US, Canada, worldwide get online and start producing leads. This year alone I’ve helped well over 100 roofing companies get online and start producing leads.

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What should you be doing to produce more roofing leads online?

So more recent than ever before, I’ve had a lot of people reaching out, trying to kind of pick my brain on what they should be doing to produce more roofing leads online, how they can increase their conversions, get better results from what they’re already doing.

I encourage you to follow me on Instagram and send me a DM if you’re ever wanting to just kind of pick my brain at anything. And I’m gonna put a lot in this video, ‘ because this is what it’s all about.

So over the last six years, I’ve been helping roofing companies, just like, hopefully, yours, get online, start producing leads, dissecting things, fixing things, but ultimately the end goal is for them to create an asset, a business asset, that’s going to produce leads for you.

Now with everything that you’re doing online, if it is not producing leads for you, then what is the point, right?

This time that you are investing, in whether it be your social media channels, or your website or your Google stuff, your Facebook stuff, your LinkedIn stuff, these are all vehicles. These are all supposed to be assets working for you. And so I encourage you to stop for a moment and think for a second. Are these vehicles actually producing roofing leads for my company? If not, pause, and just try to figure out why.

1. Everything that you’re doing online should be to increase your revenues

So this leads me to my very first point that I’ve learned over the past six years. Everything that you’re doing online is for one purpose and one purpose only, to increase your revenues. And that is going to be a byproduct of generating leads. Quality leads, not just leads from anywhere.

There’s levels to the quality of the leads that you’re gonna be getting. And last video, I touched on this where I saw a gentleman comment in one of my videos, one of my YouTube videos, and say that he has generated over 300 leads from Facebook and they were all crap.

Now, generally speaking, the quality of the leads that are coming from Facebook are normally not the best, right? But you can still get leads from there, but it’s normally not the best.

2. There’s a lot of legwork

Now, the second thing that I’ve learned over the last six years is that there’s a lot of legwork, right? Understanding that there’s a setup process that needs to be taking place.

Now, there are so many different things that you can integrate into your whole online presence. Your website, your social media channels. There’s a lot of creating right out the gate. Buying your domain, your hosting, picking a good CMS. All that fun stuff. And so this is the hardest part of getting you set up and producing leads. And it’s something that you can’t avoid, right?

It has to be done before you start to generate leads from anywhere. And so I’ve seen contractors complain about, “Oh, why, set up fees.” Well, this is the legwork.

You can then focus on the platforms that are actually going to produce the leads for you once this is done, right?

You should have data

And again, the setup part is not rocket science. Two things – and I’m going to throw in this video here as a bonus – you should have data. You should have data.

I can’t tell you how many websites I’ve gone to and checked to see if they have any form of way to generate data, right? Checking to see if you have a Google Analytics or a Facebook Pixel. These are two things that every single one of your websites should have, right?

This enables you to get in touch with the two biggest marketing platforms on the internet, right? You have Facebook, you have Google.

If you do not right now, as you currently watch this video, if you don’t have those two codes set up on your website, go talk to your digital guy, your digital company, and tell them that you would like to get these set up. But once you get past this whole setup, most of it is automated.

You got to remember, we’re dealing with machines here. We’ve got systems in place. You got a machine working for your company. Most of it is automated. And so it doesn’t require a chunk of time on day-to-day to manage your online presence. You just got to know what you are doing.

There are different levels of marketing expertise

Now, here’s where the difference is. In your market – and I’ll use your roofing company as an example – there are different levels, right? There are companies that go above and beyond. and there are companies that do the bare minimum, right? And it’s the same thing in the marketing industry.

If you can find someone that pays an extreme level of detail with your marketing campaigns, your overall online presence, then you can expect to see really good results, okay. But when you hire a cheap company that has a rep assigned to you that turns over every month, every two months, then you got to start to ask questions.

What are they doing that maybe the last guy didn’t do? Or this guy is doing than this guy? It just becomes a mess. So understand that there are tiers. You have to have a competent person looking after your marketing.

3. Get access to the right information

The third thing that I’ve learned is getting access to the right information.

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4. Consistency is key

Next up consistency is key. So once you have your platform set up, you have your website, you have all of the legwork done, every single platform has its own series of steps that are required for you to do as a marketer, right? As a roofing company to better improve your results over time. And I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say you are using Facebook, right? You put out an ad, the ad itself, you’re asking someone to reach out to you, whether to fill out a form or give us a call, whatever it is that you’re doing.

If you are not getting any phone calls, or you are not getting any form submissions, you’re not getting any leads, then something is wrong with your ad, right?


The first place that I would look at is to troubleshoot it.

Do I have the right phone number on there? Does the form submission actually work? Those are the two things that I would check first.

Next, I would look at the numbers. What’s the engagement rate on my ad? Are people actually looking at it? Are people clicking and commenting on it? These are things that you need to look at. And if nobody’s doing that, then something may be wrong with my ad. Maybe it’s not hitting the right people. What does my targeting look like? Do I have the right targeting in place?

And if that’s not the case, then the copywriting in my ad itself is not great, or the video that you put out, depending on what kind of ad you’re throwing out there, it just didn’t resonate with the audience.

Reverse engineer

So there’s a series of steps that you can take to break down. So reverse engineering is what you want to call it. Reverse engineering your ad so that you can detect exactly where you went wrong. And this is the case with almost everything.

All the platforms that you’re using online to produce leads, you can reverse engineer them to see where you went wrong. And this is why, again, I state that you need a competent person helping you with your online marketing, because if you don’t and have that person, then you will start to look at online as if it doesn’t work. And best believe it works.

5. Always be a student

The last thing that I want to share that I’ve learned over the last six years is for you to always be a student. Never assume you know everything, right?

These algorithms change daily, weekly, every month. The principles for the most part remain the same but the algorithms, they can always change. Something new is always coming up.

Just last week Google Ads, for example, had a change with their call-only ads. And so you always need to be learning and adapting and moving forward.

I was driving and coming off of the highway, and normally there are panhandlers out there. And they’ve adapted even, right? They’ve put on their masks, ’cause they know safety first, and it’s a different way of doing things. And that might be a terrible analogy, but it just goes to show you, you need to always adapt, you need to be learning.

And this is why, again, it brings me back to one of my very first points. You need to have a company, an individual that’s competent and always looking for the new, staying ahead of the competition. Because if you are doing what everybody else is doing, you will get what everybody else is also getting.

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So that about does it for this week’s video. Again, my name is Mats Moy and I will see you next week. Peace.


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