So if you’ve been following me for some time then you’ve probably heard me mention Google My Business quite a few times. And it’s for good reason. Let me explain why. Let’s dive right in.

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Again, my name is Mats Moy and I’m the owner of Moy Consulting, a company that I’ve created a number of years ago to help companies just like you get online and start producing more roofing leads.

GMB is your most valuable online asset

Like I mentioned earlier in this video, I’ve mentioned Google My Business quite a few times, G-M-B and it’s for good reason. So by the end of this video, I wanna share with you why Google My Business is your most valuable online asset. And hopefully, you’re gonna put a little bit more respect on it.

Times have changed, this is your most valuable asset when it comes to producing leads. And it’s about time that you start taking advantage of this beautiful tool that Google has made available to you and all of your competitors. And the competitors that are using this properly today are reaping the benefits. A lot of you guys are wanting to produce more leads, and this is your opportunity to do just that.

1. It’s going to help you produce more leads

So reason number one, it’s going to help you produce more leads. This is the gateway from Google to your company.

When the Johns of the world are irritated because their roof is leaking, they’re going online and searching for roofing contractors who are in the area. And the very first thing that they’re going to see is not your website. It is going to be your Google My Business listing. So when they go ahead and click on that listing, you better well impress them enough to get them on the phone calling you.

Google My Business is your lead generation strategy. That is the main place you will get the majority of your leads, no matter what you are doing online. If you are doing Google My Business right, that is where you’ll produce the most leads each and every single day.

I have clients who are producing two to three leads a day from their Google My Business listing. I’ve clients who are producing 20 leads every single day from their Google My Business listing. So don’t take this tool lightly, guys, it produces leads and it helps add to your bottom line.

2. Gain visibility

Reason number two, gain visibility. This tool is all about getting in front of the customers who are actively looking for roofers in the area.

So for those of you guys who are looking to get your foot in the door, who are looking for the opportunity to just bid on the job, this is the tool to get it done. It’s going to make sure you are visible. Again, when the Jane’s of the world are online, looking for a reputable roofing contractor, this tool, if used properly is gonna help you gain more visibility online.

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3. Showcase your work

Reason number three, showcase your work. Above all other platforms, Google My Business should be your priority.

For those of you guys who are spending a crazy amount of time on your Facebook, on your personal profile, your business profile, your LinkedIn, your Instagram, that’s fine. If you’re going to spend time there, push more of that time towards your Google My Business listing because that is where people find you organically.

Nobody goes to Instagram looking for a roofing contractor, right? Keep that in mind. And I’m not saying that you should stop using those other platforms, but if you’re going to prioritize any of them, it should be Google My Business. Because that’s gonna give you the power to start working with the algorithm on Google, to make sure you become more visible.

Start using their tools. Start using the tools that Google has given you, has granted you access to, to start producing leads.

4. Engage with customers

Reason number four, start engaging with customers. Before the customer even picks up the phone and says, hey, can you come out and give me an estimate?” they can actually shoot you a text message. We’re in 2020 right? Everything is easily accessible in the palm of your hand for a lot of people, right?

They would much rather send you a text, and I see those leads coming in every single day. But so many are, have failed to adapt to today’s world and are stuck in 1990 with handing out mailers and flyers. I can order anything that I want directly from a smartphone right? Keep that in mind.

And I’m not saying this is right, or this is wrong, but this is what it is. And you need to start adapting to the way things are done today. Before you get left behind and end up working for another contractor who decided to step up, start adapting and making the right decisions, as far as marketing goes, because that is how things are done today.

5. Build trust with customers

And our reason number five is this platform, Google My Business, enables you to build trust with customers right? Through the reviews.

The reviews are one of the many things, well, I would say probably the most important of those many things that customers look at before they pick up the phone and call someone.

If you were to do a search for roofing contractors in your area, would you call yourself? Take yourself out of your own shoes, put yourself in the shoes of a customer, would you call you? Or would you call a competitor? That’s what you need to ask yourself.

Getting those reviews up there in terms of competitiveness is what’s gonna help you drive more phone calls to your business. That is a no brainer. People look at reviews.

Think of the last time you thought about going on vacation, what’s the thing that you look at, right? You look at the reviews, what people have to say about it. Take a look at the rooms, you see pictures of what the rooms look like. You take a look to see if it’s close to the beach. If there’s anything fun to do nearby, right?

You do your research and for roofing it’s no different people take a look, right? And they make their judgment based on what they see online. And if this is not impressive, I’m not calling you.

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So there you have it guys. Five reasons why you should be online using Google My Business.

And I have a new and updated Google My Business guide, if you’ve downloaded my Google My Business guide in the past, good for you. We have a new updated version, that’s going to help you produce more leads again. Google changes, the Internet changes all the time. And so I have to keep adapting and making sure that the information that I am providing you guys is relevant to today. So if you want access to that guide comment down below G-M-B and I’ll be sure to send it over your way.

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That’s it guys, that’s my time. Again, my name is Mats Moy, hopefully, you have an amazing week and I will see you next week peace.


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