That time of year is fast approaching, and you’re probably wondering what you should be doing during the roofing off-season. There are so many different things that you can do, so many different things that you can get set up prior to jumping to the next roofing season. And so that’s exactly what we’re gonna be discussing in this video here. So let’s dive right in.

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Roofing off-season

Now, by the time you’re watching this video, maybe you’re already in the roofing off-season. Maybe there is no off-season for you, maybe things have just slowed down. So in this video, what I want to do is help you implement or start implementing some systems that are going to help you in the future. Maybe things are slow, maybe you have no work at all, maybe you’re trying to switch things up. And so here’s what you can start thinking about so that you’re getting ready for the next phase of your roofing company.

So I just brought on a new client, and he has the crews, he has the trucks, he has all the tools, he has everything that he needs to do the work. However, the one thing that he’s lacking is leads. He’s still a subcontractor to some of the bigger companies in his area. And that’s why he reached out to me. One of his friends is a competitor and owns another roofing company. And that guy has no crews, no trucks, but he has leads rolling in each and every single day. And to me, that is the most important thing.

What that competitor has that my client doesn’t have, but will soon have, is the sales and marketing side of things, right? That is the most important because, without that, you cannot run a roofing company and generate your own leads at the same time. What you will be stuck doing is doing the work while being a subcontractor to another company.

So here are a few things that you can do to start improving your marketing so that your sales become that much easier. And you can then focus on doing the work.

1. Search for the top roofing companies in your area

Head online right now, go over to Google,, and start searching for the top companies in your area. So do, roofing companies in, insert your area here. Search for that. Go down to the map pack and take a look at the top three companies that are showing up.

What do you notice? Start asking yourself, “What are some of the obvious reasons a homeowner or a business owner would contact either of these companies?” And if you were to put yourself in their shoes, which company would you contact first and why? Take a moment to think about that for a sec.

Translate your offline to your online

And when I say the top companies in your area, I’m talking about online. I’m not talking about offline, because what one company does offline, and if they do it very well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it translates to online.

Before Google likes you, other people have to like you. And when other people like you, they take to social media, they take to online to let the rest of the world know how great your company was. And if that’s not the case, if your company’s been around for 40, 50, 100 years, it doesn’t matter. If that is not displayed online, then you are not generating leads online.

And I say this because many companies tell me, oh, how great their company is, and they have many great customers, but when you look online, there’s nothing there. Hence why you are not generating leads online. And so whatever your company does offline, needs to be translated to the online space so that you can start generating leads from the online space. Plain and simple, right?

So now that you’ve found those top companies, what you want to try to do is mimic what these guys are doing, right? If you see a company that has 100+ reviews, that’s what you should be aiming for.

Set up a review campaign

So the second thing that I want to talk about, is setting up a review campaign. And the best time to do this is during the off-season because things have slowed down for you and you still need to do something effective, productive, that’s gonna help you in the following roofing season.

So how do we set up a review campaign? The best way for you to generate those reviews… People struggle all the time. Roofers make excuses as to why they can’t get those reviews. The best thing that you can do, and take this piece of advice because I’ve mentioned it before and it works wonders: Go see your roofs.

Visit your previous customers

So think about all of the roofs that you’ve done over the past year, right? Hopefully, you have a database of this. Go and call all of these homeowners one by one, and let them know that you’re gonna be in the area inspecting roofs. And this is something that you’re gonna do from the ground, right? And obviously, if you see something that is of concern, then maybe you can take a ladder out and get up there and take a look. But for the most part, it’s gonna be from the ground.

Make sure that the homeowner is home so that whenever you’re done that from the ground inspection, you’re gonna present them with a tablet or an iPad or something easy on the eyes so that your customer can see properly. And right there and then, you’re going to ask them for that review, right?

To get in a bit more detail, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our GMB for Roofers training program, that’s gonna give you a lot more details as to how you can get that review and have it show up online, and continue that process over and over and over. Again, the link for that is in the description down below.

Ask them to mention the service and area

And here’s a bonus tip for you. When they are writing the review, you can actually dictate what you want that review to say. And two things that you want to mention is one, the service that was carried out. So if it was a roof repair or a roof replacement or an insurance claim, whatever it was. And two, you want to mention the service area. So where was the service carried out?

If you can get those two things in that review, that’s going to help you out as far as showing up higher in the search rankings, hence giving you more leads.

Book jobs ahead of time

Now that we have the review campaign going, one more thing that you can do is try to book jobs ahead of time. So what I mean by that, let’s say it’s November right now, right? And you have nothing going on. You can try to start scheduling jobs for March, or February, or whenever the season starts for your company. And you can do this by offering something so attractive that homeowners have to absolutely just jump on it right away.

Now, for the sake of my clients and the tactics that we share, I’m gonna have to have you think outside the box so that you’re able to come up with such a good offer that clients, again, cannot resist, and they have to book with you right away so that they’re ready for the next roofing season.

Like last year, we had a roofing company out of Calgary that was fully booked. Fully booked for the entire month of March from October. So four or five months before, they were already booked for the following roofing season. It is very much doable.

So I’ll leave you with this tip. Head over to your personal Facebook profile and run a poll, right? Run a poll offering four different offers, and see which one people vote for to be the best offer that you can come up with. All you have to do is come up with maybe four different ideas and test them. Throw them out to the market and see what the response is like to them. That’s a test that you can do, and obviously, you have to be willing to do it.

Check out our training programs

So besides the things that I’ve shared in this video here, guys, what you can do to get ready for the off-season is check out some of our training programs. These training programs have helped hundreds of roofing companies get online, start producing leads and get ready the following roofing season. And so there’s a link down below, well, two links down below to our two different training programs. So be sure to check them out if you need some help getting online and producing leads and getting ready for the next roofing season.

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So there you have it guys. That’s my time. Hopefully, you enjoyed the video. Again, my name is Mats Moy, and I will see you next week. Peace.


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