I’ve said this before, and I’m gonna say it again: Before Google loves you, people have to love you. And so how do you know if you are ready to start advertising online and generating leads online? That is what we’re going to be talking about in this here video. So let’s dive right in.

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By the end of this video, I’m going to hopefully give you some inclination as to when you are ready to start getting roofing leads online.

How do you make sure you can thrive online?

I like to separate businesses into three different categories, to keep them very broad and generic. And here’s how I like to separate them. I’m the very last end, on the finishing end of things, is doing the work. So that’s your service or your product, that actual thing. And in my opinion, that may be the easiest thing for you to do. But before you can get to do the service, or offer the product, you have to sell. And that’s your second category. You have to be able to sell someone on that idea. But even harder than that, in my opinion, is traffic. That’s the leads.

How do you get the attention? And that’s what we primarily focus on here at Moy Consulting, and even on this channel: generating roofing leads, right?

You cannot sell to anyone. If no one’s paying attention to you, then you don’t do the selling. And if you can’t sell anyone, then you can’t do the work.

I find a lot of people struggle with the very first category, which is traffic and sales. And this is why we’re here. This is what we do. This, is the place for you to kind of help, to help figure out how to go about getting more traffic, and more sales and then doing more work.

1. Proof of concept

So at the beginning of this video, I said, people have to love you before Google loves you. And so one of the very big factors that you have to take into place before you decide, “Hey, maybe I’m ready to start advertising online” is you have to have that proof of concept.

Before you decide to start spending money online, to promote your company, promote your roofing business, that you have to be able to do the first two parts fairly well, right? Which is doing the work. You obviously have to be able to complete the work, do the roofing side of things. If not you, then have someone on your team that is able to do that part of the service.


And then two, you have to be able to sell people, because now if you decide to start investing in your online lead generation, but you can’t sell for anything, then it simply doesn’t make sense for you to start spending more money on leads if you cannot close any of those leads.

So getting a proof of concept simply means you need to be able to generate traffic organically. That means without spending any money. So that could be you going out and knocking on doors. This could be you getting work from friends and family, and then being able to do the work. So from start to finish, completing absolutely everything, and doing that a few times. That way you can develop that proof of concept.


Once you have developed that proof of concept, you can then say, you know what? This works, this works. Now I need to amplify this because that’s really what that is, right? You investing in marketing and the lead side of things are you trying to scale and amplify what is already working. You cannot scale and amplify what doesn’t work, meaning I’m going to go and take $10,000. And I’m going to put it into leads, and marketing, and advertising. And once I get leads coming, people are calling me, they’re calling me, and I can’t close anything.

What was the point? So those three categories, traffic, sales, service, all work together. They need to be aligned so that you can effectively grow, and scale your roofing company.

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3. Funds to invest in marketing

Another indication for you that you are ready to start your roofing lead gen is having the funds to reinvest into marketing. Now it can be affordable but it can also be very expensive depending on what you want to do.

Now, if you are just getting started in generating leads online, what I highly recommend is you start the organic route just like you would have offline. So offline, hopefully, you started out by going out and banging on doors, and not directly online. But if you are now getting online, you are better off starting the organic route. So that’s because it’s very cost-effective, and it scales much better than anything that you would have to pay for.

So organic means, you know, getting a website put together, and starting to promote your website, generating traffic to your website, or getting a Google My Business listing set up, and getting traffic to that Google My Business listing by nurturing it, right?

If you have no idea what I mean, we have our GMB for Roofers training program that you should check out. The link for that is down below. It’ll show you how to get your Google My Business listing to a point where it’s generating one to three quality roofing leads in the next 30 days. So go ahead and check that out.

How much will I need?

So going back to the point. Before you start spending money on your online lead generation, you want to make sure you have funds, you have the money available because it can get quite costly. Now, some of you guys may be thinking, well, how much money do I need? Well, that really depends, guys. It really does.

It depends on your area and its competitiveness. If you are in a fairly competitive market, what you can do is actually use a website like Semrush. That is a website where it is free for you to kind of check out.

Estimating the cost of marketing

You have roofing companies, Dallas, Texas, and the CPC for this particular keyword is $15.03. Now, this is pretty average as far as spending, right? But if you’re looking to, I’m going to give you some general numbers for you to work with so that you can kind of ballpark what you should be spending on advertising, as far as a budget goes.

So ballpark for every five clicks, or ballpark for every 10 clicks, you will get one lead, if you have things set up properly. Now at $15, that means you’re going to be spending roughly $150 per lead using this platform, when you are first getting started out, and you have no history whatsoever, you’ve optimized, absolutely nothing. This is what you can expect to spend on a lead.

Now, the lower that number is, the better, the smaller of a budget that you need to start advertising. So at $150 per lead, how much should be, how much should you budget for it? Well, you do the math as to how many leads you would like over the course of 30 days so that you can start setting aside that much, and reinvesting the profits, once you do decide to get those leads and start closing them, and start doing the work.

Prioritize your marketing

So on the topic of funds, what I found is that, you know, especially in the roofing industry, many roofing company owners completely dismiss marketing, you know, leads, they, they solely rely on word of mouth to generate their business.

What this means is when they get new jobs, right, they factor in, you know, the material costs, labor costs. And, you know, once the job is done, and they get the revenue, they then take that, and then they put it towards, you know, maybe getting some new materials, paying off vendors, and whatnot, but nothing generally speaking, nothing has really left aside for marketing.

Like once the job is completed, most don’t say, oh, you know what? I need to take this much and leave it aside for marketing, because it’s not that important. It’s not top of mind, but if you are watching this video, then clearly it’s something that you are now thinking about. And so you should really be thinking about putting some aside for marketing purposes. That should be a line item on your month-to-month breakdown that you are putting money into, so you can generate more business, so you don’t have to just rely on word-of-mouth.

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So there you have it guys. Those are the things that I think are a good indication that you’re ready to start advertising online.

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So there you have it guys. Hopefully, you enjoyed the video. That’s my time again, my name is Mats Moy, and I will see you next week. Peace.


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