Never ever, ever send paid traffic to your website. That includes your Google Ads and includes your Facebook Ads.

If you’re currently sending your traffic from Facebook or from Google to your website, you’re making a huge mistake. Let’s dive right in.

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My name is Mats Moy for those of you guys who don’t know me and I specialize in helping roofing companies, just roofing companies, generate online roofing leads while becoming a local authority. I am the owner and founder of Moy Consulting. And myself and my company, this is all that we do. We just help roofers.

So as I said earlier, if you’re sending paid traffic to your website, you are making a huge mistake and potentially missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of leads each and every single day.

By the end of this video, I’m gonna explain to you why and what you actually need on the landing page so that you’re able to convert a lot more people and turn them into leads. So let’s dive right in.

What exactly is a landing page?

So the first thing I wanna talk about is landing pages. Now I’ve heard it all and I just wanna make it clear for you guys as to what landing pages are, right, so let’s keep it simple.

A landing page is simply a page that somebody will land on when they click a link. That’s as simple as it is. A lot of people have this misconception of a landing page doing this or doing that.

Now, there are different types of landing pages and all of them serve their own purpose. Your homepage, for example, that’s a landing page. It’s probably the most popular landing page, right?

What are landing pages for?

So, the sense of which landing pages should be taken is essentially an opportunity to essentially rearrange the stuff on the page to make it as compelling as possible to get someone to do exactly what you would want them to do on the page, right?

And in this case, for roofing contractors, all that you really want is for people to call you, right. For people to contact you, it’s as simple as that. Don’t get caught up in, oh my page has to do this, it has to do that, it has to do this.

Ultimately, you just want them to call us, to contact us for a roof estimate, that’s pretty much it.

It can also qualify some people, sure that’s great. However, the main purpose of the page should be to just get someone from landing on the page to contacting you.

So, the two different types of landing pages that we have here are your paid ads landing pages and then your S.E.O landing pages.

In this video, we’re gonna be talking about paid ads landing pages. Now the reason I wanna talk about paid ads at this time is that we’re mid-roofing season. It is now June, okay and I wanna make sure that you have the information to be able to get out there and start producing these relatively quickly.

And so, paid ads are probably the way to go. S.E.O, yes, it takes a little bit of time and so it’s probably not something that you wanna start mid-roofing season, especially if your goal is to generate leads relatively quickly. Because you’re not gonna get that from S.E.O.

The five elements of a good landing page

So I wanna break this down into five sections.

Each section is going to be a component, an element that I think you should have on your landing page to make it as compelling as possible to ultimately have the person reach out to you for an estimate. Now these five categories here, I actually got from a landing page builder that I use all the time. Unbounce, I think, is the best landing page builder when it comes to paid advertising and I’m gonna refer to them every now and then throughout the video.

But if you are interested in using Unbounce to create landing pages for your paid ads campaign, there’s a link down below, it is an affiliate link so it will help me out as well as help you out as far as generating leads.

So go ahead and click that link in the description down below, you’ll get an extra 20% off for the first three months should you decide to start using Unbounce.

So again, click the link in the description, it is a great tool to use and I highly recommend it.

Why should you direct paid traffic to your landing page?

Now, before we jump into the five sections, let me explain why sending paid traffic to your website is a huge mistake.

For one, on your website, there are so many different things that people can click on, can see just naturally, right. There are tons of links, options, menus, and all of these cause distractions, right?

We’re human beings, I think the attention span and I might be making up the statistic, you might wanna Google it but I think the attention span of a human being is like 0.5 seconds. We get distracted by so many things. We see something, okay, boom, my attention is here. Then we see something else, ooh, my attention is over here.

And so, you need to make this as simple as possible for a visitor, right. If I’m going to pay for traffic, right, for a visitor to visit my page, my website, I’m going to do anything and everything in my power to make sure that that visitor does exactly what I want them to do.

Figure out what exactly you want visitors to do

You as a roofing company, this answer is simple. You just want them to contact you. Fill out the form or pick up the phone and call me. As simple as that, all right.

So, with a website, there are links, there are pop-ups, there are all types of different things; whereas, on a landing page, there’s literally only one thing that the person can do, which is to call you or fill out the form, to contact you, right? So there’s nothing else that you can click on.

But the thing is we still keep everything relevant on the landing page and so there are five components that your landing page absolutely needs to have it compelling enough to get someone to contact you. And so let’s dive right into the first thing.

Unique selling proposition

So your unique selling proposition is the first thing that we’re gonna cover here. So your unique selling proposition is essentially just a statement, a clear statement of your business. How you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Right, you really gotta think about this.

If you’re just like another Chuck in the truck roofer, that’s not gonna be good enough for someone to wanna contact you. You need to give them a reason, right.

So for example, me myself, our company here, shameless plug, yes I’m going to do it. We help roofing companies, that’s all that we help. That’s how we differentiate ourselves from all of the other marketing companies out there.

We specialize in helping roofing companies generate online leads. Just online, so this is super specific what we do here. And we’re really good at we do, just take a look at some our customers, right. And so that’s how we differentiate ourselves, that’s our unique selling proposition.

Hero shot

Next, we have a really good hero shot. What you call a hero shot is essentially imagery. We wanna convey exactly what our potential customers get. What our previous customers have gotten and what our potential customers will get should they choose to work with us.

And so, finished product of a nice roof that you may have done in the past to just convey that message, right.

So having something clear, crisp, beautiful not like grainy pixels, like you need to make sure that it looks really, really good to capture the attention of the visitor and ultimately portray that hey, you guys are professionals, you guys do things by the books, and you guys will ultimately install a quality product for this homeowner.

Social proof

Next we have social proof. How do I know that you are who you say are, you will do what you say you will do and I will be happy with your service?

Testimonials guys, reviews. Put those on the site. Get those front and center so that people can see exactly how your customers felt about the service that you carried out for them.

So grab some from your Google My Business, grab some from your Facebook, wherever else, get some of the best testimonials that you can get and put them on the landing page.


Next, we have benefits. What are people going to enjoy about working with your business? What can they genuinely say that they benefited from you know, working with your company above let’s say, everybody else?

I wouldn’t necessarily talk about, yeah we have this warranty, we have that warranty, that’s fine but how does that warranty benefit me? Yeah, we have a 20 year, you know, labor, I see it all the time but to a homeowner, you need to explain what that means for them, right? That’s the benefit.

The feature is, hey, you get a warranty, but what’s the benefit of getting that warranty?

Make it clear because a lot of these warranties out there and I myself, I’m a homeowner and sometimes it just doesn’t mean jack. Let’s just call it what it is.

If something happens, some of these roofers just disappear. I have a neighbor that got his roof done by you know, Chuck in the truck roofer and had a 10-year certification warranty and fast forward a couple of years, shingles are missing. And that roofer is nowhere to be found.

So make it clear, make it clear to the homeowner some of the benefits of working with your company.


Lastly, we have CTA, call to action. What do you want the visitor to do on your website? Make it clear. What do you want them to do, guide them if you have to.

You know, when you’re back in like kindergarten and your teachers wanna take you out for a stroll and they put you in like one of those lines and they make sure you guys are all holding hands and they’re basically guiding you in the direction that you want them to go.

And so, this is exactly what you need to do here. Make it clear for the visitor to essentially contact you. So a call to action button that says something along the lines of, “Get your free estimate.”

Make your phone number easy to spot

Have your phone number. Man, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen websites where as soon as you land on the landing page, there’s no phone number. What if I just wanna call you? There’s no phone number.

This is for home service-based business where phone numbers should be front and center. Why not make it huge and visible? If I go to your website right now and I can’t find a phone number, then we have a problem. Especially if you’re in the roofing industry.

So call-to-action. Make it as clear as possible to guide the person in the direction of ultimately contacting you. Because that’s what you want.

Breaking it down

All right, so breaking that down guys, unique selling proposition, hero shot, we have benefits, testimonials, and call to action. That’s what we’re looking to cover here and make sure you have on your landing pages.

Again, my landing page software of choice is Unbounce. If you wanna get started on that, they are very good as far as customer support. It’s very user-friendly even for those of you guys who think you’re not tech-savvy, you can get a really good landing page out of this.

The link for it is in the description down below. Again, it is an affiliate link so you will be helping me out as well as helping yourself out. You’ll get a 20% discount on your landing pages so go ahead and click that link. And get started, right.

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