I wanted to share this interview that I did with Mike Payne a couple of months ago, just so you guys have a better idea as to what it’s like working with me and the kind of results that he’s been able to generate from online roofing lead generation efforts. And so, uh, let’s dive right in. Here’s the interview.


-You have Mats Moy here from Moy Consulting. Um, today we have Mike Payne of a No Payne Roofing based out of Calgary, Alberta.

– Uh, mainly spacious, specializes in roofing, for residential homes. Mike, you want to kind of take it away, introduce yourself, and see what you got going on.

– Yeah, well, yeah, I’m a Mike Payne, the owner of No Payne Roofing with the quality over quantity approach. Definitely, a little bit too busy for our marketing. So, I mean we don’t have the skill sets. We’ve hired Mats Moy Consulting and so far has been pretty good.

– Awesome. Awesome. So just a quick back, I guess a backstory as to how we met. If I recall correctly, I had, I just popped into your messenger. I shot you over a message and at the time you were with another agency, and then kinda months later I think you might’ve messaged me and said, you know, just kind of let’s talk type of deal. Then one thing led to another and here we are. How long have we been working together now you think?

– I don’t know. Jeez, gotta be two years now.

– Two years really?

– Pretty close. I don’t know. I mean maybe a year and a half.

– Okay. I think so. I think maybe a year and a half. Yeah. Okay. So I guess going back to how we met in all, what, what was, what was the business like before you were hired me? What, what was it like with the other agency?

– Uh, well, they, I mean I would, I would say that was.. they did, they phoned me a lot. Conversations that would go for hours, then it would just be, you know, Nickel and dime me, hit me for every little add on they could. And then it just, just, you know, it was, it was really like, it was just, it was really painful listening to all their, their crap. But I mean it was, I just got to a point where I just got tired it all and I was like, Hey, well, I mean Mats wants to give it a go. You’re a second line in my opinion. And I was like, okay, well time to go for Mats Moy.

– Okay. All right. And out of all the, the roofing.. you said, I’m second in line. Was there anybody else kind of that you, you could have chose and if so what made you kind of lean towards me as opposed to some of the other guys?

– Uh, well, I mean, I’d already tried another agency before and I wasn’t really happy with them. I mean, I didn’t have, I mean I had, I guess I had some other guys show up and they were, they were kind of just starting out and, they just didn’t have a very professional vibe, and yeah, so, yeah, I mean, so I just went with you.

– Got it. Got it. And aside from generating your own leads, pretty much, not necessarily in house, but your own exclusive leads, had you tried anything else in the past to generate leads for your company?

– Yeah, I did a lot of door to door and I mean, that wasn’t fun. I was like, you know, depending on the neighborhood too, you go to some neighborhoods and just like, I mean, I remember one time, first thing in the morning, the guy, I just, I, I knocked on the door and they, they just screamed, like, get the F out of here! I was just like, I wanted to quit for the day. I was like, I mean, I’ve tried that. I tried the, the, you know, the business cards, handing them out and things. So, I mean, yeah, that’s..I mean, I’ve tried a lot of other ways that they, you know, they’re, they’re fairly successful, but I’ve done a lot of cold calls and cold leads generation.

– Have you tried anything like a home advisor or like Thumbtack or any of those companies?

– No.

– No. Okay. Do you still do door knocking and, like networking events and stuff like that?

– No, no. I, I, I’ve kind of ended that, that side of things. I mean, it, it had his time. I really don’t recommend actually that for anybody. I think the, I think the door to door days are done, but, if I see a place needs a roof, I definitely drop a card. But those leads generally come in, you know, a year and a half or a year later kind of thing.

– Got it. Got it. Okay. So can you kind of briefly describe what happened with your business once you started working with me?

– I mean, once I started working with you, I mean, like I said the leads started coming in right away. You know, I wasn’t expecting the world to begin with. It was a kind of a get the ball rolling thing. And, so I mean, right, right off the hop. I mean, I saw results right away, so we, you know, I kept paying into it and, I mean it seems like the ball keeps rolling faster as we go.

– What are you seeing, let’s say today, like how many leads would you say you’re seeing on a, on a day to day, week to week, month to month?

– Well, I mean, today, my phone was ringing off the hook. It was like, man, I had it been like 10 calls. I was like, I couldn’t, I couldn’t handle the others it was all at once to kind of thing, but I mean, I’m getting to all of them. Um, week to week. Uh, I mean it’s, it’s pretty steady. It’s all pretty, uh, pretty steady.

– What would you say is the best thing about working with me so far?

– Best thing. I mean, I guess it’s a set and forget, We, you know, it’s not a whole lot of, you know, it’s basically I just can trust you to get it done, and I only need to contact you if I have a question or concern.

– Would you say that the journey itself from start to now, would you say it’s been kind of rocky, slow, fast? How would you describe that?

– I mean it’s been, I think it’s been steady, steady, and you know, I’ve been progressing in a way. I think, I think you’ve even picked up on a few skills along the way. Yeah, so I mean, it’s been, it’s been good.

– Would you say that you can handle, you can handle more, or would you say you’re at a pretty comfortable place right now?

– At this time, I mean, I would be, I’d be saying that, you know, I’d be saying maybe we could handle more, but right now I wouldn’t say we can. But I mean, I, I would say mainly that’s due to a couple of my guys being down or either off on vacation for two weeks. And then I had another guy in a car wreck. So, I mean, we’re behind schedule right now, but I mean, at this point in time, I think it’s great the way it is.

– Awesome. So in comparison to say last year or some of the more recent years, how would you compare those years of business versus this year? Revenue wise?

– Revenue wise, I’m up a lot. I mean, I mean the revenue is up quite a bit, but I mean, it’s, I’ve made a lot of changes. I’ve switched my product up. I’ve, I’ve got a better measuring program and, I didn’t have a measuring program last year. And I mean, I was kind of getting started, so I was, you know, I was doing more of an undercutting. So this year I’m not doing so much of that. And then, I mean with the additional leads coming in and enough of them, I’m able to raise my prices more and I can afford to cut loose people who are just low balling.

– Got it. Would you say that you’re a lot more picky as to the kind of jobs that you take on now?

-Yeah, definitely, definitely more picky. I’ve just straight out told people… I usually tell people, Hey, do you want a cheap as possible? Or you want your best value? If they say cheapest possible, Most of the time I’ll tell them, we’re not going to be a good fit for each other.

– So are you, are you now leaning more towards some of the, I guess higher end, you know, which neighborhoods you kind of want to go towards and stuff like that?

– No, I’m not being too picky there. I mean, I can, I can definitely tell who’s got more money when it comes to neighborhood wise, but I just generally get a feel for them on the phone and, I mean people are calling me from the poor end of the neighborhood. I mean it’s, they generally can’t afford our services.

– Right. Okay. And I know you mentioned earlier that, you made a few changes to the business. Can you kind of go into more detail as to some of the, I guess I don’t know if you’ve made any, anything you would consider negative as far as changes goes, but some of the more positive changes to the business from before, you know, compared to now?

– Well, I mean, we’re basically what I’ve done is I’ve taken, the manufacturer, the manufacturers, they’re all competing for my business. And I mean, they, they wanted to give me their warranties, so their extended warranties. So like their 50 year lifetime warranties. And I was, I was interested in this to begin with. And, so I jumped on to, with Certainty. and I, I really like their program because it’s like, it’s just, it’s great.

It’s just, I don’t know, it’s guaranteed. It’s like it guarantees the client, they don’t have to worry about anything. They can pass that warranty on to the next, the next client or their next homeowner or whoever buys it. It’s a selling feature to their home. We actually just got, we just achieved select status as the highest status you can get with a Certainty for our city. So, I mean, yeah, so that’s a, that’s been a big, big step, but we’ve upped our, you know, we just done so much things, to increase our quality, our efficiency and, and we’re not, we’re really not going for quantity, but it’s good to have that quantity pouring in because then we can get those people who want that quality.

– Got it. Um, I vaguely recall, you sending me a message, whether it be email or a text or whatever. Maybe last year, some maybe mid year last year, I think it was June. And you mentioned that you were running low on, on, on roofing jobs. You only had maybe like three or four lined up. How many roofing jobs would you say you have lined up right now?

– Well let’s go for a little walk.

– Let’s do it.

– So I mean, there’s my board right now in each one of those is a roof. So I mean, we’ve got the, we, what like 20 something like 20 people in line right now. I mean, we’re, we’re kind of like, we’re booked until, you’re talking we’re, we’re booked until end of October right now. So, so that’s been pretty good.

– Had you stuck around or continue doing what you were doing before you had hired me? You think you’d be this booked up right now?

– I mean, sticking with my last media company was definitely a losing proposition. I mean I feel like, I just feel like I straight on, got scammed by those guys. Like they just, they were not good. They were not efficient. I think you pointed it out too, their cost per lead was insane compared to what you’re able to do.

– Right. So I hang out in a lot of roofing groups online. There’s tons and tons of them. I see you hang out in some of them as well. And one of the topics that typically comes up is you know, Oh, you know, you don’t need to do any marketing. Word of mouth is, is all you need. What, what do you say to guys that solely rely on word of mouth?

-I mean, if you’re, maybe if you’re just doing it by yourself, you maybe, maybe won’t be able, but I mean, word of mouth is a, obviously one component of it, but I mean, if you want to be successful, you gotta, I mean, you gotta have a marketing company for sure.

– Right. And would you say that a lot of your jobs, from leads that have come through online, have a lot of those, I guess, what’s the word I’m looking for? Has it, has any of those jobs turned into a, you know, referrals from neighbors and stuff like that?

– Oh yeah. No, we get, we get lots of referrals, but I mean, we’re, it’s not our, definitely not our, our sole thing. But I mean, I mean I think, I think the, the best thing to do is get your organic ranking set up once you have the organic setup and you’re, you’re pretty much rocking. But I mean, the majority of our leads are definitely coming from the ad words campaign and, and the, the Google organic searches.

– Yeah. Perfect. And, what would you say to other roofing contractors that are considering, there are kind of on the fence about working with me?

– No, definitely hire you. Yeah, for sure.

– Right. Okay. Do you have anything else you want to add? Anything else you want to say?

– Well I mean, if people are looking for, you know, obviously don’t want this going out to my competition, but I mean, if you really want to market your business, make sure you have your logo and everything on your social media, just make sure you have an actual, an actual logo too that people can recognize. And if you know to, I mean, a lack of better words. And I just kind of a funny word I like to use. I basically just brainwash people with my logo and that’s just what you do. You want to hit people from all directions. You want them to see your logo. You want to see him in lawn signs, you want them to make sure they see it. And I’m on social media. You want to make sure they hear it and see it on, in other forms as well.

– Alrighty Mike. That’s all the questions I have for you. I know you have a busy day still evening ahead of you, so I’m gonna let you go and thank you for the interview.

– Awesome. Well thanks for all the hard work and excellent work you’ve done.

– Awesome. Thank you Mike. Take care.

– Bye for now.

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