Let’s be real, the market has taken a hit. But just like the dot-com bubble in 2000, SARS back in ’02, the housing bubble in ’08, this thing will pass.

And so let’s start planning for what’s on the other side and not only just look to survive.

So now how do I generate new roofing leads for my business given that I can’t go out and physically interact with customers?

By the end of this video, I wanna share with you four tips that you can do right now to start getting in front of new customers and still be able to generate roofing work for your business even though you’re not able to have that physical contact with them.


My name is Mats Moy and I specialize in generating online roofing leads specifically for roofing companies. For the past five years, I’ve been working with numerous roofing companies all across North America, simply helping them set up online systems to produce roofing leads for their companies in-house.

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The harsh truth

The harsh truth is a lot of newer roofing companies are not going to make it during these tough economic times. It’s a matter of being able to survive for a lot of these guys. You may have had contracts that have been pulled, homeowners who were ready to go now no longer wanna do stuff. They wanna just make sure we hold on until this whole thing blows over.

And that is the case across the entire North American countries. That’s what I’ve been able to see at least. So you have a fighting chance here to get in front of the competitors and be able to get out and still do that emergency work.

If you’re lucky, you’re still in business, you’re still able to go out there and do roofs.

If you’re not so lucky, the government probably shut you down and say, “no more work, only emergency work allowed.” And unfortunately, you’re not able to get those full roof replacements done anymore.

So if door-knocking wasn’t already hard enough, let’s throw a virus in the mix. This makes it that much harder for you to be able to go out and sell jobs. And so what my goal with this video here is to help you cope and adapt to the modern means of generating online roofing leads, because that doesn’t require that face-to-face interaction per se.

Obviously, that face-to-face interaction makes the selling the roof that much better. But there’s still ways in which you can do so that your business doesn’t go bust.

Fight or flight?

With your roofing company right now, you’re in either one of two modes: you’re in a fight or flight type of scenario.

For the companies who are in flight mode, they’ve completely retracted, contracted, and are not doing anything. They’ve reduced the marketing, they are retreating, they’ve reduced their marketing, they’ve lowered their ads spend, they’ve had to cut staff that have to let people go, and they’re just hoping and praying that this thing will pass without actually doing anything.

But again, just like everything else, this too shall pass. There’s not gonna be a zombie apocalypse by the end of this. It’s a matter of time and what you can do within that timeframe to be able to thrive and not only thrive, but also prepare for what’s on the other side of this whole thing. So essentially, they’re playing defense.

Now, the flip side of that is the roofers who are even more hungry. They know they need to get more sales to make up for the fact that, “Hey, we don’t have what we usually have. We’ve got to go harder than we’ve ever had before. We got to get more sales, we gotta get in touch with more customers using the internet,” right?

Be on the offence.

We don’t wanna limit that face-to-face interaction because of this virus, and so the roofers who are on the other side of this are in the attack mode. They’ve had to toughen up and realize that, hey, it’s time to get serious start to get more hungry, get more sales, and start going after even more than they have before.

It’s in these times where companies that have a really good reputation for themselves are gonna make it a point to be able to help the homeowners who are in need of your roofing services.

What do they do? They tweak their messaging just to let the homeowners know that, “Hey, we understand the situation. We’re following the proper health protocols and making sure that everybody is safe while we do the work.” Prior two days like this, these roofing companies were already prepared. They didn’t wait for a time like this to come around. Because guess what?

A situation just like this one will happen again in the future. But companies who have been around for a while understand that this type of situation is inevitable, it will happen again. It’s happened in the past and it will happen again. And it’s a matter of being adaptable.

And so in this video, again, I wanna share with you a few strategies that you can use to start implementing today so that you don’t have to go through a situation like this ever again. So what can you do?

Buckle up

First things first, buckle up. Right now it’s time to focus.

Do not be distracted by all of this COVID-19 mess. Turn off the TV. Ignore all that stuff and start paying attention to your business. What can you do today to start producing more roofing leads? What can you do today to make sure that you’re prepared for what’s on the other side of this whole virus craze?

And for those of you who have been in business for over, say, 15 years, I’m genuinely curious, how did you go about surviving the recession? Any past, any previous recessions? Let me know in the comments down below. So which path do you choose? Are you gonna play defense or play offense?

So here’s why you need to go on offense:

Right now, your competitors are scared. A lot of them have reduced pretty much everything and they’re doing absolutely nothing to produce roofing leads for their businesses. This is a good opportunity for you.

Get online

Costs per lead are at an all-time low. Recent low at that. And so this is a good opportunity for a company like yours to get online and start producing roofing leads for your company at a very, very affordable and cheaper price.

So that’s one of the reasons why you should really start to get online and start generating those leads for your business.

Another reason is, the homeowners, the business owners, they need you. Who, if not you, will go out and service their roof? These guys will remember these things. When this whole thing blows over and the full roof needs to get done, who are they gonna turn to, to come out and give them an estimate? They’re gonna remember that you went out there, you provided the roof estimate, you provided the service. The opportunities are still there.

Meanwhile, half of the roofing companies out there do not want to do anything. They are in the defense mode, curled up waiting for this whole thing to blow over where some of the roofers that I’m working with are still going out there getting full roof replacement jobs, full roof repair jobs.

Be visible

Just last week, I’m working with a roofing company that saw over 30 leads in one week, to be able to generate that amount in one week. Solely coming from their online presence. That tells you everything that the roofs still need to be done. But there’s not many companies.

I listened to one of the phone calls there. The homeowner that called the roofing company owner was so shocked. She’s like, “Oh, my God, I thought I was gonna get to voicemail. I’m so happy that you picked up the phone.”

Roofs still need to get done. And it’s a matter of becoming visible online. So what can you do right now to start becoming visible, and generating those phone calls from those business owners, from those homeowners so that you can go out go out and provide them with an estimate.

Another reason is, you’re an essential business, you’re still an essential business, right? So those homeowners, they still need you to go out and do it. So this is again, your opportunity to be able to go out there and get the work.

If you’re not yet online, check out some of my videos, I have lots and lots of videos for you to get online really fast and producing roofing leads for your business. So I wanna share with you four things that you can start doing today so that you can prepare yourself for what’s on the other side of this thing.

1. Practice being comfortable on camera

One of the main discomforts that I’ve been able to see across the entire roofing industry, is the fact that roofing company owners don’t like being on camera. And this is a big deal.

Some of you guys, it’s fine, it’s not a problem. This is not for you. This is for the guys who don’t like to show their face on camera. The world is going in one direction and one direction only. Technology will become more and more important. And it’s very important to be able to associate a face to a business.

And so what you can do to start getting more comfortable with being on camera is once a day, what I would like for you to do is to whip out the smartphone and record a 60-second video. Practice just speaking about roofing stuff. Talk to me about what a roofing, what a roof repair entails, or how you guys typically price a job. What are the benefits about working with your roofing company above your competitors? Your unique selling point? What kind of warranties? Anything.

One video, 60 seconds, once a day, just go ahead and hit the record, start recording and start speaking into the camera.

Start getting used to doing this because this will go a long way and you will get more and more comfortable with your smartphone and being on camera. Do that once a day and save the video once you’re done.

Start posting online!

Every now and then you’re gonna come across one video that was actually pretty good. You wanna then use that video to start posting it online. That’s one of the strategies that you can start putting into place.

You’re at home doing nothing anyways, right? You’re not selling roofs, you’re not out there on the roof. And so start practicing this and getting into the habit of doing this because this will bring your company to another level.

2. Organize your roofing photos

Number two, organize those damn roofing photos.

I’m sure you have a file with a crap ton of photos piled yea high that needed to be organized a long time ago. Go ahead and open that up and start selecting some of the best pictures that you have and start using that for social media.

You do amazing work, I hope. Why not start to showcase it on a regular basis. You don’t have to use all those photos and start posting them all at the same time. Spread it out over the next three months or something. This way you have content for the Internet on a regular basis.

You wanna post it on your Google My Business listing, your personal Facebook page, your LinkedIn, etc.

But whatever you do, don’t do nothing with those photos. You wanna utilize those, promote your business, promote your brand, and so that you’re able to get your work out there.

Social media is the easiest way for you to put it out there, use your personal page, people will gladly share it. And while you’re at it, throw a picture of yourself in some of those photos so that you get more interaction with the photograph itself so that it can go out to more people.

3. Set up video conferencing

Another thing that you can do is set up video conferencing.

This will allow you to sit down face to face with the homeowner with the business owner and still sell the roofs while you guys can look at into each other’s eyes and come to an agreement.

If you haven’t already, check out this video here. This is my video from last week on how to set up the video conferencing. And that you’re now able to start selling the jobs through video conferencing doesn’t involve any physical contact whatsoever until it’s safe for everyone.

And along with that, this is just one of many tools that enable you to leverage the Internet. E-signatures, whether you’re signing contracts electronically, that’s one thing that you can adopt.

It’s about being adaptable, and bringing on things that are gonna make your company more efficient.

Aerial drone footage of the roof so you don’t have to actually go up there and measure them. Do the measurements from those tools.

These are all tools available to yourself, your competitor, their competitor. You have very limited access to the home because people don’t want you on their property. Why not utilize them especially in times like this?

4. Take training programs

Lastly, take training programs, stay up to date with the most relevant information.

If you haven’t already heard, I have a training program specifically for roofing companies to generate online leads. And all we do here is look to dominate. Check out some of their testimonials so that you’re able to see exactly what kind of results these programs will produce for your roofing business.

We’ll work one-on-one to help your company set up a system online to produce roofing leads consistently, every single month. If you’re interested in that, then book a call with me. We’ll talk about your roofing company and see how we can generate more roofing leads for your business online.

So there you have it, guys. This video was solely for the purpose of trying to help you cope with what we have going on. There are tools available to you online that you need to start to learn how to leverage. Because it’s only gonna get tougher. As far as generating leads, it’s only gonna get tougher, especially in times like this.

If you wanna join a community of roofers just like yourself who are learning about this forever changing space called the Internet, join my free online Facebook group, where I share up-to-date online strategies to help you generate more roofing leads for your roofing business.

And lastly, give me a thumbs up, hit the notification bell, and subscribe to my channel to get notified every time I release a new video just like this one every single Wednesday. Again, my name is Mats Moy and I will see you next week. Peace!

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