So you’re in business survival mode, not the best place to be, but we’re accountable, right? You’re the one who got yourself here, and you’re gonna get yourself through it. So let’s dive right in.


Now I know you’re thinking yet another video about COVID-19, yes, absolutely. This is the time in which we need to come together and actually help one another get through this time so that everyone can get back to their regular lives.

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For those of you guys who are brand new here, my name is Mats Moy and I specialize in helping roofing companies, just roofing companies, generate online roofing leads while becoming a local authority.

All we’re gonna be talking about today is running your roofing business, pretty much a crisis survival guide. I’m gonna walk you through step-by-step what I think should be done in your roofing business to be able to get through this entire thing. So let’s dive right in.

Take a deep breath

First things first, take a deep breath. Right now is no time to panic. You’re not the only roofing company going through this. Matter of fact, you’re not the only industry going through this. The rest of the world is going through the exact same problem that you’re currently experiencing.

So what does that mean?

This means that a lot of companies that you deal with on a day to day know exactly what you are going through. Many companies out there understand that you may not be able to meet those bills on a month-to-month basis because of what this whole virus thing is doing to the entire world.

Assess your expenses

Take a look at your monthly expenses. Pull out the credit card statement. Go through each and every single item and let’s start to assess. Let’s take a look to see what can be deferred, what can be helped out with.

You wanna single out all of those items that come out on a monthly basis and reach out to some of those companies. Keep in mind, we are in survival mode right now.

There’s a lot of companies out there that are just trying to survive. For those of you who are thriving and doing extremely well, kudos to you. I wanna know your secrets. Let me know in the comments down below if you’re thriving in this time, I would love it if other roofing companies who are currently struggling could take some advice from companies who are doing extremely well. Let us know in the comments down below.

Take a look at that statement and start to assess to see where we can start to save. Some companies out there are deferring payments because they understand that hey, it’s a tough time, companies may or may not be able to make these monthly payments. So let’s defer some of these payments, or let’s reduce some of these payments.

Reach out for help

There’s a lot of notifications out there from different companies. I’m sure you got like 100 emails about COVID-19 over the past couple of weeks. And all of them are saying, essentially, “We’re here to help.” But some of them are not super specific as to how they can go about helping.

This is an opportunity for you. Companies are not gonna blatantly come out and say exactly how they can help, so it’s your job to reach out to some of those companies.

The insurance companies, some of these manufacturers. Let’s take a look at what they say in those emails and reach out to them. Say exactly, “Hey, you know what, how can you help? How exactly can you help me in this time of need?” Again, this is for companies who actually need the help.

If you need it, reach out to some of these other companies and figure out what you guys can do in this time of need to be able to get through it so that you don’t have to be in that survival mode.

Seek government assistance

There’s a lot of different things that are going on right now. So get familiar, head online, start doing your research.

I myself am based out of Canada and Canada is putting out all types of programs out there to be able to help employees. People who work for roofing companies, for example, maybe you can subsidize your wage. Small business owner, what can you do to survive if you’re not out there selling jobs, selling roofs? What can the government do to help you out?

So get online. Even in the U.S., get online, start looking up what your government is doing to help you guys get through these tough times and see if they can be of any assistance to you whatsoever. Assistance for your workers, emergency response benefits, wage subsidies, deferred tax payments including income tax, all these things are available.

Get online, start figuring it out, and don’t complain. We’re all in the situation together. Don’t complain, get out there and take whatever the government’s offering you. Some people are “Oh, it’s not too much,” or “It’s not enough” and yada, yada, yada. It’s better than nothing. Take it.

If anything else comes up, then stay active. Stay informed, so that whenever something does come up, and if you actually genuinely need it, go out and receive that extra help that’s being handed out to you.

Now, let’s get into some of the more painful options.

If you must, lay off employees

As much as this hurts, sometimes it’s just the only option for you to kind of survive through this whole thing.

Now as much as this sucks, you got to understand that you’re in a position where you cannot afford to pay wages and keep employees on. You have to make cuts sometimes. Having to do this is one of the really sucky things about owning a roofing company, and if it’s gotta be done, then it’s gotta be done.

Well, understand that, hey, situations like this will repeat themselves. If history has taught us anything is that it repeats itself. So what will you do next time around? Are you gonna lay off workers again? Or are you gonna put yourself in a position to where you can actually keep them? How are you going to adapt to the current situations?

Over the past couple of weeks, all I’ve been talking about is coronavirus, adapting to it, making changes. So if you haven’t already, check out this video here or check out this video here as well. Both of them speak about coronavirus and seeing how we can use this time, this opportunity to better ourselves and plan for the future.

…or reduce work hours

Other things that you can do instead of laying off employees is reducing hours. This is an alternative. Not as extreme is laying people off, but maybe you can get away with this without losing the entire business and going bankrupt.

Again, I understand the situation that you’re in and we need to be able to survive this whole thing so that we can come out on the other side and get back to business. So maybe we’re reducing hours.

Spend less on marketing

Another thing may be reducing marketing. Maybe you’re thinking about cutting a few expenses here and there and marketing happens to be one of them. Be smart with that one ’cause right now, if you didn’t know, marketing is at its cheapest online.

I’m specifically talking about online; Google, Facebook, the two biggest marketing platforms online. These are the cheapest that they’ve ever been in a very long time. And so be smart about that.

If it’s gonna bring in business, we are in survival mode, yes, but you also need to keep producing work in order to survive. Otherwise, you do nothing, you’ll get nothing, and all we’re gonna be doing is digging into our cash savings, if you have any. Ultimately, once it’s all done and wiped out, then what? You might wanna just consider trimming the overhead, right?

What overhead costs do you have that you can start cutting out? Take a look at that statement. All the expenses that you’ve had for the last six to 12 months, take a look at some of those expenses on a month-to-month basis and see where you can cut.

It’s all about our assets and our liabilities. Our liabilities need to be reduced, because this is a time of uncertainty and it’s a time in which you don’t know, I mean, you just don’t know. And so let’s start to cut down the expenses and figure out where we can save so that we can ultimately get through this thing.

Again, the idea here is just to survive and get through the other side.

Get aggressive

Now for those of you who are not looking to just survive, and are looking to go on the offense, which is my preferred route, get aggressive, figure out that “Hey, it’s time to get hungry,” right? This is gonna be a tough time, a lot of businesses are not going to make it, they are going to shut down completely and if you don’t wanna be one of those businesses, you need to start getting aggressive.

If you haven’t already, check out my last video that will show you a comparison of before and after as to what we were generating as far as roofing leads go online versus what we’re generating now.

You’ll see that it’s essentially the same, nothing has changed online. People are still generating roofing leads, customers are still needing to get their roofs fixed. Business property owners, property managers, they’re all still looking to get their roofs fixed.

This is why roofing is considered an essential business. Congratulations to that again. We wanna be able to service those guys. And so you need to be able to get your message out there.

Get your message out there

There’s a lot of roofing companies right now super, super scared, right? The competition is at an all-time low. Guys are scared to do this, they’re scared to do that, but they’re scared to adapt as well. This is an opportunity for yourself to really get at the forefront and be able to start taking over a local market.

As I mentioned earlier, online advertising is the cheapest that it’s been for a very long time.

To tell you exactly how cheap it is, the cost of ads are approximately 40 to 50% off. I’ve looked at the numbers, I’ve compared them to what people were spending before and after. It’s almost 50% off!

Customers still need you. And so we need to be able to get your company out there in front of those homeowners, business owners who are looking online every single day.

They pretty much have nothing else to do, right? They go outside fix, you know, do some yard work maybe, take a look at this, and they just happen to see a shingle in the window. “Crap, I gotta call a roofer,” right? They’re at home doing nothing, they’re bored. They might hear that “drip, drip” in the middle of the night. It’s gotta get fixed, so they head online and they look for companies.

Understand the power of the internet

You’re here, you’re watching this video. You’re on the internet, right? Your customers are doing the exact same thing.

So if you’re one of those companies who’s looking to not only just survive, but thrive through this whole entire process, then you wanna be preparing for what’s on the other side of coronavirus.

What happens when everybody gets back to work and things go back to normal? How are you gonna better yourself so you don’t put yourself in a position like this ever again? Plan for what’s after.

If you’re interested in learning how to set up a system within your business that continuously produce roofing leads, like a lot of my clients are still doing right now, then I would encourage you to click the link in the description down below where you can learn about my training program where I work directly with yourself one-on-one and we set up a system to produce roofing leads just online for your business.

Click to book a call and let’s go ahead and get on that phone and talk about your roofing company and making something happen.

Just to recap here, take a deep breath, relax, don’t panic. It’s time to focus, right, laser focus, and figure out a game plan.

See how others can help you

Next, if you need it, go ahead and start to look out there to see how other companies can help you. The companies that you’re dealing with, the ones that you’ve been a loyal customer to for a very long time, see how they can help you during this time of need. The government, if they can help you in any which way, defer some payments, reduce some payments. Go ahead and ask them. Ask to see what they can do to help your small business out.

For those of you who are just looking to survive, get defensive, by all means, if that’s what you’re comfortable with, it’s better than doing absolutely nothing. Get defensive and look to survive to this entire thing.

But if you wanna go my preferred route, go on the offense. Get aggressive, get more sales, get more revenue, get more leads. Get out there because customers need your help.

Let me know your thoughts about this entire video. Where do you stand with this coronavirus? What are you looking to do over the next couple of weeks, months?

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Again, my name is Mats Moy, thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video, peace.


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