Now, now, get to look for confusion off of your face, it’s not time for uncertainty, it’s time to buckle up and come up with a game plan. Let’s go.

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My name is Mats Moy, for those of you who don’t know me, I help numerous roofing companies across North America, helping them everyday generate roofing leads online, and that’s all that I do.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Coronavirus is here, it is affecting millions, billions of people all across the world, and you’re probably no exception. And a lot of people out there are struggling to figure out what to do.

Come up with the next move. A lot of people are stuck in not knowing what the next steps are gonna be, and they just freeze, panic and do absolutely nothing. It’s not the time for that, we need to come up with a game plan, and figure out what the next steps are.

So by the end of this video, I’m gonna share with you a COVID-19 business continuity plan just so we can get through this entire thing, all right? So let’s get started.

Take care of other people first

So first things first, let’s take care of other people. This is the most important thing. Putting your customers first, putting your employees first, right? Making sure that we follow the health regulations. Whatever is out there, we just follow the rules.

We wanna make sure that we stop the spread of this Coronavirus, just so we can just get back to our regular lives, right? So for the homeowners, the business owners, they don’t want you there. They don’t want you at their doorstep, trying to sell them on whatever roofing service that your company offers.

And so if you haven’t already, be sure to check out my free video conferencing guide. I have it in the description down below. There’s a video that goes along with it, which is right here, go ahead and click that. But essentially, what I’m looking to help you set up is a means to still get in front of business owners, homeowners, so that you can still have that face to face interaction. So you can still sell them on roofing services that they may need.

Update your employees

And for your employees, keep them up to date, right? Give them the right PPE, make sure that they’re on site. They’re following the rules, regulations so that nobody gets infected by this virus. All right?

So just keep them up to date, whether it be you know, through video conferencing, you guys can start to do that as a team now, just to make sure that everybody is still informed as to what’s going on. You know, they’re working on the roof safely and whatnot.

Just keep the guys safe, that’s it.

Pay attention to the changes in regulations

And although roofing is still considered an essential service, pay attention to the constantly changing, you know, rules and whatnot about COVID-19.

The last thing that you want right now, is a fine for a $10,000 because you didn’t follow, you know best practices on the roof or at the job site. Another thing that you can do is, now that you have all this time on your hands, you can start to integrate multiple roofing leads sources.

Integrate multiple roofing leads sources

Now if you’re anything like most of the roofing businesses out there, this virus has really left you exposed and has made you realize, you know, the flaws and the voids that need to be filled within your business. Roofing leads being one of them, especially if you are a canvasser, right?

If you’re going door to door knocking, well, with this spread of the virus now, that kind of stops you from doing all of that, right?

So what do we do now to generate more leads for the business if we’re unable to go door to door and knocking on people’s doors and trying to sell them on services? What do we do? Well, as you already know now, I specialize in helping Roofing Companies generate roofing leads online.

And if you haven’t already, check out my last video, that will show you what the comparison is from before and after this COVID-19, and how we’re still generating roofing leads online. Take a look to see, you know what kind of an impact this virus has had on online roofing leads. Has it decreased, increased? Check it out, right?

Plan for what’s on the other side

You may wanna use this as an opportunity to plan for what’s on the other side of this Coronavirus. ‘Cause rest assured this will pass, right? But once it passes, like how are you set up now, to generate more roofing leads. People are still gonna be wary about, you know knocking on doors, and even though you’re allowed to go out, and you know knock doors, and get you know, roof estimates going, and you know carry out the work, but how are you gonna go about generating roofing leads for your business? Right?

Your website is not supposed to just sit there and look pretty, there’s many very lovely looking websites out there. But the most important thing is, is it producing for your business? And so, take a look at that, right? Look at their numbers and if you don’t know the numbers, and my friend you are in trouble, right? You need to make sure that you know the numbers, you’re able to identify which pages on your website are performing well, which keywords people are typically typing in to find you. Things like that. Get familiar stuff, taking a backseat to your marketing and get involved. As hard as it is to find a marketing company that can actually deliver on the roofing results that you’re actually want, best believe that they’re out there somewhere.

Sharpen the axe

Lastly, sharpen the axe. So when I say sharpen the ax, I mean improving your personal skills, right? This might not only just be from you know roofing leads, but also, you know, sales, right? I speak to numerous roofing companies every single day. And one thing that I found is, some of them don’t necessarily need more leads, right?

Improve your sales skills

If you have a closing rate of like 10 or 20%, then you probably wanna improve your sales skills, right? Pick up some books, right? There’s tons and tons of books out there, pick up a sales training program or anything out there that will help you improve your sales conversions, right?

So take the time right now to start practicing, investing in yourself, in your personal self to be able to grow it, and so that when you’re back out there in the field, you can start closing at a higher rate.

Learn marketing

A second point for sharpening the axe, which I’ve kind of already touched upon, is learn marketing for yourself. Again stop taking a backseat, and just leaving your marketing up to whatever company without being involved, right? If you’re gonna hire a marketing company, you need to actively be involved in the process of know what that marketing entails, how it works, how we can improve it, what can you do in your own power to you know better improve the results? ‘Cause believe me, there’s things that you can do every single day, and you’re the best person to go out and do it.

So start questioning things, understand, try to you know, pick brands, and you know, get second opinions. And that way you can kind of figure out to say, “you know what, this makes sense, this doesn’t make sense.” And stop trying to kind of sit there and wonder, because having the ability to understand how these things work, will give you a much better insight as to how it should be performing, right? Where there’re stuff missing, right? Stop leaving it up to you know, said company to look after everything for you. This is marketing, this is what produces leads for your business. Without the leads, your business is going downhill, right?

Get involved

You need new business every single year to be able to sustain, if not broke, and shameless plug coming here, it’s for this reason that I created my training program, right? Specifically for roofing companies who are somewhat dissatisfied with the current state of their online advertising. And what we do is we work together, you and I, to go through your marketing, setup the right, you know, tools, the right analytics, metrics, so that we’re able to track, measure and see the results. Right? So, you get very active, very involved in the whole process.

And more importantly, we get you the results, right. So if you’re interested in working with me in that training program, there’s a link down in description, go ahead and click it, it’ll take you to a nice learning page that will explain what the training program entails.

And if you’re furthermore interested, go ahead and click that book a call. We’ll go ahead and schedule that at a time that works best for you. And you’ll be able to fill out a survey application. I’ll come up with a game plan, we’ll get on the phone, talk about the game plan, and see how you know, you and I can be a good fit for working together.

Keep the ball rolling

So, just to wrap things up, going forward, what we’re looking to do here guys is put people first. Take care of your employees, take care of your customers. Next, we have to integrate multiple streams of leads, right? There’s lots of things that you can be doing out there. You could be buying the leads from different companies, right? Telemarketers, online roofing leads generation, Facebook, Google, like what are you doing online to produce leads for your business?

And lastly, sharpen the axe, right? Whether it’s to improve your sales skills, right? Learn marketing for yourself, and figure out what is best for your business and your company. Time is available to you more than it’s ever been, right? In the past year, past two years, right? A lot of companies things have slowed down quite significantly. So take this as an opportunity to better improve and make your company better so that when this whole thing blows over, you’re able to get up on the other side and keep the ball rolling. I hope you enjoyed this video.

If you wanna join a community of roofers just like yourself, we’re learning about this forever changing space called the internet, right? You can join my Facebook Mastermind Group for free which is in the description down below. Go ahead and click that link. These guys are learning about online marketing and proven strategies to help them generate more roofing leads. And lastly, if you liked this video, go ahead and give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell so that you get notified every single time I drop a new video just like this one each and every single Wednesday. And until then, I will see you next week. Peace.


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