Man, January’s are tough. There’s no roofing work in the winter. The same way that homeowners believe that roofers don’t work in the winter is the same way that you believe that there’s not enough roofing work in the month of January, February or March. That’s all the mindset thing up here. Many of my clients are seeing six-plus leads every single day from their online presence in the month of January.


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The truth is there are still many roofing companies out there getting the work done in the middle of January. And the one thing that many of them have in common is that they have a system online to be visible because homeowners, they still need some roofing work done. And just because it’s too cold for you to get out there and knock some doors doesn’t mean there’s no work.

The one thing that you have missing is, having a system online to continuously produce roofing leads for you. Whether there’s a storm, or it’s too cold outside or it’s raining, doesn’t matter. If you have a system online to continuously produce leads for your company, doesn’t matter rain or shine, you’re getting some phone calls.

The roofing companies that I work with are still getting leads and minus 20 whether, that’s negative four for my American friends, and so should you. So by the end of this video, I’m gonna share with you what they’re doing to generate those leads and how you can do the same.So let’s dive right in.

Quick side note, I have a few spots open for a free one on one call with myself about my Roofing Lead Generation Training program. So if you’re interested in getting enrolled, the link for that is in the description down below. And I’ll also be talking a little bit more about that at the end of this video. So be sure to stick around and watch it till the very end.

What do  successful roofing companies do to generate leads during winter season?

So what is it, that all of these roofing companies that I’m working with right now are doing in the winter time to be able to still get that phone ring? If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my interview testimonial with one of my clients, Zach Slaven. I did this just a few weeks ago, where he shares that in the middle of January. He’s still getting six phone calls a day, and he’s still replacing roofs out there, all right? So this is no excuse for you to say, “Oh, there’s no work in the winter, “there’s no this, there’s no that.” They’re more than definitely is, it’s a matter of you changing your mindset. And getting out there getting that phone to ring, right by any means necessary. You can go out there, knock the doors, put on the gloves, get the jacket on, put the tuck on, get the scarf, everything. And get out there and knock some doors. Or you can have a system set up within your business that will continuously produce leads for you.

Whether it’s winter or summer, we wanna keep you busy all year round. Now, there’s specific things that you can do as far as your online presence goes for you to be able to generate those leads. Because a lot of you are only thinking roofing, right? With the roof comes a lot of other components, right? And that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today.

So, number one, repairs, right? Repairs, repairs happen regardless, right? Whether it’s raining, whether it’s shining, whether it’s snowing, repairs, homeowners always need repairs, there’s always those leaks. And with the snow there, right? The snow sitting on the roof, some of its gonna find its way inside the home and start dripping.

Now what are you currently doing to be visible online When those leaks are happening, right? The truth is, the phone should be ringing off the hook when it’s snowing. When that freeze thaw cycle happens, right? The snow starts to melt, and the water starts to get inside the home.

Guess what the homeowner is gonna start to do, “Oh, something is wrong with my roof, right?” They’re gonna get on the phone, or they’re gonna head over to their computer, start looking up reputable companies who are local. The guys that are actually still open, right? Unlike some roofing companies who don’t think there’s any work out there. Which when there actually is, they’re gonna look up that company, see who happens to show up and give them a call to come out and take a look, right?

For some of you guys, you guys don’t even wanna work during the wintertime and I get that, right? Maybe it’s too much, too much hassle you wanna maybe take a break, when you go fishing, you wanna go do this, do that, that’s fine.

The very first way that most roofing clients of mine generate leads throughout the winter is utilizing the facts that there are tons of repairs that are necessary. So regardless of the condition, people will always gonna have repairs or people homeowners are always gonna think that they need repairs. Where it might not turn out to be repairs altogether.

So how do we get in front of these guys, right? It’s a matter of being visible online. Are you visible? Are you active? Are you doing everything in your power as a business owner, or as a sales rep, to make sure that people know exactly who you are? What your company offers?

Because again, the huge myth here is that roofers don’t work in the winter. It’s too cold outside, where you and I both know that’s not true, right? You can get work out there. And I know this because I have clients that are actively doing work in the winter. Some of them are doing full roof replacements, you might say to yourself, “Oh, it’s not as severe as it is over here where I’m at,” but guess what, I guarantee you’ve driven by and you’ve seen a roofer, on some roof, doing some kind of work, you notice these things most people don’t. But if you’re in the roofing industry, you notice these things. And so you really can’t use that as an excuse, because it’s just what it is, an excuse.

So get in front of your homeowners, what things can you do today to let people know that this is what you do, whether it be a social media post, or Google My Business post, right?

And if you haven’t already, comment down below to let me know if you want access to my nine page guide. Just comment GMB below I’ll make sure that you get the download link for the Google My Business listing, right? And so this listing itself, this guide that I have, it’s helped so many different roofing companies get visible online. So comment GMB, if you want a copy sent over to you, and I’ll make sure that you get to it.

What if the roofing repair leads are low?

So the second way that most roofing companies that I work with, generate leads from is the stuff that has nothing to do with the roof.

Well, they have something to do with the roof but they’re not the roofing in itself, right? It’s not repairs, it’s more gutter work, right? Gutter, attic insulation, things of that nature. So those things that are, are pertaining to the roof, things that are directly correlated to the roof. That actually needs to be fixed in order to not have let’s say, a leak, or an ice damming situation, right?

A lot of commercial buildings have tons of ice damming going on, right? And they need to be able to get in touch with a roofing company that can come out and service them.

I know so many different roofing companies that completely shut down during the winter. Which is a huge opportunity for the smaller guys, the guys that are hungry, the guys that wanna grind the guys that need to provide for their families to go out there and actually do a such a great job for that property, for that homeowner that you get to come out and give them a full estimate. When the time is right, when spring is around the corner and you can actually do a full roof replacement. Alright, so that’s a huge opportunity for you, eaves troughs, gutters.

You have the attic insulation. These are you know, the downspouts, these things freeze, clog and they need to be repaired. These are huge opportunities for you, to pick up those low hanging fruit and be able to service those homeowners as property managers so that they’re happy with the work that you do.

How to end the winter roofing season with a long list of lined up roofing jobs ready for spring?

And lastly, one thing that I’m really looking for you guys to push out there is to offer something so ridiculous that you get to sign a contract with a homeowner who has all intentions on getting the roof done in the spring. This is a huge campaign opportunity that you have right now, to make sure that you have a number of jobs already lined up for the spring. I’m not gonna give you any examples because this is huge tip top secret. That I only have for my clients. But if you can come up with an extremely ridiculous offer, that homeowners just cannot pass up, and will sign with you today. So that you’re able to go out. As soon as the weather fixes itself, you’re able to go out there and you’ve already got 10, 15, 20, 30 jobs lined up to come out of the gate guns blazing Rambo style just right? And you have all of these jobs lined up and you’re able to get them done within a reasonable amount of time, right?

So what can you reasonably come up with as far as an offer that you can get in front of these homeowners, these building owners? That’s something that you need to think about, right? And this is one of the strategies that you should be really pushing out in the winter seeing as there’s no work in the wintertime.

So going back to the beginning and what I said there, this is really a mindset thing. So if you truly believe that no homeowners are realistically looking for the roofing services, then you’ve already given up. And in your mind, that is what it is. But for those guys who are actively looking for roofing customers, customers that actually need the service, they’ll go out and find the work. ‘Cause the work is out there. It’s just a matter of you going out and finding means to get in front of those homeowners, right? And this is one of the ways that I go about doing this, setting up a full online system that will get you in front of your customers that are actively looking online that have a roofing problem for you to be able to go out there, service them and make sure that you know they’re happy with your work. And then you can line something up for the spring because all of them… Well, most of them want just that temporary fix, to not see that leak pouring down into their home, into their building. And they just need that temporary patch until you know everything blows over and we’re ready to fix it permanently.

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So this is a full scale marketing plan that will get you visible locally in your own backyard. You won’t have to drive an hour away for work, there’s more than enough work within your own neighborhood. And the job of this training program is to make sure that everyone knows who you are within your own neighborhood and can actually find you online.

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