Christmas is around the corner. Some of you guys are looking to take things a little slow, slow things down a bit, spend some time with family, which there’s nothing wrong with. But for those of you guys who are looking to drum up business, get yourself ready for the 2021 roofing season, then this video is for you. Let’s dive right in.

What is up, beautiful people? My name is Mats Moy, and I’m the owner of Moy Consulting.

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Prep up and get ready for roofing in 2021

This year alone, we’ve helped over 100 roofing companies get online and start producing leads. So if you are watching this video just before Christmas, there is a very high chance that you are looking to generate more leads for your company, or you’re looking to prep up and get ready for the 2021 roofing season.

And so with that being said, I wanna share with you a few tips to help you get right on the right track and start producing more and getting ready for next year. So let’s dive right to it.

1. Get festive

So, here’s my first tip. If you are not already, I would encourage you to get festive. And what I mean by this is start offering installing Christmas lights, right? Something so simple can go such a long way.

Keep this in mind, guys. If you offer some kind of entry-level service just like this, what do you think? And this is assuming you do a good job. What do you think that homeowner, that business owner, is going to be thinking, who they’re gonna be thinking about when the time comes of either, one, referring a roofing company, or two, getting their roof done?

They’ll already have you in mind because of the great experience that you had, that you had given them when they wanted someone to install something as simple as Christmas lights.

So if you’re not yet offering this as a service, I highly recommend you do so and document it. Take photographs, get that on social. People are gonna want roofing companies just like yours to come out and install Christmas lights. And the more you install, the better. Do a good job, they will go ahead and keep you in mind when the time comes to getting their roof replaced.

I know one contractor that does this really well. Be sure to follow him on Facebook. He does a phenomenal job of social media posting is someone that you can actually look to for examples of what kind of posts to put out. Kris Brock, and that’s with a K-R-I-S Brock. Check him out on Facebook, he does an amazing job of using his social media profile to publish new stuff and get a lot of word of mouth out there. So, definitely check them out.

2. Do something good for your community

Tip number two. It is Christmas. It is that time of year, the time of year of giving back. And so do something good for your community. It’s as simple as that. Whether it’s participating in a local charity, a toy drive.

One of my clients is doing a phenomenal job of this. No Payne Roofing is actually participating in the city’s toy drive, giving back, you know, Nintendos and toys and all types of games.

The most important thing that you wanna do here, is you wanna document this, right? You wanna make sure that this is documented, and you can use that as marketing material, okay?

So press releases. This is something that you could absolutely do a press release about. And if you’re not familiar with press releases this is a process of getting almost like a news article out there to local networks, online, to publish on their sites.

And this attracts a lot of attention towards your business. This helps the visibility of your company online. So this is something you’d definitely wanna consider. And it’s a win-win, right? You give back to the community and ultimately you get higher visibility on search engines, on Google, just in your local community. So this is something that you definitely want to do.

3. Generate more reviews to your GMB listing

And tip number three. Lastly, as things have slowed down during this time of year, if you are still looking to grind, to hustle, to get things done, then a very good thing for you to do is definitely generate more reviews to your Google My Business listing.

Now I’ve spoken about this in many videos. This video in particular is gonna talk to you about how to get those reviews, where to put them, and how to utilize them to get more roofing jobs for your company. So definitely check that out.

Getting reviews is something that can often be tedious. To get the customers to get online and leave you a review, it can be quite the task and so this is a perfect time, perfect opportunity to do so, especially if things are slowing down for you or if you’re looking to get ready for the 2021 roofing season. Because, just a quick tip if you’re not gonna watch that video, the more reviews you start to generate, the more visibility you’re going to start getting online.

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So there you have it, guys. This was a short, quick video for you to get you ready for the 2021 roofing season, to get you ready doing things during Christmas that’s gonna help you next year. Hopefully, you enjoyed it. If you did, do not forget to subscribe, like this video, and hit the notification bell so that you get notified when I release a new video, just like this one each and every single Wednesday.

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All right, guys, that’s my time. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed it and I will see you next week. Peace.


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