You are all lucky roofing contractors to be considered essential during these crazy times. And so it’s only fitting that I give you essential tips to help you market your roofing company online. So let’s dive right in.

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Roofing marketing in 2021 for beginners

For those of you guys who don’t know me, I specialize in helping roofing contractors get online and start producing leads. Last year alone, we helped over 120 roofing contractors do just that.

So, you are definitely in the right space, and you may wanna take a few notes here and there because I will be sharing tips with you. And by the end of this video, you’ll have a little bit more knowledge as to what this online space can do for your company if you do the right thing. So let’s dive right in.

1. Analytics

So tip number one, analytics. Repeat after me, guys, analytics. You need to have analytics on the backend of your website. Take a look at it on your Facebook, Google. Start tracking things, guys, because it’s important to understand what is working versus what is not.

Now, some of you may have hired companies in the past and they may have provided you with reports that look like mumbo-jumbo to you. But at the end of the day, this information is important because it’ll dictate what needs to be done next, right?

This is what you’re looking at every single week so that you’re able to determine what is working versus what is not, what you should keep doing versus what you shouldn’t, and if the company you hired is doing a good job or a poor job. So start learning what some of these things mean on paper, right?

And if you don’t have any of this stuff, what I’m gonna ask you to do is set up three basic pieces of code on your website so you can start tracking this.

Even if you don’t understand this stuff, in the future when you do decide that you want to get serious about marketing your company online, you will at least have accumulated some data online. So that way you can take a look at it and say, “Okay, over the past couple of years, over the past couple of months, weeks, this is what’s been happening with my website.”

Google Analytics tracking code

So number one, you’re gonna wanna have your Google Analytics tracking code. I’m gonna link down below, go ahead and follow that link and get it set up. If you don’t know how to personally set it up, hire someone to do so for you.

Facebook Pixel

Two, have your Facebook pixel installed. For those of you guys who are advertising on Facebook, you need to have one of these because it’s going to collect data about visitors that are coming to your webpage and doing God knows what. And that way you have something to go based off of if you need to make data-driven decisions.

Heatmap tracking

Three, what you’re gonna wanna have is heatmap tracking. There’s nothing better than actually seeing what your website visitors are doing on your website. You can actually record the sessions and see what they’re clicking on, which pages they’re visiting, how long they’re on the site.

This stuff is important because when you see, and I’ll give you a real-life example here, where customers were going to a page, clicking on a button that’s supposed to call the contractor but it’s not doing anything. The button was broken. For how long? We do not know.

This wasn’t a customer of mine. But I’m telling you that this is something that is very common. Something like you know, filling out a form and you not getting anything, right? You can see this stuff on heatmap tracking. Install it. It’s absolutely free.

We use Hotjar, I’ll link it down below so that you’re able to go ahead and set it up for yourself as well.

All right, so those three things, analytics for Google, Facebook Pixel, heatmap tracking, all linked down below, go ahead and set them up right now.

2. Ask for reviews and testimonials

The second tip I have for you here, guys, is reviews and testimonials.

Now, what people used to do is simply have a customer write up something and then give it to them on a piece of paper. This was how it was done back in the day, a testimonial letter of some sort. A lot of my clients used to take that information and actually publish it on their website.

Now, the credibility of this, especially today, let’s just throw it out the window. You are much better off getting someone to go to your Google My Business listing and punching in a bunch of reviews.

If you haven’t checked out my last video, go ahead and check it out here. It’s gonna explain to you what getting these reviews is gonna do for your business, and where you actually want to get them done. So go ahead and check out this video right here, so that you’re able to see exactly what I’m talking about.

But in a nutshell, get as many Google My Business reviews as possible to your Google My Business listing. It’s gonna build your reputation and it’s gonna add credibility to your company. The best of all, it’s gonna make you become more visible when people are in dire need of roofing services and they’re looking for roofers in the area.

2. Get quality traffic

The next tip I have for you is getting quality traffic. Now, I want you to close your eyes for a moment. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. When a roof is needed to be fixed, or replaced, or repaired, whatever it is, what does that customer do?

Now, one thing that I want to put out there is the customer normally has signs that they need to get a roofer out there. Whether it’s a leaking ceiling, or whether it’s “I noticed my neighbor across the street has a roofer on their roof, what’s going on? Maybe I should check out my roof too?” Maybe the roof is old, maybe there are shingles missing, right?

There are normally signs that someone needs to get a roofer on their roof. It’s not just randomly that someone says, “Oh, maybe I should get a roofer today.” No, right? There’s normally an indication that you need to get a roofer out here to check it out. And when that time comes, ask yourself, “What would your customer do in order to get a roofer out here?”

Facebook vs Google

Now, I say this because a lot of people are focusing on Facebook. If you haven’t already, check out this video as to why I don’t prefer Facebook above Google. The reason really is because when customers are looking for something, they’re looking for a solution to their problem, they typically go out and actively seek a solution. And the best platform that I found for doing that is Google.

So if you want quality traffic, it is very plain and simple. A tip for you is to simply get in front of the customer when they are looking for a roofer, not just at random times, right?

When you send out mailers, for example, throughout the year, it’s just to any and everyone from a specific neighborhood, whether they need you or not. That’s the mailer that you’re sending out. Whereas I would much prefer you get in front of potential customers when they are looking for you, because now they have high intent on hiring a roofing contractor in the area.

3. Get a website

Lastly, this is the most ridiculous tip of all, but it surprises me, still to this day, how many people don’t have a website. Get you a website, please.

At the bare minimum, you can get yourself a free website. I have a guide for that, I’ll link to it down below in the description. It is a free guide to help you get a free website set up using your Google My Business listing. Otherwise, if you’re looking to spend a little bit more money on the site itself, then I recommend you set up a WordPress site.

It doesn’t cost you much to get a website up and running, guys. It’s 2021. If I want to do my due diligence on your company, especially for those of you guys who are going out knocking on doors and you don’t even have a website, sure, you may close a few jobs here and there. But what happens when you give that flyer, you leave, and the homeowner decides they want to do their due diligence and see what your company’s all about and they can’t find anything about you online? Get your website, please, plain and simple.

So those are the four tips that I got for you.

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So again, I hope you enjoyed this video. That is my time. Again, my name is Mats Moy, from Moy Consulting, and I will see you next week. Peace.


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