The optimization process is never-ending; it just keeps on going. This is something that you literally do forever because that’s what needs to get done if you wanna get better results or even just stay competitive when it comes to your online.

So in this video, I want to share with you which platforms you should be optimizing all the time so that you get better results this year in 2021. Let’s dive right in.

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Now last year we helped over 120 roofing companies get online and start producing leads. And so if you wanna be one of those contractors, stick around to the very end. I’m gonna share with you exactly how we can get you rolling in 2021 and get roofing leads for your own roofing company.


So optimization, optimization, optimization. This term is very popular in the digital marketing space because it is used to better improve your results over time.

Now, when you first start out you may be getting one, two, three, maybe five leads every single month, but with some proper optimization over time, you can get up to 300, 400 plus roofing leads every single month coming into your business. And there are some key platforms that I recommend you optimize continuously so that you’re able to get better results from your online.

Yes, for those of you guys who have created a website, you should have been optimizing it over time. You don’t just create a website and then forget about it. That’s what people do with roofs. They get a roof and then they forget about it. Whereas you and I both know that you should have proper maintenance on your roof every now and then to make sure you extend the life expectancy of the roof.

Optimize your website and landing pages

So on that note, let’s start with the most popular platform to optimize: it is your website and landing pages. So for those of you guys who have like 100 plus webpages on your website, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Nah, this sounds like a crazy amount of work,” whereas it’s not as complicated or as labor-intensive as you think it may be.

All you would be looking at is really the most popular pages on your website.

Install analytics on your website

Now, if you haven’t already, you need to have the analytics installed on your website. It’s so that you’re able to determine which pages are actually the most popular.

Now, my best guess, is that your home page is probably gonna be the most popular page on your website. This may not be the case. But if we had to go by hunches and guesses because we don’t have the analytics set up on the website, then I would go with your homepage.

Now, it’s important to have also heatmap tracking on your homepage. It’ll show you how people are interacting with the page itself. With that, you’re able to determine, okay, this is working, this is not working.

So the optimization process here is to ultimately increase the number of people who are doing what you want them to do. And if you’re like most roofers that I know and that I speak to every day, then you want them to call you. You want them to fill out a contact form.

So you should be tracking these things to see how many people actually land on the page and how many people take the next course of action that you want them to do, which is click on the phone number button or click on the Contact Us button and fill out the form.

Make your phone number clickable

Here’s a pro tip I’m gonna sneak in here: go to your website and make sure that your phone number is actually clickable. If it’s not clickable you’re already gonna lose people right there.

Make sure that the phone number can be clicked on and it’ll prompt. And this is a cell phone, obviously, but make sure it can be clicked on and it’ll prompt the button that’s gonna let people call you directly.

If people have to copy the phone number or memorize it, and then go to the phone application to punch it in, you’re losing people right there immediately.

Five things you need on your website

So once you’ve determined your most popular page, which is likely to be your homepage, you’re gonna wanna have five things on that page. So the five things you’re going to need is:

  1. A really good headline to captivate the attention of the audience member and ultimately get them to contact you.
  2. Testimonials, so that you’re able to, again, compel them to contact you.
  3. A really good hero shot. It is simply a really nice image that explains what your company has to offer. What can the customer expect from you?
  4. Features and benefits, list those. Why should I hire your company? What is it about your company that makes you stand out from the rest? What will make me ultimately contact you as opposed to them?
  5. Your call to action. What do you want people to do? Call me, fill out this form. Tell people what you want them to do on the page so they can actually go ahead and do it.

So over time with these five things on your homepage you’re gonna wanna tweak them and change them over time. Go through that optimization process so that you can make the page better over time. This is all that you’re looking to do, that’s optimization.

Back up your decisions with data

So you can start with the biggest thing that shows up on your page, which is your headline, right? Some people just leave it as is whereas you should be continuously changing it to see what works best. And to see what works best, you need to track it. You need to have the data to back up your decisions.

So go ahead, set up that analytics. Start paying attention to how people are engaging and interacting with your homepage so that you ultimately get more roofing leads over time.

Optimize your paid ads

The next platform that you should be optimizing is your paid ads. So whether you are advertising on Google or you’re advertising on Facebook, you should be optimizing your ads altogether.

Split test

A really good and powerful strategy for you to do right out the gate is to split test. And this process is simply having two separate ads targeting the same people and then looking at the metrics for the two ads to determine which one is the clear winner.

Once that clear winner has been determined, what you’re gonna wanna do is to take out the loser and put in a new winner and have them go head-to-head again.

This is how you optimize. You’re making it better and better every single time, giving you more results, more leads, more revenue, more sales. This is what you’re looking to do here. Optimize over time so that you’re able to get more for your marketing dollars.

Optimize your offline materials

Now, I know this channel is dedicated to marketing your roofing company online and generating leads online. However, this process doesn’t stop online. We can take this offline as well.

So for all of the marketing material that you have offline: your brochures, your flyers, your billboards, your radio, anything that you have out there offline, you should be split testing absolutely everything.

So you should have two different brochures, two different mailers. You can go more than two but, at the bare minimum, have at least two. If you have a billboard out there, hopefully, you can have another billboard somewhere else and have them compete.

Set up tracking

Now, the important thing that you want here is to set up tracking. How do you track these things if you’re split-testing them?

Well, there are companies out there that offer phone numbers that you can use to forward them to your actual phone number. Now on Brochure A, you have one phone number forwarded over to your phone number. And then on Brochure B, you’re gonna have another phone number forwarded over to your phone number as well.

Now, these two brochures are gonna look different and they’re each gonna have different phone numbers on them. At the end of the month, you take a look to see which brochure got the most phone calls. That’ll be determined by the analytics that you have now because you got 20 phone calls on Brochure A and 10 phone calls on Brochure B. This clearly means that Brochure A is the better brochure. Simple, right?

And again, you can apply this to the radio. Maybe you have two different radio ads going out there each with a separate phone number. That’s how you track whichever ad worked best. And once you determine the winner, you can run another ad very similar. Try to make it better, obviously, and put a separate phone number on it.


And these numbers, again, these phone numbers that you’re getting are very inexpensive. We personally use a company called CallRail, there’s an affiliate link down below. And what that means is if you decide to use their company, then I will still get a piece of the pie there but it is a very great company. I recommend that you use it if you’re wanting to track results. The link for it is down below in the description. Go ahead and click it. You’ll see a pricing sheet so that you’re able to determine how much it’s gonna cost you to use something like this.

I know this sounds like a lot of work and the truth is: it is, it’s a lot of work.

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