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Lead sources ranked

By the end of this video, you’re gonna know, specifically online, where to get the best leads and where to get the worst leads. It’s up to you to decide where you wanna spend your money, where you wanna invest your time. So that is what you will find out by the end of this video.

So let’s start with the absolute worst. The dumpster, the trash cans of leads, roofing leads online. For me, it’s shared leads.

Shared leads

I absolutely hate shared needs because they are the worst. So many roofing companies are trying these shared leads out knowing that they are shared, right? And when I say shared, this is what I mean. You have one phone call that came through, let’s say a particular platform. It went to some kind of answering service, a call center.

Now, that one lead was then sold to multiple roofing companies within a competitive area for let’s say, $60 a pop. In some areas it’s absolutely as ridiculous as $200 a pop, right? So multiply that by six different companies. You have $360 to, on the high end, I don’t know, $600 per lead that that person is selling to different companies. And all these different companies, they all get a notification at the same time to say, hey, this lead is available.

It now becomes a bidding war–not a bidding war, really–a race to whoever can call that particular customer first. Now, if you’ve been on this channel for a while, you may have heard me tell this story, but I’m gonna tell it again because this is extremely important for you to understand what the receiving end is like.

Leads are sometimes shared among 6-7 companies

So I tried one of these companies where I put in my information to let them know that I needed a service and not even 30 seconds, I got my first phone call. Within another 30 seconds, another phone call and then another phone call and then another phone call. By the second phone call, maybe the third phone call, I was already annoyed because my number has now gone out, my information has now gone out, and multiple contractors have started calling me.

Now, here’s the dishonest part guys. For many of these companies, they tell you that the information only goes out to two or three companies. Granted, there are some companies out there that do that and if you’re okay with that, then by all means, cool, do your thing. But for the companies that are saying that the information is going out to two, three contractors, but in fact, it’s actually going out to like six, seven different roofing companies, that I have a problem with, right?

So for those of you guys that are buying shared leads, please ask questions and confirm and verify that you are not being sold leads, one that has been recycled. Those are even worse than shared leads. They’ve gone from one company to another company that’s selling it to another set of six different contractors. This exists guys.

Why shared leads are the worst

So when you start wondering why the leads that you have purchased are absolute trash, these are some of the reasons and these are some of the questions you need to be asking yourself. Some of the reasons why shared leads are absolute trash.

One, it’s a race to call the customer. Two, they’re absolutely overpriced. Three, it’s basically a cold call because they don’t know you. They just put in their information on some website that sent it out to multiple contractors. So they don’t know you, it’s a cold lead. The customer by the time you call them if you’re not quick, they’re already annoyed, right?

We’ve had, I’ve spoken to so contractors where they’ve had a cease and desist letters being sent to them because they call them once, but they were the like the seventh or eighth contractor to call them.

So guys, please ask questions and understand that this is probably the worst type of lead that you can get out of there.

Purchased leads

Next up, we have purchased leads. Now, what I mean by purchased leads is there are actually companies out there that will collect a list of homeowners. Batches of like 25, 50, 100, 1000 and they give them all to you in one batch. Now, the majority of these leads actually come from Facebook. They were typically a result of “Get a free estimate, get a free estimate, get a free estimate and we’ll give you this. Contact us for a free estimate and we’ll get you that.”

The intent behind that information that you’re getting is typically very poor. Those leads that come from Facebook come dirt cheap. They’re packaged up and they’re sold to you, giving you the information so that you can go out and contact these people. And historically, what I’ve found is that a lot of the contractors that are buying these purchased leads already know that 75% of that entire list is going to be trash.

Now, if you’re going with that mindset and you understand that, then cool, great. But for those of you guys who are brand-new to that and don’t understand that majority of those leads are gonna be garbage, then you’re gonna feel like you’re getting ripped off. But if you can already process that out of 100 leads, that big batch that you got, 100 of them, then 75% of that is gonna be garbage and you gotta be left with the 25. If you’re cool spending $5,000 for 25 leads, then sure.

Purchased leads = worth it?

But in the grand scheme of things, guys–and let me quickly calculate this–that works out to roughly $200 a lead, right? Not the $50 a lead that you were originally sold, right? And if you’re okay with $200 a lead, it’s actually not that bad. So if you’re getting batches of 100 leads and you’re getting them for 200 a pop, it’s actually not that bad, okay? You could probably get them for a lot less than what you think you can get them for. But be real with yourself and calculate the true cost of those leads, not what you were sold.

So again, some of the downsides to purchased leads are that cold, right? These are still cold leads because they don’t know you. They didn’t contact you, you contacted them, right? So these are outbound leads. You’re contacting them because you got their information from some third party. They are better than shared leads in my opinion. But still, you can do better and we’re gonna keep going down the list.

And then three, they’re sold in packs of 20, 50, 100. For some of you guys who are entry-level, you may not be able to afford some of those packages because they cost way too much.

The alternative: GMB for Roofers

And speaking of entry-level, if you are a roofing company that’s just getting started online, I highly recommend you check out our GMB for Roofers training program. I’m gonna link it down below. It’s for roofing companies that are just getting started online and wanna generate 30 plus leads every single month. Link down below, go ahead and check it out. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee on that. So be sure to click on that link and let me know what you think.

Agency-generated roofing leads

Next, we have generated roofing leads by agencies. So these are exclusive roofing leads generated by an agency that you’ve hired, right? Now, the reason why these leads are really good is that these are inbound leads. So the person who found you online, your company specifically, picked up the phone and they called you, right? That’s a warm lead. Somebody who had a roofing problem picked up the phone and called you directly as a result of the hard work that an agency put together.

Now, the hard part here is finding an agency, a really good and reliable digital marketing agency to help you set up the right systems so that you can get in front of your ideal customer. There are very few marketing agencies that are able to do this specifically for roofing. And so it may take you several companies to go through.

Finding the right agency can be a struggle

I speak to roofers all the time, “Oh I hired this company, I hired that company, none of them perform, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” You gotta keep looking, right? There is an alternative which we’ll come to right after this. But if you are gonna continue hiring, or if you want to generate leads, you just don’t have the time for it, then you gotta keep cycling through agencies until you find the right one. Don’t get greedy.

I have seen customers who have gotten greedy and said, “Oh, we wanna keep going higher.” But let me tell you, there are very few companies out there that are able to deliver on quality roofing leads. And when you do find the one, stick with it.

So with these generated exclusive roofing leads from an agency, these are much better quality roofing leads. And so these will definitely have a bigger impact on your bottom line. They are generating to you and only you as a company because that’s who the agency represents. But the downside is it’s gonna cost you a lot more than the other options that I’ve mentioned thus far.

So again, for me, this is a much better quality lead. You get more bang for your buck here, but you do have to cough up a little bit more money and it may take you a little bit to find that right agency to help you get those leads.

Leads generated in-house

So lastly, the best kind of lead that’s out there in my opinion are leads that are generated in-house. You have the best-vested interest in your company. And so it’s only in your best interest to try to keep everything in-house. You’re gonna save huge on marketing dollars by hiring an agency to do everything for you. But if you can train the right person in-house, then you can definitely save in the long run. Because you have that talent, that skill, that’s able to generate those leads and really invest in your own company rather than going out and seeking elsewhere.

Now, the problem that a lot of people face is that they don’t have the information to be able to generate their own leads in-house. You really would have to hire someone to come in teach you or hire someone who already has the skill.

Now, generating roofing lead specifically is different from generating leads to a bakery or to a pizza shop. So you’re gonna cut that learning curve by going to someone that specifically helps roofing companies. You’re gonna be able to set up those systems in-house much faster, right?

The solution: Roofing Leads Mastery

So I say this because that’s exactly what we do. We help roofing companies that are already spending money online, that are well-invested in their companies, and are pretty much at a different stage within the business. We help them set up systems so that they can generate those leads in-house, right?

So if you’re interested in that, we do have a training program on this process. It’s a five-week program where you can hire someone in-house that knows very little to nothing about generating leads online. Just check out this testimonial right here. It’s about someone who had very little knowledge about marketing was able to set up systems as a result of going through the training program. Now, they are generating five, six, seven, eight leads every single day exclusive to their company, right? So be sure to check that out, again, right here, be sure to check that out.

So there you have it guys. Worst = shared leads. Those are recycled, absolute garbage versus in-house from your local community. That to me is the best kind of lead out there.

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