Now, this video is gonna be a little bit more advanced than my typical videos because it’s a question that keeps coming up. And this is more for those of you guys who are already online, already producing leads, and spending money on Google Ads. So let’s dive right in.

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Why are your ad impressions not converting?

So reasons why your ad impressions are not converting into phone calls. That is what we’re gonna be discussing today. So by the end of this video, you should know exactly where to look to figure out why you’re spending thousands of dollars every month with very little results to show for it.

So Google Ads is a marketing platform that many roofing companies just can’t seem to figure out. You spend thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of dollars every single month and the results just aren’t there. And so Google Ads, in my opinion, is hands down the best paid marketing platform for you to generate leads. It’s just a lot more or better yet, it’s a lot less user-friendly than Facebook is. And so that’s why a lot of companies seem to struggle with the platform itself.

So I wanna give you a few places to look so that you can better understand why your phone isn’t ringing from the however much money you’re spending every single month from it so that way you can at least start to recoup some of that money and feel a little bit better about yourself.

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1. You have Smart Mode enabled

So, why aren’t your advertising dollars turning into phone calls? Now, the number one culprit of this that I have seen online from the hundreds of roofing companies that I’ve been able to analyze with their Google Ads is that they have Smart Mode enabled.

Now, if this doesn’t even ring a bell to you, then it is very likely that you are right now using Smart Mode. And for me, that is just a huge money grab from Google. What you should be using is Expert Mode.

Wait, expert mode, what’s Expert Mode? The simple fact that you are questioning what Expert Mode tells me you are probably using Smart Mode. So, to break it down, Google Ads has a smart mode and then expert mode.

Smart Mode vs. Expert Mode

Smart Mode, which is in my opinion not so smart, is a platform that’s very simplified for I guess the person who doesn’t really understand Google Ads, where it tells you, I’ll put your keywords and start spending money, and that’s it, right? You write a really simple ad and that’s about it.

Whereas expert mode, so many more options, so much more control over what you’re doing with the platform. And many roofing companies fail to even acknowledge that this exists for one and fail to utilize it properly. So this is the number one culprit.

I want you to sign in to your Google Ads or whoever you have managing for it, or managing your Google Ads account, and see what mode you’re currently in. I’m gonna put a few screenshots here so that you can see the difference between the two platforms.

If it looks like this, then it’s smart.


If it looks like this, then it’s expert mode and you, my friend, should be in Expert Mode if you’re going to be spending money on Google Ads.


Google Local Services Ads

Now, a beautiful alternative for you guys if you are using Smart Mode, I would recommend you utilize Google Local Service Ads instead. And so, if you’re not yet using that platform, it’s a pay-per-lead platform. So you’re guaranteed to get calls rather than spending your money on clicks that result in nothing, comment down below GLSA and I’ll send you my Google Local Service Ads free guide so that you can go ahead and get that set up rather than spending money on Smart Mode that’s gonna get you probably not.

So to summarize, Google Ads Smart Mode just isn’t going to cut. Boosting Facebook posts, that’s just not gonna cut it. These are all entry-level actions that a five-year-old can do. And if you are being just serious, if you wanna be super serious in growing your business online, roofing is one of those high-ticket items and it’s expensive to play, right?

If you wanna play at a serious level, you’re gonna have to cough up some money. If you’re not there yet, then I would much rather you play on a platform like Google Local Service Ads rather than spending money on Google Ads.

Set realistic expectations

Now another thing that I wanna mention to you guys, is those of you who are spending like $400 a month for like a hundred roofing leads. When you hear stuff like that, please, let your spider senses tingle because it just doesn’t make sense. Those are unrealistic expectations. How are you gonna pay $400 for 100 leads guys?

One, question the quality of these leads because even if you close that, I don’t know, at 25% or a 10% closing rate, that’s 10 jobs. What’s the markup on that? It’s insane, right? So start questioning these things because some of the things that I hear that people are pitching out there sound so unrealistic and it just doesn’t make any sense.

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2. Your targeting is off

So the second reason why your ad impressions are not turning into phone calls is more than likely your targeting. Your targeting is just off.

So, one thing that I tend to see a lot is when I do my research and start looking up companies in different areas, for one, the companies that are advertising, the companies that are spending dollars on advertising. There’s no reason why I in Toronto–our office is located in Toronto–should be able to see your company online through paid ads if you are located in Dallas, Texas. Why would you be showing me your roofing ad if I’m in Toronto? It just doesn’t make any sense. You can’t service me. Why are your ads showing up in my feed? It doesn’t make any sense. So start looking at your location targeting, sign in to your Google Ads.

Familiarize yourself with Google Ads

Guys, take some accountability here. Don’t just look to the marketing company and say, oh, you should’ve done this. You sign into your account. I need you to have just a very broad understanding of what you’re doing online and how the whole platform works. Just a very broad, you don’t have to be an expert, but you should be able to sign in, go to the locations, and see where they’re advertising your roofing company. And that’s one thing that I see all the time.

Just for example, wherever you are in the world right now, look up roofing companies in a different place other than where you are and you will see companies in Google Ads advertising even though they can’t serve you. It just doesn’t make any sense. And that’s where I see a lot of people spending money ’cause people will click on these ads and it will cost you $10, $15, $30. For some of you guys in the high-ticket areas or the very expensive areas, it could cost you as much as $60 a click, $60, six zero for one click. Now multiply that by 10, by 100 clicks, that’s just money going down the drain.

3. Failed message match

One last reason why your ad impressions are not turning into phone calls is because of the failed message match. Now, what I mean by that is let’s say we have a homeowner who is specifically looking for a metal roof replacement or a metal roof repair.

Now, this is where you can really differentiate yourself from your competitors. Most people, and when I say most people, I mean 90% of roofing companies that are advertising out there, take the very broad and generic approach. Meaning, I have a bandaid solution for every problem out there.

Whereas if you go the extra mile and speak to the person who’s looking for that specific type of repair, you are going to be more likely to get that click and also that phone call, because you spoke directly to that specific person’s problem.

So if someone’s going online and looking for a metal roof repair, they should see an ad that says something along the lines of, we repair metal roofs. And once they click on that ad, they should be taken to a page that confirms that they repair metal roofs, not to your company’s homepage that says we do all types of roofing insurance claims, we do shingles, we do drop a blah, blah, blah.

Landing pages

This is where landing pages really come in guys. And if you haven’t yet already, I highly recommend you check out Unbounce. I’m going to link to it down below. Yes, it is an affiliate link, but that is what we use for all of our clients because it’s so easy to get that message match from the ad over to the landing page. So easy a ten-year-old could do, all right. Be sure to check that out.

So by doing that, again you’re going to increase the likelihood of the person that’s searching to pick up the phone and give you a call because ultimately that’s what you’re looking to do.

And guys, if you are going to be spending money on advertising, I sure hope that you will do any and everything in your power to be able to get that phone call because that’s what you ultimately paid for. So, hold the marketing companies accountable, hold yourself accountable for paying attention, ask the questions so that you’re able to confirm that the right actions are taking place.

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So there you have it guys, three reasons why your ad impressions are not converting into phone calls. Now, there are many more reasons as to why they are not converting. And if you are genuinely curious and you’re super into the business, and you’re at a stage where you are spending, five, $10,000 a month on advertising, but you don’t necessarily know where you can improve, I recommend you check out our Roofing Leads Mastery training program.

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