If you’ve ever wondered why you would pay for leads versus getting them naturally, then this is probably gonna be the right video for you. That’s exactly what we’re gonna discuss: the pros and cons of organic versus paid roofing leads. Let’s dive right in.

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Organic leads vs paid leads

So without further ado, here are the pros and cons of organic leads, which is generating them the natural way. And I’ll explain what that means versus paid leads, meaning you just cough up some change and leads roll in. You get phone calls from submissions and everybody’s happy.

So let me start off by defining what an organic lead means. Now, if you’ve been around the online scene for a while, then you’ve probably heard the term. For those of you guys who are brand new to the space, organic simply means exchange for time, right? So it’s not like you’re paying anything directly for leads. You’re just exchanging your time in an attempt to generate leads without having to pay for it. So that’s all that simply means.

Meanwhile, paid leads are you’re giving money to some kind of platform to get your message out there in attempts to get them on a landing page or your website for them to contact you ultimately because they have a roofing-related problem.

So, now that that’s out the way, what are the pros and the cons of organic and paid roofing leads?

Breaking down paid leads

So let’s start off with my platforms of choice or by means of lead generations of choice, it’s paid. I love paid leads because they’re quick, right? And I’m really good on that platform. I almost treat it like a game because I attempt to beat the competitors. You really got to have an in-depth understanding of how the platform works and essentially just crush the competition, right? I’ve always been a super competitive guy, high school, middle school, elementary school. Whatever you wanna net, I’ve always been competitive. And so this is another platform for me to showcase that I can beat you at anything.


So the pros of paid leads.

+ Quick

You get leads right away. And when I say right away, let me take a step back real quick. It’s not instantaneous. It’s instantaneous from the moment you turn on the campaigns, but it still does take you a little bit of time to build out solid campaigns with solid targeting, with solid message match. And so that does take a little bit of time to set up. But once it is set up, leads do start rolling in.

Maybe they’ll start trickling in slowly, but with some optimization over time, which is what you’re supposed to be doing, by the way, guys, then you will see leads slowly start rolling in. And by the time you’ve done enough optimization, you’ll see multiple leads come in a day and you can just keep scaling from there. That’s really why I like those paid platforms.

+ Scalable

On that same topic, paid leads are scalable, right? Meaning you can start off with a hundred dollars and get X amount of leads. And if you increase that paid amount to a thousand dollars, you’ll get relatively the same amount of leads. Assuming you are doing the right things on the platform and you are optimizing continuously.

+ Trackable

Paid leads are trackable, right? So you can see exactly where you’re spending your money and what the results are of your paid marketing efforts. I love that.

+ Predictable

And lastly, paid leads are predictable. Again, if you start tracking these things, you’ll be able to see that a lead is gonna roughly cost you, let’s say in your market, $40 per lead. So if you’re spending $80 give or take, you can expect to lead and so on and so forth. So it’s predictable. You get into the pattern. Google gets really good at getting in front of the person who is gonna contact you.

Again, if you haven’t guessed it, Google is my platform of choice. I really love it for generating local roofing leads. And that is what I recommend above all other platforms, including Facebook.


Now, this can’t all be sunshine and rainbows. Of course, there is a downside to paid marketing, paid roof marketing.

– You have to pay

And the obvious one is you have to pay, right? You do have to pay to play. And if you are not willing to spend money on promoting advertising, getting attention to your business, then running a business is probably not for you. You have to be willing to spend money on your company, on attention so that you can get your name out there. You need to be willing to do that.

I’m not saying that you have to do it, but you need to be willing to invest money in your brand, in your company, in getting attention so that you can generate roofing.

– Hard to find a good service

Next, it’s hard to find a good service out there. It really is. Like this is, like roofing in Texas. It’s a very unregulated market. And so any, and everyone can call themselves a marketing company. Whereas, it’s very difficult to find one because of that. And so you could hire a company from across the world.

We are actually in Canada and we have clients all over North America, from California to North Carolina, to Texas, up to Connecticut, all over the place. We deal with customers big, small. It doesn’t matter. But that doesn’t prevent us from carrying out the service and it doesn’t prevent anybody else in the world from seeing their marketing company and helping you out as well.

Finding a good company is very difficult. So you really have to do your due diligence and you could end up spending thousands of dollars on the wrong marketing company, but do not let that hold you back from trying a different company and a different approach. Just like roofing, there are good companies are bad companies. That’s just part of the industry.

– Ongoing expense

Paid leads are an ongoing expense, right, compared to organic. So if you’re okay with that, well, you should be okay with it. But understand that it’s an ongoing expense in your expense line items, especially if you’re scaling it.

As you grow and you scale your online platform, your online lead gen, that number is gonna keep increasing as well, right. So be okay with that.

– Needs to be managed

Paid leads have a necessary management component to it. Somebody’s gonna have to manage it. You can not set it and forget it. Contrary to what most homeowners do, right? Which is get a new roof, you set it, you forget about it.

No, you need to maintain it. You need to check it out. You need to inspect it every now and then to make sure everything is good. The same thing applies here, guys. So please take your own advice, okay. And manage this thing, make sure it’s being managed on a regular basis.

– Learning curve

And lastly, there is a learning curve to it. There is some experience needed. If you do not have any experience with paid advertising, that is very likely that you will lose a lot of money.

I’ve seen companies do it time and time again, nobody’s maintaining the paid leads. Nobody’s managing them. Nobody has experience. And so that all results in lost advertising dollars. And so I highly recommend that you take some form of training so that you’re able to properly manage this thing.

Whoever’s looking after it makes sure they have some proper training so that they’re able to manage your marketing dollars. You spend a lot of time collecting this money that you’re putting through to work, you’re investing back into your company. The least you could do is make sure that it’s being taken care of. And it’s really going out there and its maximum efficiency.

Roofing Leads Mastery

And on the topic of training, if you are a company that’s out there spending money on paid advertising, I highly recommend you check out our Roofing Leads Mastery training program. There’s a link down below. Go ahead and check it out. With a 60-day money-back guarantee on that where I guarantee you that you will be making a lot more than you’re spending on the training program for years to come.

This is something that you can teach someone in-house so that they can manage and run this on a day to day for you. And you still get to sit down with someone like myself each and every single week so that I can tell you where the areas of opportunity are.

If Google offers changes in the future, I’m gonna have to change along with it in the future so that you have the most relevant information at all times.

So there you have it guys, the pros and the cons of paid advertising.

Breaking down organic leads

So let’s move on to organic. Now, organic, I have a love-hate relationship for organic.


But let’s start off with the love. Let’s start with the pros.

+ Free

What’s better than free? Free, free 99, free… Everybody loves free. And so organic is that platform.

But free isn’t really free because you have to invest some dollars, whether it be in the form of your own time or somebody else’s time to start growing your presence organically. So when we say organic, we’re talking about showing up in the search engines without having to actively pay Google to show up there.

So this is the result of creating good content, right? This is the result of putting up press releases, collecting reviews, and putting out content regularly. So documenting videos and photographs and getting them out there on the internet, putting them on the right mediums, the right platforms, right? This is all time-consuming stuff, but it has a long-lasting impact that will no longer at some point require you to spend money so that you can get leads.

Imagine investing tons of time in the very early stages of your marketing and then four or five, six months later, leads are just rolling in without you having to no longer do anything.

There is a level of maintenance that is required, yes, in the future. But this is only an attempt to stay ahead of the game. Because at some point you passed, you surpassed a company that was already established organically and you likely passed them because they got complacent and stopped doing the necessary things so that they’re able to stay at the forefront of the organic presence.

Somebody’s always looking to chase you. So you always have to try to keep staying ahead of the game. And you do this by continuously putting out new content on your website, by putting out press releases, by generating reviews, by uploading photographs, et cetera, et cetera.

+ Scalable

Organic, another pro is that it’s scalable. Again, you start off really slow, and I mean really slow. When you start off with organic, you may not see any leads for the first 2, 3, 4, 5 months I’ve seen… And depending on the area that you’re looking to go after, it could even take you as much as three years before you see a single lead rolling in.

Now, this is where you really have to have a really good strategy because if you’re okay with it taking it three years before you start to see any leads, I just don’t see anybody being okay with that idea. But if you are, good for you. But I just don’t see anybody being okay with that.

Targeting is important

And that’s why I really think paid leads come in to supplement that because paid leads come right away. But for those of you guys who are making the right selections, choosing the right areas to show up organically in, it shouldn’t take you any more than say two, three months before you start rolling in leads.

If you have been doing SEO, search engine optimization for more than three months and you haven’t seen anything, run. Run, run, run, you’re targeting the wrong area and the person who’s doing it for you should have told you that, hey, it’s gonna take you a very long time before you start to see results in a particular area.

So setting the expectation is super important, right? Because if I tell you from the very beginning if you wanna go after a very densely populated area, then hey, it’s gonna take you about a year before you start seeing anything. Are you okay with that? I’m setting the expectations, right? And if you agree to that, then hey, stick with it. Stick with it for the entire year.

If not, then pick a different area because the location is extremely important in generating leads in the time it’s gonna take you to start rolling in leads.

+ Higher return on investment

Another organic pro is that there’s a much higher return on investment here. Because again, you’re exchanging time for money. If you exchange someone else’s time, that’s somewhat good at what they do. Then the return on investment there is way higher.

I’ve seen so many leads coming from organic to a point where some of our clients decide to turn off the paid ads because the organic is there. They’re getting 10+ leads every single day because they’re well-established online. They have a really good organic presence.

+ Good brand awareness tool

Another pro for organic is that it’s a really good brand awareness tool, right? Getting your company to show up on the search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google is a really great tool for you guys to start growing your brand and growing your awareness. That’s another pro.

+ Improves credibility

And lastly, it improves your roofing company’s credibility. When people start to see you everywhere organically and start to see some of the reviews that you guys have, then you make your company much more credible, right?

Exercise round

And here’s a really quick exercise. So let’s call this exercise round, or whatever you wanna call it. Go over to Google and type in “roofing companies in [your area],” fill in that blank, “your area.” And look at the companies that are there. And look to see how credible they are, and then compare it to you.

That gives you an idea as to what you need to match or exceed so that you can get the level of phone calls that those companies are currently getting, right? That’s a very simple test for you to do.

It’s a goal for you to set this year. By the end of this year, I’m going to be the number one company in this area by matching or exceeding the companies that are currently showing up in this area, do that.


Now the organic cons, of course. Again, it can’t all be sunshine and rainbows. It has to rain every now and then.

– Super slow

And so the number one con to organic is that it’s super, super slow. And if you’re like any of the roofing company owners that I’ve spoken to, very impatient when it comes to generating leads. If I need leads, I need them now.

Understand that the organic SEO process is a long game. You’re in it for the next year, 10 years, if not 15, 20 years to come, guys. So understand that it’s gonna take you a while before you start seeing leads, right. So keep that in mind.

– Hard to get done

Another con is that it’s hard to get done, guys. It’s almost impossible if not done properly. Many companies again, there are good companies and there are bad marketing companies out there. And so if it’s not done properly, meaning you don’t have a good company working for you, then it’s almost impossible.

So I’ve seen companies literally go a year with a single, no leads to show for it, which is a huge problem, obviously for the business owner, because they’ve invested so much time and so much money, so much opportunity costs to them. So keep that in mind as well.

– Algorithm changes

And then lastly, the algorithm on some of these platforms changes sometimes, which can completely change where you show up in the search engines.

There are so many factors that come into place that affect where you’re gonna be showing up in the rankings. And I actually did a little mini-series, 15 different factors that come into play when it comes to showing up on the search engines.

If you would like a copy of that, then in the comments down below, just type in “15 factors guide.” And I’ll go ahead and send you the link so you can go ahead and download that, so you can see what factors affect where you show up in that search results. So go ahead, 15 Factors Guide, type that in down below. And I’ll go ahead and send that over to you.

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