So you’ve gotten just a taste, just a taste of what online can do for your roofing business.

Now, this video’s with the assumption that you already have something going on online, you’ve experienced even very little, maybe very big results with whatever it is that you’re doing and now we’re looking to grow that, scale that to a point where it becomes the sole source of the majority, well, I wouldn’t say sole, the majority of your roofing leads. So let’s dive right in.

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If again, you don’t know who I am, I have helped over a hundred roofing companies across North America, get online and start to produce quality roofing leads from their online presences.

So by the end of this video here, I want to share with you how to actually grow and scale what is already working for you with your online presence.

Where do you start with online roof marketing?

So again, this is under the assumption that you’ve already got something happening, you’ve gotten a taste of what this online presence can do for your business, but even if you don’t yet have something happening, this is still gonna be of value to you.

Once you actually pick up the ball, you decide that, “Hey, it is now time for us to start getting online “and start producing something.”

Figure out where the leads are coming from

So about four or five times a day, I get on the phone and I sit down and I speak to roofing company owners and I ask them, “What are you doing online? What are you currently doing online to produce roofing leads for your business?” And some will throw random answers out there. You know, “We’re doing Google, we’re doing Facebook, we’re doing HomeAdvisor, we’re doing telemarketing, we’re doing, you know, Instagram, LinkedIn.”

Whatever it is that they’re doing, something is typically working okay. Either that or they’re just not being honest with me. But something is generally working and so what you want to do is figure out where the majority of your actual roofing leads are coming from.

Once you can figure that out and hopefully you can figure that out because you should actually be tracking where everything is coming from, but figure out where the majority of your roofing leads are coming from, and from there amplify it.

Amplify it

You hear that? Amplify it.

It’s not rocket science. Just simply increase or do more of whatever is actually working. That is probably the easiest thing that you can do.

I once had a contractor call me and say, “Hey, Mats, you know, we’re getting $10 leads on Facebook. “You know, it’s working extremely well, but we want to get more leads.” Well, why don’t you just increase your budget and get more Facebook leads? And there was a moment of silence. Like, that’s it? Well, yeah, if it’s already working for you, then do more of it, right?

It’s not rocket science, don’t overcomplicate it, if you have something working for you, just amplify it, scale it, do more of it, simple as that.

Choosing a platform

Now you’re gonna get a little bit of a biased answer from me because there’s one platform in particular that I prefer above all else and I’ve made this very, very clear, it is Google and on Google, there are four different platforms that I prefer to use, one of them being Google My Business, Google Ads, Google Local Service Ads, and your website. These are all associated with Google.

Whenever you put together a website, the idea is to have it rank on the search engines and the number one search engine in the world is Google and so that is where you’re ideally wanting to show up and so let me break down these four different platforms and what you should do on each platform to help you scale and get more roofing leads out of those four platforms.

1. Google Ads

So let’s start with Google Ads and on Google Ads the process is simple. All of these processes are simple, you just need to know exactly what to do.

So with Google Ads, it’s a matter of split testing. You need to consistently split test your ads.

Split test

What is split testing? That is the process of putting two ads head to head and always paying attention to which one is better than the next. So once you’ve established that one ad is better than the next, what you want to do is scrap the losing ad and put up a new contender to go head to head with the winning ad.

If you can continuously do this like clockwork, this process never ends. If you can continuously do this, you will yield better and better results with Google Ads.

Add negative keywords

Another thing that you can do with Google Ads is adding negative keywords.

Every day that you’re running Google Ads, Google is feeding you data, data that you can use to your advantage. You can leverage that data to help you get better results over time, reduce the amount of money that you are wasting and then ultimately increase the number of phone calls and form submissions that you’re getting from the platform.

2. Google My Business

Now, our second platform that we’re looking to help us grow our roofing company with is Google My Business. Very straightforward here as well, there’s nothing complicated about it.

Use the Posts feature

Use the Posts feature on a day to day. Start using it, right? And if you haven’t already, comment GMB down below, I will send you my guide with some examples on how to use the post feature, what to post on a day to day and it’ll take you no less than three to four minutes each and every single day.

Generate as many reviews as possible

Besides using the post feature, you’re gonna want to generate as many reviews as possible.

Reviews are a Google ranking factor. In other words, this is an indication to Google that your company is doing fairly well and when Google likes what you’re doing, sees that customers are happy with your service, they will tend to send you more traffic.

So focus on reviews. I see people making the mistake and in my opinion, it is a mistake of sending people to Facebook to leave you a review.

Send reviews to Google

Now it’s a little bit more tedious to get the reviews on Google because the person leaving a review needs a Gmail account. As tedious as that is, that is the most valuable place for you to generate those reviews because it is directly associated with Google.

Now on top of that, there are many other things in the background that we can do. I will save that for another video.

So again, if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to the channel, hit the notification bell so that you get notified when I do release that full video on Google Ads on what you should be doing so that you can produce more roofing leads and ultimately grow your company using Google My Business.

3. Website

Now our third Google platform is your website. Now, a big mistake that companies are making, just creating a website and then leaving it as is hoping and praying that leads are gonna magically roll into the website form submissions, phone calls. That’s not the case.

You need a system, a strategy, a proven strategy to help you produce more out of your website rather than just hoping that people are gonna find it, people are going to pick up the phone and call you because that doesn’t happen.

You need a system to continuously attract new traffic and ultimately get them to contact you.

Add fresh content

So with your website, what you need to be doing consistently, whether you want to do this once a week, whether you want to do it every two weeks, every month, doesn’t matter, just stay consistent with it. You need to add fresh content.

You cannot just publish your website and then leave it as is. Generally speaking, you can’t do that, right? And again, there’s many other factors that come into play here, but generally speaking, that is not enough to grow your company online.

If you are looking to grow and produce more over time, you need to consistently add content. So content can come in the form of written blog posts, right? Articles, or you can even do video, right?

Repurpose and publish on your online platforms

Many people overlook the fact that your expertise, just like in this video here, can be displayed in a video format. You can then take that and put it on your website, as well as your YouTube channel. Put it on your Facebook, put it on your Instagram, your LinkedIn. It can be repurposed in so many different ways and published on so many different platforms.

So make sure you are taking advantage of that and you are leveraging the content for those multitudes of platforms.

4. Google Local Services Ads

Our last Google platform for you to grow your business on is Google Local Service Ads. If you haven’t already downloaded my Google Local Service Ads guide, comment GLSA down below. I’ll send you over a link where you can download the guide, set it up, and start producing leads out of it.

Now with this platform, there’s not much that you can do to grow your business here other than increase the budget.

Increase the budget

It is a paper lead system and Google tries to be very fair with this platform. So no matter how deep your pockets are, you’ll generally get the same amount of leads as everybody else, given that you’ve reached, let’s say the maximum budget for the platform.

And on the topic of GLSA, that is a very good platform for you to get started on. This is me speaking to you guys who don’t use online whatsoever to produce leads out of. This is a great starting point.

In order for you to use Google Local Service Ads, you are going to need a Google My Business listing. Again, if you haven’t downloaded that guide, comment GMB plus GLSA. I’ll send them both over to you. You can use those to set your company up online and start to produce quality roofing leads.

So in a nutshell, guys, with these four different Google platforms, with Facebook, with LinkedIn, with any medium, it’s all about adding content.

Focus on your target audience

Content, content, content. In the form of video, in the form of just audio, in the form of posts, whatever it is, written. You can get it all online and keep adding content to all of those mediums. It’s as simple as that, adding more content and with that content, you want to focus on your target audience.

If you are speaking directly to homeowners, speak to the homeowners. And if you are speaking directly to the business owners, speak to the business owners. If you haven’t checked out last week’s video, I show you exactly which mediums, which platforms you can use to get in front of homeowners or business owners, right? You speak to them a little bit differently. Okay?

If you’re looking to get in front of homes that have been affected by a recent storm, you’ll speak to those people differently and get in front of different platforms, right?

So figure out what platform is best for your messaging, for your target audience.

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