To attract quality leads consistently, you have to make yourself attractable, it’s plain and simple. That’s exactly what we’re gonna discuss in this week’s video: how to make yourself more attractive to generate consistent leads in 2021. Let’s dive right in.

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Generate leads consistently in 2021

So last year I put out a video on how to generate leads consistently in 2020, and that video did extremely well. And so I wanna make sure I do another video of how to get leads generating for your company consistently for 2021. So by the end of this video, you should know what it takes to have a lead flow that’s consistently coming in for your company this year.

1. Traffic is #1

So the very first thing that you need to understand, is traffic is number one. This is what you need in order to have leads consistently flowing through your company. You need to have a steady stream of traffic.

Now that traffic may not be great initially, but through some qualification processes based on your advertising, your marketing, your content, you will start to filter out bad leads as the traffic flows through any and every obstacle before they get to the phone. And you know, you go out and give the estimate and whatnot.

Roof marketing is much like finding your soulmate

So traffic is number one. So this is where the pipeline begins, right? Picture yourself wanting to find your soulmate in life, right? There are a few ways in which you can go about approaching this.

One, you could literally get up and start knocking on every single door before you finally come across your soulmate.

Two, another option for you, is to literally sit in your basement and you know, wait for your soulmate to come across you, you know, by coincidence because they may have heard that you were a really cool person.

Or three, you can do like, I don’t know, maybe a Superbowl ad where everybody’s looking at this one game, you have the attention. You have a big sign on you that says, I am your soulmate, right.

That’s gonna get people’s attention. The more eyeballs you have on your business, on your roofing company, the more likely you are to get phone calls. So if right now you do not have any traffic whatsoever, you do not have any eyeballs whatsoever on your business, that is the very first thing that you need to fix in order for you to get consistent, quality roofing leads for your company this year.

So all that to say, guys, traffic is king. You need eyeballs, you need traffic. So you now have the eyeballs, what’s next? What do you do?

2. Make yourself presentable

Well, once you have potential soulmates lined up, ready to speak to you, you need to make yourself look presentable.

So imagine being unkempt, smelly, maybe some spinach in your teeth, and you have all of these potential soulmates that have lined up to speak with you. How many of them are really gonna sit down and take you seriously and say, “Hey, you know what? I think you are my soulmate.” Not very many, right?

This is obviously a better situation than not having anybody lined up at all. But when you do have that many people lined up and you now look presentable, you look good. You’re well kept, you know, you smell good. You’re well-groomed, then you are ultimately increasing the likelihood of this person wanting to sit down and have a conversation with you. And that’s how you have to look at it for your business.

Now that you have the traffic, you have the eyeballs, what’s gonna get me as a customer, to pick up the phone and say, “Hey, I found you somehow, you are here, how can we do business together? How can you help me solve my problem? The roof is leaking.”

Look like you’re the best roofer in the area

So there are a few things that you can actually do. One of them being, look like you are the best roofing contractor in the area.

Now, I don’t care what your reputation is offline. If you can take that reputation, assuming it’s good, and you can translate that online, then you will put yourself and your company in a very good position. And one of the main ways to do this is through reviews.

It is a very big deal in the decision-making process for a homeowner that’s looking for the best contractor in the area. Not the cheapest, we’re looking for the best contractor in the area. And if it seems as though other people in the area like a particular roofer because of the reviews that they have, then it is most likely that the next person searching is also going to like you. Think with that logic.

So with that in mind, you need to make an effort, a real serious effort throughout this year, throughout 2021, to generate as many reviews as possible. Not just reviews, but five-star, highest quality reviews, so that you’re ultimately getting quality traffic sent your way.

Look professional

Another way to do this is to look professional, right. If you have a professional-looking website, that’s a great place to start. Make it easy, make it transparent, make it user-friendly, right?

Do not give your potential customers obstacles on your website. Like, the first thing I wanna see, if I’m looking to contact a roofer, is the phone number. Where’s the phone number? Let me pick up the phone and call someone. Like you would be surprised as to how many websites out there make it so difficult to sit down and call someone for a service call, right?

You are a local, service-based business. You need to make it easy for potential homeowners who have immediate roofing problems, to call you. So fix your website, make it look presentable, make it user-friendly, and always think about mobile first.

Don’t look at it from a desktop. Look at it from a cell phone because the majority of the visitors are gonna be looking directly from their smartphone, looking to contact you. That’s where the majority of the traffic is going to come from as far as devices go.

So those are two things that you can fix right away if you have not yet. If you don’t have a website at this very moment, get one.

3. Subscribe to my channel

So the next thing you wanna do to generate leads consistently throughout 2021, is to smash that like button. It really helps me out with the algorithm and do not forget to subscribe to the channel if you have not yet already.

So two things that we’ve discussed so far, quality traffic and looking presentable. So make yourself attractive.

4. Focus on Google

Now, the platform that you need to focus on to consistently generate leads is Google. Now I know a lot of you guys are using Facebook. You’ve tried Facebook, you’ve tried boosting posts, but before you jump into spending more money with Facebook, I want you to think about one thing here. You need to think about the search intent behind whoever is looking for a roofing contractor.

When someone needs a new roof, they generally know that they need a new roof. So when that time comes, they have a search intent in mind to find a roofing contractor in a particular area. Whereas if you’re advertising on Facebook, it is very likely that the person who contacted you from Facebook, did not have the intention of finding a roofer at that very time. They were casually scrolling and you just so happen to pop up in their feed.

Now, that is why the traffic quality of the people on Facebook is typically lower than the one that’s on Google. Because when that person went to Google to find the roofing contractor, they went there to find a roofing contractor. So the search intent is much higher than those that are just casually scrolling on Facebook.

And this is not to knock Facebook and it’s not to say that it doesn’t work on Facebook. It’s just much more difficult to get quality leads on that platform.

Advertise on Google in 4 ways

So when I say you need to advertise on Google, there are actually four different platforms that you can start producing leads from on Google. You have Google Local Service Ads. You have Google Ads, Google My Business, and then your website.

Your website ultimately is a Google entity. That’s what you’re creating the website for. To speak to the search engines, the major search engine, which is Google in this case. Those are the four platforms that you’re looking to set up. So there’s more than one place that you can generate leads from using the Google platform.

5. Track everything

Lastly, to generate leads consistently in 2021, roofing leads, you need to track everything.

Now it’s not enough, it’s better than nothing, but it’s not enough to answer the phone and ask the person how they found you. Because if they say Google, again, I’ve just shown you that there’s four different platforms that someone can call you off of Google. So which one did they come from?

You need to set up proper tracking mechanisms on the backend of your online presence, so that you know where your marketing dollars are going and you know exactly where each person is coming from, how they contacted you, what they typed in to find you. So you can hone in on what is working. So no more guessing game. Let’s not assume where people are contacting you from.

With the technology that we have today, you can know exactly where all of these individual phone calls and leads are coming from. By tracking everything, you can, again, focus on what is working to generate more leads consistently.

Book a call with me

So for a lot of you guys I know this sounds like a lot of work, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. And so many of my clients today, they were once in your shoes, once in your boat, where they did not have the right guidance or idea as to what to do to get to a point where we’re generating leads consistently.

So, I put together a training program I’m gonna put a link down below. That’s going to explain what the training program entails but essentially I’m giving you all of the tools that you need as a roofer who is not tech-savvy, who doesn’t know much about technology, to be able to set all of these things up in-house and not have to rely on another company to generate leads for them. So if you’re interested in that, there’s a link down below. Be sure to check it out and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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