So I got a call from someone who wanted to be a client and said that they wanted to spend about $10,000 a month on advertising. Now, they are brand new to the space. They’ve never done anything online before, and I told them to hang onto their money because this is not the way to go. And in this video, I wanna explain why. Let’s dive right in.

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Before you start spending online…

So things you need to know before you start marketing your roofing company online. And so, as I was saying before, this roofing company that I wanted to spend $10,000 online in ads every single month, I told them just pump the brakes. There are a few things that you need to know prior to doing so. And they just weren’t ready.

1. You need a solid foundation

So the very first thing that they needed to know is the following: You need a solid foundation before you start spending thousands of dollars in ads.

So here’s one question you can ask yourself. When someone, when a potential homeowner, a business owner, a property manager, heads online and looks up your company, what will they find? Is there some kind of foundation?

Let’s say I’m blowing $10,000 a month online and I’m getting in front of the right people. But then they start doing their due diligence. They start looking up what your company’s all about. Where you’re based out of and if people are happy with your service. What are they gonna find? If the answer to that question is probably nothing, then you shouldn’t be spending that much money online, especially if you have nothing to leverage.

Customer reviews

So two things you can do to build that solid foundation. One, is to have customers raving about your company, right? And this needs to be displayed online.

Like, don’t get this confused with or misunderstood with customers that have been dealing with you for the past 20 years. Yeah, we have tons of customers. When it comes to the internet, that needs to be displayed, right? It’s not, oh, like we have customers. Well, where are they, right?

Keep that in mind because people are doing this stuff. They’re not gonna call you to find out if you have customers, they just wanna see it. So keep that in mind.

Proof of concept

And then next, you need to have a proof of concept. And this really pertains to those of you guys who are looking to get started in roofing. How do you know you’re a decent or good or great roofing company if you have no customers, right? So before you go online and start spending money, you need to have things to leverage.

How do I know you’re a good roofing company? Do you have any pictures of your work? Do you have customers that are saying great things about you? These are the types of things that you need to consider before you go out and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on advertising.

And here’s a clear sign that you probably don’t have enough to leverage: When you visit your website, if your website is filled with a bunch of stock images, then that’s probably a clear sign that your roofing company has not done a really good job of setting the foundation. You shouldn’t have a bunch of stock images on your website. You should have pictures of actual roofs that you have done in the past.

So quick plug here. If you are struggling with getting the solid foundation started, if you’re looking for a low-cost, entry-level type of system that’s gonna help you get that foundation built, then be sure to check out our GMB for Roofers training program. There’s a link for it down below in the description of this video, check it out.

2. You need to invest capital

Now, the second thing. This point here may not necessarily pertain to them but more to the companies that are ready to start marketing but just don’t have the funds. You can’t spend thousands of dollars online if you don’t have thousands of dollars laying around. So that to say, to generate quality leads, you need to invest capital.

You need to invest some of the profits that you’ve made from other jobs, or if you’re not willing to, then you’re gonna have to invest your time. It’s one or the other. You can invest money or invest time into getting your name out there and building that solid foundation.

So, one of my pet peeves is a roofing company that expects to spend some more in the neighborhood of $500 a month and hopes to get 100 roofing leads. It just doesn’t make sense, guys. It just doesn’t make sense, right? Assuming you spend $500 if you get even just one job, just one roofing job. If the answer to this is no, then something is really wrong with how much you’re charging for a roof. But you would get more than 500 bucks back in profits. So there just needs to be a more realistic correlation between how much you’re spending in ads, and what you can expect in return, right? So keep that in mind.

Find a good marketing company

Also to generate leads at a good volume, you’re going to have to find the right company. Oftentimes you get into the emotion of not wanting to spend the money, but guys please do yourselves a favor. I’ve seen too many different companies go through too many different marketing companies. What you’ll wanna do is you’ll wanna do your research. Do your research on the company that you are looking to hire to help you with your marketing.

Take a moment, go online, research, please. T this is going to save you so much time. And even if you do find that company, it’s not 100% that it’s gonna work out, right? It’s not guaranteed, because the market changes all the time. And so what you really wanna do is get in front of a company that’s staying up to date with the latest marketing information. That way you can at least stay ahead of the curve.

Some companies have been around for years and have not yet changed the way they do things, even though these big marketing platforms change all the time. So all that to say is find a company that you feel comfortable enough to invest in, to invest in yourself, so that you can get the results that you’re looking for.

Find good YouTube channels

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3. It takes a mind shift

So the third thing that you need to know about marketing your roofing company online is that, and it doesn’t really pertain to the roofing company that I highlighted earlier, but it takes a bit of a mind shift, going from not spending much to spending 3, 4, 5, 10, $20,000 a month in advertising.

Many of you guys will find it difficult to transition, especially if you’ve only been operating on word-of-mouth and referrals. Because you don’t necessarily–and this is real in the roofing industry–many of you dislike technology. You’ve been stuck on the ways of handing out flyers, mass mailers, knocking on doors, that it’s hard to grasp the idea that technology or digital marketing can really have a huge impact on your businesses.

And so before you decide that, “Hey, I wanna go out and spend some money online”, understand that it does require a bit of patience. Especially if you’re not the one that’s doing the marketing yourself, then it requires a level of trust that this is going to work. And so, this even goes back to my previous point of finding the right company that you’re comfortable with investing in. But then it does require a level of a mind shift to understand that, “Hey, I’m going from spending nothing to thousands of dollars every single month in something that I may or may not believe in at this point, but here we go.”


So again, a quick recap of three things you need to know guys, one, you need a solid foundation. Two, to generate solid leads at a decent volume, you’re either gonna have to spend the money or spend the time. And three, this whole transition of going from not spending money online to spending thousands of dollars online requires a different you. It requires a mind shift to get from one place to your end goal, your end destination. And getting online is definitely going to help you make that transition and get you further in your business because it’s operated on systems rather than manual labor.

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