With everything going on in the world, I hope that this video will find its use to you as I’m going to be sharing some resources that have helped me help hundreds of my clients get online and start producing roofing leads. So let’s dive right in.

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Roof marketing resources for more roofing leads

So in this video, there are certain resources, tools whatever you wanna call them, that I use for my clients and my clients also use to help them generate more leads online. And I find that these are game-changer when you are looking to set yourself apart and know exactly what you’re doing online.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

1. Call Tracking: CallRail

Resource number one, call tracking. Now, this tool, a lot of people are opposed to it because they wanna keep their phone number. However, in an age of technology, you should have every tool that’s going to help your business be more efficient, more effective.

Now, the tool that I recommend, and before I even say the name of the tool, what I want you to know is in this video, I’m gonna be referring to three companies that I am very much affiliated with.

Again, I’ve done my research. I’ve done my due diligence. I’ve tried many companies and nothing compares to these three companies that I use on a day-to-day and I recommend them for all my clients. I have affiliate links down below in the description. That means yes, if you use these links, you decide to use it then a bit of that is gonna go towards me and my pockets that is, I’m putting that out there. All right.

So our first tool, call tracking I use CallRail, and all of my clients do the same. CallRail enables you to have data behind every single call that is coming your way. So it can give you the person’s name, the area they’re calling from, what they typed in to find your company, which page they called your company from.

So all of this information that you’re getting from the calls themselves are gonna help you do a few things.

Determine which platform is most effective

One, it’s gonna help you determine which source or which platform is producing the majority of the leads for you. Now, this is gonna tell you, okay, I need to spend more time here, right? Rather than spending it somewhere else.

If you’re spending 50, 50 times on two different platforms and you see that 90% of your calls are coming from this one area, you might wanna double down on the one platform that’s producing for it.

See how the customer found your company

Other than that, you have the analytics behind it. Having the ability to see what the person typed in to find your company. Again, enables you to double down on what’s working and step back from what’s not.

Grow your company with data-based decisions

So this information is vital to the growth and the scalability of your business online because it allows you to make data-based decisions. There’s no more guesswork or going off a hunch or “I think that this may be…” or “I think what if we switched.” No, you now have the information to be able to say, okay, this is what worked. I need to do more of this.

So needless to say, call tracking is extremely vital to the growth of your online. There’s no more asking customers on the phone… And it doesn’t hurt to do but now you have that information. Like how did you find me? “Well, I found you on my Google here. I called you directly.” So even with the direct calls, right?

What you need to understand with call tracking, you can use those phone numbers using CallRail. You can create a phone number and have it forwarded over to your actual number. And then you’re able to tell from what marketing material this person found you, right?

When somebody says, “Oh, I don’t remember or I found you on a flyer,” you can now see exactly where these people are coming from based on the information, the numbers that you put on the marketing materials themselves.

2. Landing page software: Unbounce

Our next resource is something that I highly recommend to anyone who’s looking to do any form of paid advertising online. It is an absolute game-changer for me. It is Unbounce and this is a landing page software.

Imagine you are driving around and all of a sudden a storm happens out of the blue. A storm comes in and does some serious damage to the neighborhood. Imagine having the ability to create a dedicated landing page all within a matter of hours after the storm happens so that you’re able to get in front of customers who are specifically looking for storm-related roofing contractors in the area.

This landing page allows you to do that even if you are not tech-savvy. And many of you are, I’d say about 90% of the people that I work with in the roofing industry are not tech-savvy. This will allow you to go in drag and drop and place however the web page you want it to look like, you can go ahead and do that with this drag and drop landing page builder.

It is an extremely useful tool. And this is the only place you should be sending paid traffic.

Don’t send paid traffic to your website

For all of you guys who are sending paid traffic to your website. That is a huge, no, no. It is not good trade practice. You wanna send them to a dedicated landing page where the customer literally has two options. One, to call you or two, fill out a form.

Now, this is extremely important because you’ve paid for this person to come to visit your page. Now you want to give them the highest likelihood of doing exactly what you want them to do. By sending them to your website, you’re allowing them to browse and get distracted and start reading a bunch of stuff.

The landing page needs to have a bit of information about your company, benefits that you offer as far as why I should reach out to you as opposed to a competitor, right? Or really good headlines, some nice images, some testimonials. All of that can be put in a nice-looking landing page and that’s all you need for paid traffic so that you’re ultimately increased the number of phone calls you were getting from visitors that are visiting your landing page.

Again, affiliate link down below in the description. If you wanna use that, you get a discount by using my affiliate link down below. So go ahead and check it out. Again, I’m not recommending anything that I don’t personally use myself. So this is something that’s been a game-changer for a lot of my clients and I’ve helped them get a lot more leads online.

3. SEO: BrightLocal

Lastly, we have BrightLocal. BrightLocal is an SEO tool that I use for all of my roofing clients. And this allows me to see and track how my rankings are doing online.

Rather than going to Google and typing in each individual keyword that I’m looking to start ranking for in terms of roofing, I could have it all laid out in this tool that’s gonna allow me to see exactly where I stand with all the search engines being the big three. You’ve got Google, Yahoo, and Bing and also the mobile versions. So BrightLocal will enable me to see all of this information and it’s really just a great tool for tracking.

They also offer other services that are gonna help you become more visible online. It is a very, very powerful tool and I highly recommend them for tracking the positions of your keywords and also building out citations.

Book a call with me

Now, if you have no idea what I’m talking about here that it’s clear to me that you have a very long way to go when it comes to this online stuff, it’s not as simple as, “Oh, I’m gonna get you online, we’re gonna get you leads.” There’s a lot of work that goes involved in this.

And it is for that reason that I actually created a seven-week training program specifically for roofing contractors with real-life roofing examples that’s gonna help your business get online and start producing leads. Especially if you’re looking to do things in-house and have controls that you don’t have to rely on another company to start producing leads.

Last year alone, we helped 120 roofing companies get online with this program and start producing leads. So if you are interested in that, there’s a link down below. Go ahead and check it out. See what the seven-week program is all about and schedule a call with either myself or one of my team members and let’s figure out the best course of action to make 2021 a really good year for you.

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Again, my name is Mats Moy from Moy Consulting. That is my time and I will see you next week. Peace.





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