I get this question all the time: “Mats, how do you keep going? How do you keep momentum? How do you make sure that you’re continuously generating leads online?”

Well, really there’s one answer to that question and that’s you have to be making money. You have to be making a profit, a return on your investment and that’s how you keep that momentum going. So I’m gonna share with you tips on how to keep that momentum going in this week’s video. Let’s dive right in.

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Keeping the momentum going in your advertising

Thank you for tuning into this week’s video. By the end of it, you should get a few tips that are gonna help you keep momentum in your advertising, in your roof marketing online.

So what can you do right now to keep that momentum going? So the simple answer is you have to be making money right? But before you get to that point, what can you do?

I have some tips for you to help you get to a point where you’re making money. And once you do get to that point, you’re making a return on your investment. You’re generating leads, your sales reps are happy, the team is happy, everybody’s happy, and now you can keep going with your marketing, right? So here’s what you can do…

1. Create a weekly routine

Step number one or tip number one better yet, create a weekly routine.

Now, one thing I’ll tell you is at the very beginning, you’re probably not gonna make money. Right out the gate of you trying to advertise and promote your business online, you are probably not going to make money. And at the beginning, you are actually going to spend quite a bit of time trying to get things together, figure things out. And that’s the nature of it, right? You’re just getting started online.

But once you do get the ball rolling, this becomes like clockwork. You need to create that weekly routine of things to check on a weekly basis so that your systems don’t break. Your systems are continuously getting better, and ultimately you’re generating leads week after week, day after day.

Online roof marketing is a machine

So again, at the very beginning, you’re going to be spending quite a bit of time creating funnels and landing pages and ads. Just you’re gonna be spending quite a bit of time in the beginning. And again, as the weeks go on, you’ll start to figure out that, hey, we can be spending less and less time over time because this thing is a machine. It’s a system, right? It learns it’s a machine learning system.

So over time, you can expect to start spending less and less time on the campaigns themselves. But at the very beginning, expect to spend a lot. If by say week four, week five, you’re still spending hours upon hours with your advertising then something is wrong. You shouldn’t be spending that much time if you’re doing things that you should be doing on a weekly basis. This includes optimizing your ads, optimizing your landing pages, adding negative keywords. Just looking in the right places so that you’re able to spend less and less time and get more and more out of your advertising.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, check out the link down below in the description. It is a training program I put together for roofing contractors. It’s going to help you understand what you need to be looking at on a week-to-week so that you’re able to generate more leads. Not only that, it’s gonna help you or show you how to set up all of the systems that I personally set up for my clients. It has helped them generate leads throughout the entire year consistently. Again, the link for that is down below in the description.

2. Stay on top of high-yield activities

Another tip for you is to stay on top of high-yield activities. Many times, I see roofing contractors that are spending time on social media, posting this, posting that, and they get very little in return from doing so. I need you to identify the activities that are going to yield the most results from and the most results are, you know, what you’re looking for is sales.

What’s gonna lead to more sales? Which traffic sources are going to lead to leads? Which is growing that then turn into sales? If social media is working for you, then, by all means, continue, keep doing that. but if social media’s not working for you, then why are you spending the majority of your time there, right?

I would much rather you go out and knock on doors, if anything else, because that may turn into more leads, more sales for your company. But if you’re spending, you know, a few hours on social media every single week, and it’s not turning into anything for you, then by all means change the strategy.

Focusing on lead generation

And I’ll give you an example, for myself, I only focus on lead-generating activities. And what this means for me is spending time on Google, right? Making sure that clients are visible online when potential customers are searching for local roofing contractors. And that is the number one job. Because traffic is what’s gonna ultimately lead to sales, lead to profits for the businesses that we work with.

With that being said, Google, Google My Business, Google Local Service Ads, Google Ads, and your website. Those are the four platforms that we tackled and set up properly and focus on. It’s so that customers who are looking for roofing services in the area can find roofing clients that we work with on all four of those platforms.

Again, if you have no idea what I’m talking about and how to set these platforms up, be sure to check out that training program. The link is down below in the description.

3. Tune back to my channel every single week

Another tip for you to keep momentum going is to tune back into this channel every single week, right? We put out content just like this that’s gonna help you generate more leads. So what I want you to do right now, and I ask of you, I beg of you to do right now is hit the like button, subscribe to the channel, and hit the notification bell. That really helps me out with this channel, to producing more content like this for you guys to help you generate more roof leads online. So go ahead, hit that thumbs up.

4. Create a checklist of things to do

Another tip for you to keep momentum going is to really create a checklist of things to do, right? Much like creating a weekly routine, of you know how much time you’re gonna spend here, here, and you know, doing whatever you need to do, a checklist that’s gonna show you exactly step-by-step what needs to be checked off every single week so that you’re able to keep momentum.

It becomes like clockwork. It’s like you getting up in the morning, brushing your teeth, you know taking a shower, going for a coffee, whatever it is that your morning routine is, this needs to be added as part of it because it’s going to help you generate results.

5. Track your results

Lastly, in order for you to keep momentum in this roof marketing generating leads is to track your results. I cannot tell you how many people do not do this. If you do not track results, it’s easy for you to feel as though you’re not getting anywhere based on your marketing. It’s because you have no means of actually checking what you got, right?

Many times, you got maybe two or three leads this week that turned out to be jobs. But later on in the week, let’s say you went through like a four-day drought. You feel as though you got nothing, whereas you closed three jobs this week, right? It can make the world of difference if you know on paper exactly which leads came from where, and which one of the leads turned out to be an actual sale, an actual job for your business.

Eliminate the guesswork, right? Stop assuming. Always refer back to what you actually got for the week so that you can confidently see that, hey, this wasn’t actually a bad week, I actually did pretty well. Even though I feel as though I didn’t do well, it was actually a pretty good week. So you need to double-check these things.

Use analytics, right? Tracking mechanisms to actually determine what you got for that entire week. Those are all things that you need to double-check.

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