Quality assurance can save you so much money in the long run just by doing these simple little checks. And so in this week’s video, we’re gonna talk about due diligence and what it means to you as a roofer when it comes to marketing your company online. Let’s dive right in.

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Keeping your online in tiptop shape

So, roofers, the top due diligence checks that you need to perform every single week to make sure that your online is in tip-top shape. Now quality assurance can save you so much. And over the past six, seven years, I’ve been helping roofing contractors all over North America, helping them get set up online and producing roofing leads. And so, there are processes, systems that I’ve been able to develop that have helped my clients save so much money and helped them increase their lead generation flow week after week, month after month, and so on and so forth. So, let’s dive right in.

1. Tracking mechanisms

Top due diligence check number one. Check to make sure your tracking mechanisms are set up correctly. Now, this is a very simple one and it can save you so much by having the right mechanism set up. How do you know something is working if you’re not tracking it, right?

So it’s something as simple as setting up your Facebook Pixel, making sure that it’s firing correctly, right? Setting up your Google Analytics, your heatmap tracking.

Heatmap tracking

Heatmap allows you to see exactly what visitors are doing on your website. If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, how come people are not calling me? How come people are not filling out the form? Well, something like Hotjar, a tool like Hotjar and I’m gonna link down below in the description, will enable you to see exactly what people are doing.

If people are visiting your site and they’re clicking on different things that are basically not in your best interest, then you wanna see these things. And so, a tracking tool like Hotjar will enable you to see everything that somebody is doing on your website and allow you to take the appropriate action to make sure that you can fix whatever’s broken, whatever’s not working.


Tracking phone calls, conversions, right? So these things, again, you need to know what’s working versus what’s not. If you’re not tracking the phone calls, how do you know that they are coming from your website? How do you know that they’re coming from your Google my Business Listing, from your Google Ads, from your local service ads, from your Facebook account, how do you know where the phone calls are coming from?

Set the tracking mechanisms up, it’s not a difficult task, nor will it take you a long time. If you need some assistance with that, then be sure to reach out. There’s a link down below. I would like for you to schedule a call with myself and that way we can walk you through the processes and see if we’d be able to help you out on that front.

2. Phone number and contact forms

The second due diligence check that you should be carrying out frequently is the phone number on your website. The number on your website and the form submission. These two things, these are the two things that you actually want your visitors to do when they get there, right?

Let’s say I’m a homeowner, I am John. And my shingles just blew off because of the storm that happened today. And so I’m getting online, I’m looking for a roofer. I get on your website, see a phone number. I call it and the line, it doesn’t work. The phone number doesn’t work, it just doesn’t work, right. Or I head over and I try to fill out my information and I hit the submit button and the form is just not going through. Like, how frustrating is that to one, a homeowner that’s looking for help. And then two, you not knowing that these things don’t work, because guess what? I’m not gonna tell you that it doesn’t work. You should be checking these things all the time.

Try them out once a week

I am a victim of this by the way. It happens to me frequently. And so that’s why I need to check all the time. I have people reaching out, hey, your form doesn’t work, cool. But that’s the due diligence check that I should be doing. I’ve fallen victim to this, and I don’t want you to miss out on potential leads. And so what you need to be doing is at least once a week, call the phone number on your website, and then also, try to submit a contact form to make sure that it goes through and that you’re receiving it.

Sometimes it goes to junk. Sometimes it goes to spam, right? So you need to be checking these things, if not, use somebody in-house or whatever marketing agency you’ve hired should be checking these things regularly.

Call tracking numbers

Now the phone number thing is more if you’re using call tracking number. Because those numbers can get mixed up very easily, right? So especially if you’re using call tracking, you should be checking those phone numbers frequently to make sure that you are actually getting this information on your end.

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3. Is it worth it?

Lastly, number three, we have, “is it worth it?” The due diligence check of “is it worth it?” How do you know that your online lead generation is worth it?

Many, many, many, and I do this all the time. Whenever I sit down for the first time with a roofing company owner, I ask them, how is it going? How is your marketing currently going? And they’ll sometimes, well, most times they’ll say as to why we’re on the phone, “Oh, it’s not going so well because blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

How do you know? How do you know? If you cannot attribute any of your revenue to the leads that are coming from your online–if you don’t know how–then you have no clue whether it’s working or not. And that’s the sad part, especially if you’ve decided to hire a really good marketing company, but you feel as though it’s not working, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Marketing expenditure vs. revenue

You should be crunching down the numbers to see exactly how much revenue is associated with the leads that have come through your campaigns that whatever company is doing for you. That way you can get a clear picture as to if this is working or not. It shouldn’t be a guessing game. It shouldn’t be a feeling. You should know down to the very numbers that whatever your marketing efforts are, you’re coughing up two, three, $5,000 a month. And you’re closing in revenue, 10, 20, $100,000. You should be able to link these two things. And if you can’t and you don’t know, then my suggestion is, get the right tracking mechanisms set up, get reports sent to you on a regular basis.

And when I say reports, I don’t mean just a bunch of numbers, no, no, no. I need you to take the leads and associate them with the revenue. If you don’t have these systems in place you’re missing out. And you’ll always feel as though this month wasn’t a good month. Last month was a good month. You won’t ever know for sure until you can actually break it down and bring it back to the source of the leads themselves. And that way you’re able to attribute every single sale that you make to however many leads you are brought in.

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