Whether you know it or not, you may be taking funnels for granted. Some that you may have just discounted altogether because you didn’t believe in it or you’re just not into it. Maybe you just don’t believe in online altogether.

Well, in this video, I’m going to share with you some roof marketing funnels that are a must, and that you should be running for your roofing company. Let’s dive right in.

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Funnels, funnels, funnels

Now, for the topic at hand. Funnels that you may be taking for granted.


Now, at the very top of my list, it is remarketing. Chances are if you have seen my face before, it is as the result of one of my remarketing campaigns. Now, this is a very, very powerful tool because, you don’t need the person’s name, phone number, email. I don’t need anything in order for me to remarket to you. All that I need is to have you interact with either one of my ads, one of my posts, my website, my landing pages, my content. Anywhere you have seen me before, chances are I’ve remarketed to you over and over again.

And you might think that man, it must cost a lot of money, but that’s the beauty about remarketing. It is so effective and it’s so cheap to do. I’ll give you an example. Let’s say the initial point of contact between myself, my content, and you may have cost me… I don’t know, like a dollar, three bucks. Somewhere around there. And for me to remarket it to you over and over and over every interaction is going to be less than 10 cents. So it is absolutely worth it for me to run remarketing campaigns, and the very same applies to roofing.

So if you’re looking to get in front of homeowners, then you want to remarket to them because chances are their first interaction with you probably didn’t turn out into, you know, them contacting you. And so you want to stay in front of them because they’re hot, they’re ready. They’re ready to call someone to get them over so that you’re able to, you know, give them an estimate. And so I highly recommend you run remarketing campaigns for your company.

On the topic of remarketing campaigns. If you’re not sure what this is or how it works, then I highly recommend you check out one of our videos. I’m going to link to it down below in the comments. It’s an 18-minute video. That’s going to share with you exactly how we generate leads, how we help our clients generate leads, and how the remarketing process works as well. Again, down below in the description.


A second funnel that’s often overlooked and people take for granted, are the competitors. Stealing traffic from your competitors. This is specifically in the roofing industry because this industry is so far behind when it comes to technology and online. Many of your competitors are probably not bidding on their own company name.

So when I say, oh, I want you to show up at the very top of Google, think of four or five different companies. All right, this is an experiment that you can do right now. Think of about five of your biggest competitors in the area. So think of the five biggest companies in your area and go to Google and type in their name. Type in their name, and then look at the ads section at the very top. Do you see an ad for that particular company? If not, chances are, they are not bidding on their own company name. This is an opportunity for you to steal their quality traffic, to bring over to you. It’s going to be very inexpensive and totally worth it, right? So that’s an experiment that you can do for yourself.

Just simply taking away the competitors, traffic, the competitors’ leads just by being, or bidding on their company name through Google Ads.


Lastly, another thing that roofers often take for granted is the power of video, right? YouTube videos, Facebook videos. Think about how you ended up on this channel watching this very video, right now. This was an opportunity for me to get in front of you and give you some powerful information, and here you are watching it, digesting it, and hopefully enjoying it.

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So YouTube videos, many, many roofing contractors are so uncomfortable on video that it’s literally an opportunity for you to stand out from the competition. So if you haven’t already, start getting familiar with shooting videos, using your smartphone to record videos whenever you’re out at job sites. Simply talk about processes, what you’re doing on the job, those problems you may find on the roof, all types of things that you can talk about. Whatever you do on a day-to-day.

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So there you have it guys. Those are the three different funnels that roofers always take for granted. And I highly recommend you jump on them because they are areas of opportunity.

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So there you have it guys. That’s my time. Hopefully, you’re having an awesome day and I hope to see you next week. Peace.


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