So after all this time, you’re still looking to generate free roofing leads. I can’t blame you. They are free, they don’t cost you anything other than your time.

And so in this video, I’m gonna explain what GMB is and how you can start utilizing it to generate some free roofing leads for your company. Let’s dive right in.

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Google My Business for Roofers

This week, we’re gonna be talking about generating leads on Google My Business. And so I kind of wanna break this down.

If you haven’t already, check out this video, it is the very first video we put out talking about generating free leads. And so maybe you wanna head there and get started with watching that if you haven’t already.

Now, let’s explain what GMB is. GMB stands for Google My Business. It is this beautiful little… let’s call it your online headquarters on Google. It gives you a bunch of information when somebody is looking for, let’s say a roofing company within the area, the very first thing that most people will see, is this little box right here that gives all types of details on your company, including your website, your phone number, your hours of operation, maybe some services that you offer, et cetera, et cetera.


And so if you haven’t already, be sure to head over to this landing page, that’s gonna give you a free guide on how to set one of these things up so that you can start generating leads. So start there.

How much will I be spending?

So what do I mean when I say free? Free roofing leads?

Now, it’s obviously not free, in the sense of it doesn’t cost you anything. Sure, it will cost you some time but as far as money, finances, no, it is absolutely free. Leads that come from this platform, will not cost you anything.

So prior to watching this video, many of you were probably accustomed to buying leads. This would be the equivalent of you going out and knocking on doors. It costs you time BUT it doesn’t cost you anything financially, right? You simply have to head over to the neighborhood. Probably, you know, a little bit of money on gas, but other than that, you’re knocking on doors and just, you know, hitting the pavement. Just knocking, knocking, knocking. It’s gonna take you a whole day, and maybe you’ll land a few estimates, right?

But in this case, it doesn’t cost you anything online. It’s a matter of exchanging some time, investing some time into your Google My Business Listing so that you’re able to start generating “free leads” from your Google My Business Listing.

How many leads can I expect?

So a question that I often get is, “How many leads can I really expect from my Google My Business listing?” The answer to that question is unlimited, right? There is no cap on how many leads you can generate from Google My Business in general.

There is, however, a cap on how many leads you can generate from a particular Google My Business listing depending on a few factors.

One of the big factors that play into this is your geographical location, right? If you are in an area that is dense in population, meaning it has a lot of people living in the area, then really you’re gonna get a lot of leads versus the person who is out in the middle of nowhere, and the population is like, you know, 1000, 500, I don’t know, 5,000 people. You can’t really expect much in terms of leads from that particular area. And so you’re really gonna have to start venturing out to some of the more populated areas, hopefully near where you’re, you know, servicing.

So to answer the question as to how many leads you can expect from the platform, it depends, right? I’ve personally worked with clients who are generating, you know, maybe one to two leads a day to others who are generating 10 plus leads a day from the platform. So it really varies. And depending on where you are, I can give you an answer.

How long will it take before I start seeing leads?

How long does it take to start generating leads from Google My Business? Assuming you’ve set up your Google My Business in the right area, assuming you’ve invested some time into nurturing your Google My Business listing–and if you don’t know what that means, then be sure to download my free guide on how to set it up and start utilizing it so you can start generating leads. Assuming you’ve done these things, it should realistically take you somewhere around 30 days before you start to see leads rolling in.

If you’ve set up your Google My Business listing, and up until now, you haven’t received any phone calls, any leads whatsoever, I highly recommend you go out and check out our GMB for Roofers Training Program that’ll show you how to start utilizing your Google My Business listing. The link for that is in the description down below.

Start generating leads through GMB

If you’re not wanting to check that out, that’s fine, no problem you cheap mother–. I’m just playing. Here are a few tips for you so that you can start generating leads from the listing itself.

1. Choose the right area

One, choose the right area, and I did mention this earlier. A general rule of thumb for me, and what I recommend to my clients is to try to go after an area that has at least 40,000 in population size, but no more than 100,000. More than 100,000 simply means that you are going after some fierce competition. So try to stick within that sweet spot.

To figure out what the population size is of any particular area that you’re looking to go after, just head over to Google, type in the area itself plus population and it’ll give you a number. Go based off of that.

2. Look for the top 3 roofers in your area

Next, what you wanna do is a Google Search for roofing companies within that particular area and then look at the top three companies that do show up within the listing itself, in the Map Pack, right? So there are three companies that normally show up with a review count.

If you can realistically match or exceed that review count, you are setting yourself up for success in generating free roofing leads from your Google My Business listing.

So those are the two tips that I have for you. Anything more than that, again, I recommend you check out our GMB for Roofers Training Program where we go a lot more in-depth as to how you can start generating those leads from your GMB listing.

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So there you have it guys, hopefully, this information was helpful to you in getting online and set up in generating leads.

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Again, my name is Mats Moy. Thanks for tuning in and I will see you next week. Peace.


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