When to hold them and when to fold them, what makes a good roof marketing company. And what that means to me is hiring someone that can help you generate more leads, market your company and get your name out there. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna be discussing in this here week’s video. So let’s dive right in.

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Marketing company green flags

So what we wanna talk about today is what makes a good marketing company, specifically for roofing. Now, can you go out and hire any marketing company out there? It doesn’t have to be roofing specific. The answer to that is probably yes.

A good marketing company, period, would figure out how to get your company out there and ultimately get more of what you’re looking for. If your goal is to simply get your name out there, not necessarily generate leads, but more just put your name out there, then maybe you don’t need so much a company that’s gonna help you with leads, but more of brand awareness. Maybe you need a branding company.

But what we specialize in here at Moy Consulting is helping companies generate more leads because that seems to be what brings in the most value for our clients. And so that’s what we generally focus on. So if you’re looking to hire a company that’s gonna help you generate more leads, then what makes a good company to hire for roofing leads?

1. Results

So number one, and some of you may say that this is the only thing that matters, results, right? That’s what people are generally looking for. I want a company that can deliver results and that’s hard to come by because very much like roofing in Texas, there are no rules here, right?

This is the Wild West. People can call themselves marketing companies. And if you haven’t already, check out my last video, you don’t have to have a marketing degree. All you need is nothing. You can call yourself a marketer and that’s it. And so I guess this is why this video is hopefully gonna help you determine, what makes a good marketing company.

So for one, it’s results and how do you find out if a company can deliver results? Well, look at their past experiences. Who have they dealt with? Have they worked with other companies similar to yours? If the answer to that is yes, then that’s a good indication. Have you dealt with residential roofing companies? Companies that do shingle roofs? Have you dealt with companies that do commercial roofing? These are the questions that you wanna ask and hopefully, they can be backed with some proof.

And so shameless plug here, be sure to check out our testimonials page. It’s a nice little long page with all of our testimonials, from some of our lovely clients that showcase that, hey, this is what we do.

Setting the expectation

So along with the results comes setting the expectation. You don’t want to have someone promise you the world and then not be able to deliver on them. And so, setting the expectation is extremely important.

When you’re speaking to a marketing company and say, “Hey, what can I expect?,” if it’s over the top, I’m gonna take you to the moon, then those are probably some red flags for you. And so have the expectations set from the very beginning and hopefully, the company can follow through on that expectation.

Generally speaking, if someone says that I can get you a hundred leads in 30 days, that’s probably not gonna happen. So setting the expectation and then meeting or exceeding that expectation. That’s what you’re ultimately looking for. You don’t wanna have someone promise you a hundred leads and then over the course of 30 days and only deliver like two or three. That’s just the worst.

So have someone set a realistic expectation for you and then hopefully they can meet or exceed that expectation. And you can gauge this by speaking to some of the clients, previous customers, just so you can get a realistic expectation.

2. Reporting and tracking

Next, we have reporting and tracking. If a company is reporting and tracking, this is something that you can discuss prior to hiring that company. How do we track the results? How often are you going to report to us? And that way, again, this is kind of takes back to our first point where we’re setting the expectation. What kind of tracking mechanisms are you gonna use? Like, those are the types of questions that you wanna ask.

If the company can give you a clear answer, then great. If not, then again, another red flag to be raised and kind of for you to question, because if you don’t have any form of reporting or any form of tracking, there’s no way for you to tell whether this is gonna be working or worthwhile for you and your company. So this information should be on-hand. This data should be readily available to you.

Whenever you ask that company, “Hey, what did we get last month?” And that marketing company should be able to deliver on that. “Can you send me a list of all the leads that came in?” “Sure, no problem.” “Can you send me some analytics as to how many hits our website got?” “How many people landed on this page?” “What was the most popular page?” With these types of questions, your marketing company should be able to answer and provide you with a detailed report as to the questions that you’re asking.

3. Execution

Now, the third thing that I wanna talk about that makes a good roofing company is execution. How quickly can the company execute?

Now in roofing, storms can happen at any given time and you as a roofing company, have to be ready. And so the marketing company that you’re working with has to be able to set up a campaign like that, right on the fly. And so the execution part, how good is the marketing company at executing?

Again, another thing that you can sit down and talk to–hopefully, a referral so that they can answer those questions for you. And you can ask what is your execution plan if a storm happens today? And hopefully, they give you a good enough answer for you to say, “Okay, you know what, you’re the company I wanna hire. Let’s go ahead and let’s do this.” So again, another question for you to ask, to determine, what makes a good roofing company to market your roofing company.

Book a call with me

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