So your company has probably messed up HUGE when it comes to digital marketing. I’m gonna break down some of the mistakes that I’ve made personally in managing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ad spend for my clients.


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We all make mistakes

So if you are a seasoned roofing company and you are online, you’re generating leads, you’re spending money on marketing, then you’re more than likely making at least one of the mistakes that I’m gonna be sharing with you in this video. And if you are, then you definitely want to watch this video till the very end.

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So I’m not too proud to admit this but, I make mistakes, right? I am a human being. We all make mistakes. This video in particular is going to put out there some of the mistakes that I made while managing some accounts, and I’m gonna just break it down for you guys, so that you don’t make the same mistakes that I made.

Hopefully your marketing companies aren’t making the same mistakes that I’m making, and that way you can save every bit of dollar that you have and funnel that towards generating more roofing leads for your business.

1. Not measuring results

So, one of the first mistakes that I made, which cost me quite a bit of money is not measuring results.

Now, before you judge me, this came as a result of the tracking mechanisms not being installed properly on the back end. So I always try to measure results, that’s something that I must do, but from time to time, I will make a mistake here and there, and I do this where I check to make sure that I didn’t make that mistake, and that’s where I caught it, but there were a few days that went by without measuring the results whatsoever.

And so, double-check to see what you’re getting in terms of results. I speak to roofing contractors all the time. And I recently got off the phone with a roofing company, and I asked them, “How well is your website performance?”. “I don’t know”, right? Because they have no way of tracking the results.

Ask the crucial questions

Like, well, you’re paying a company on a month-to-month, right? What kind of results are you getting? Do you know? Is your phone ringing? Well, it is but how do you know it’s coming from that?

Right, these are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. How much are you spending on your advertising, in your marketing company, and what are you getting back in return? How many leads are you getting from your advertising? What is coming of those leads that you’re getting, right? How much is that turning into as far as sales?

These are questions that you need to start asking and measuring to make sure that you’re doing a good enough job, online or your company, whoever you hired, is doing a good enough job of, so that way you can measure and you can, you know, say, “Oh, you know, “I’m spending this much on a month to month, “and I’m getting this much back”.

Because if you don’t ask those questions, you will never know.

2. Not learning how to do social media

Mistake number two. Now this is something that it is best if you did on your own, even if you think to yourself, “Oh, I’m not the most tech-savvy, and roofers are notorious for this, being not tech-savvy, and that’s okay, right? These are learnable skills. Take the time to learn how to do social media.

This is the mistake number two that I see a lot of roofing companies making online, they’re not using social media whatsoever.

There are few roofing companies out there, that I really admire. They’re really going… They’re doing such an amazing job online with their social medias, using memes, putting their face in the pictures, right? Just something as simple as putting your face in a picture of you on a roof, can make the biggest difference ever, right?

If you’re just strictly posting pictures of roofs themselves roofs that you may have done some of the work, that’s the first step, which is great.

Add a face behind the company

But remember, this is social, social media, right? We wanna add a face so that we can see the person behind the company, behind the images, and so that we can interact better, right? This will generate more inter-engagement with the photos themselves, right?

So it’s not just about the roof, it’s also about you and your company, right? We wanna see who represents that company, just so you can see the beautiful face that I have here, and I’m speaking to you directly, you know who my company is, right? Shameless plug, right? I help roofing company owners, okay?

And so this is what you wanna do, you wanna make sure that you put your face in the videos, so that you’re able to, get in front of the customer and the customer can see who they’re gonna be dealing, interacting with, when it comes to their roof.

Quick bonus here, let me know in the comments down below which social media platforms are you guys using? Are you guys just using Facebook? Just Instagram, right? Are you guys even thinking about Google My Business?

Google My Business is probably the number one place for you to generate leads, new eyeballs, new customers for your business.

So if you haven’t already, check out this video here, that will show you how to go about generating more roofing leads from your Google My Business.

3. Not understanding how to turn website visitors into leads

Mistake number three, not understanding how to convert or turn website visitors into leads, right? This is a very important step.

So some of you guys you get a report on a month to month basis, that gives you all of these fancy numbers, and somewhere on there, you see that your website got this many clicks. Well, that didn’t turn into calls for my business what happened?

So if you haven’t already, check out this video here that will show you how to go about optimizing your website, so that you turn new visitors into actual roofing leads for your business.

In a nutshell, to summarize what this is, it’s pretty much there are certain elements that you need to have on your website, to make it easy for the visitor to contact you, right? And so you need to push them, steer them, guide them in a direction that you want them to take, right?

Ultimately, all we’re looking to do whenever a visitor visits our site, is to have them turn into a lead. And this is what that video is all about. So definitely check that out.

4. Not performing SEO

Digital marketing mistake number four. So with SEO, the mistake is not performing SEO, thinking that your website can simply be built and it’ll magically produce leads for your business. That’s not the case, right?

You need to actively do something, nurture your website, so that it produces roofing leads for your business, because anybody can have a website. The problem is, most websites don’t produce anything. And so how do we go about fixing that?

Perform search engine optimization. Whether you wanna do it yourself, or you wanna hire a company to help you out. You want to do this, but if you cannot realistically tackle this task, this SEO task for the next, say, six months to a year, then I would recommend you don’t go that route anyways, right?

Because you need to invest into your SEO, you can’t just do it for a month or two and then expect to see results, that’s not the case. This is a long-term commitment, and it needs to be done properly on a monthly basis, so that you’re able to generate leads from it, let’s say a year down the line.

And if you’re not ready to commit to something like that, you don’t have the cash flow yet to invest into something like this, then stay away from it.

Utilize Google My Business

I would much rather you, watch this video on how to create a website for free, along with my guide, my nine page Google My Business guide. If you wanna get access to that, comment down below, GMB, for Google My Business, GMB, and I’ll go ahead and send it to you.

By using those two tools, you can now generate actual roofing leads for your business, without the hefty monthly management fees that you’re gonna be paying for a company to do SEO for you.

Now, if you’re paying a company to do SEO for you, I am genuinely curious. I speak to roofers all the time, and I ask this question when they say that they have a marketing company doing SEO for them. What does that mean to you? Right? Let me know in the comments down below.

What does a company doing SEO… What does that even mean? Right? I wanna know what that means to you so that I have a better understanding, as to what your understanding of SEO is, right? But if you’re doing SEO, you should be generating leads regularly, right?

Because doing SEO is a lot more than just, backlinks and stuff like that. What are you doing on your website, that’s optimizing your website for the search engine? That’s exactly what that is, SEO, Search Engine Optimization. How are you optimizing your presence, your website, for the search engines? Let me know in the comments down below.

5. Forgetting about mobile users

Another mistake that I’ve typically seen is forgetting about mobile users.

You yourself, you’re more than likely on your cellphone right now watching this very video. And so, you need to have a website, that is also built for, designed for people who are coming to visit your website from their cell phones, okay?  And so to do this, you would have a website which is called or referred to as “responsive.”

If you have a website designer, or somebody who looks after your website, then just ask them, “Is my website responsive?”. Meaning, is it gonna show up properly on laptops, desktops, tablets, cell phones, right? Your website will modify a little, just kinda tweak itself to make sure that it shows up properly on all of those different means.

If your website was built in 1990 something, then it probably isn’t gonna be responsive, right? It’ll just show the same way that it shows on desktop, on your cell phone making it very super hard for anyone to go ahead and take a look at on their cell phones. It’ll give them just a bad experience overall.

So make sure that you’re taking care of your mobile visitors that it shows up properly, your buttons work, all of your buttons work, your call, call now button, your form submissions, check that stuff on a regular basis because it does break, right?

6. Double-check everything on your website

This is another mistake, this is a bonus mistake that I’m throwing in there. Double-check everything on your website, as far as contacting you.

Make sure that that stuff works, otherwise, you could go a month, two months, three months, without even knowing that your contact form doesn’t work. So double-check that stuff on a weekly basis, right? Just to make sure that it works, and you can actually contact you.

7. Not offering any discounts or promos

Here’s a bonus mistake that I see a lot of roofing companies making online: not offering any discounts or promotions, simply for the fact that they probably don’t know how to do it.

If you haven’t already, again, shameless plug, I’m gonna keep plugging this, download my Google My Business guide. On there, you can use the posts feature to promote discounts and promos or anything that you have going on, to attract more business. Use that all the time.

If every single week you wanna offer a different discount, you can do that, and Google will help you promote that for free. New eyeballs, new leads, new sales, that is what it’ll generate for your business.

Again, download the guide, and it’ll show you exactly how to go about setting that up, as well as using it on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis.

Avoid making these mistakes

So there you have it, now you know all of the mistakes. Well, some of the mistakes that I’ve personally made online that has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you can avoid making just by watching this video.

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