“I need more leads! More leads, Mats. I need more opportunities. We need to get more appointments. I need to get in front of more customers!”

I hear it every single day. And so in this video, I wanna talk about marketing your company, different strategies, different things that you can do to get your feet in front of your potential customers. Let’s dive right in.

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My name is Mats Moy for those of you guys who don’t know me, and I am the owner of Moy Consulting, a company I created specifically to help people just like you get online and start producing online roofing leads.

The opportunities are endless

So my goal by the end of this video is to share with you enough strategies for you to realize that there’s so much more that you could be doing outside of what you are already doing, right? There are always more opportunities. Every single time a roofing company reaches out, it’s always because they want or need more leads.

Understanding that you haven’t quite maxed out on what you can and should be doing is the very first step. From companies who are getting absolutely nothing, from subcontracting to companies who are getting hundreds of leads every single month, but still want more, then this video is right for you.

If you are in any shape interested in working with us, and helping your company out as far as producing more leads, be sure to stick around till the very end of this video, where I’m going to share with you a free webinar that will help your roofing company produce more leads, and understand how we go about producing leads, helping roofing contractors produce leads for their companies.

1. Post videos daily

So, marketing strategy number one. Now this one is way overlooked because a lot of people are not comfortable on camera, but what you should really be doing is putting out daily videos to your social media profiles.

So as much as it’s uncomfortable, sometimes for some people, and I know this, I understand this, but this is something that you need to get over. And this is more of a self-awareness mindset type of thing where you kinda just need to get over it, and start producing quality videos, right?

When I say quality, I use that term very loosely because we all have smartphones. And so having the ability to whip out the smartphone, point it at yourself and start speaking into the camera. That is a skill that will go a very long way and will differentiate your company from all of your competitors because nobody’s really doing this.

I know very few contractors that do this regularly. And what it does is it adds a feel of, “Hey, I know this company.” I’m looking at it from the perspective of the business owner, the homeowner, “Hey, I know this person. I see them all the time. I trust this person, they give me really good information.”

Don’t overthink it

If you’re wondering what you should be speaking about, don’t overcomplicate it, don’t overthink this process, right? Whenever you are at a job site, you are on a roof, whip out the smartphone, and just start speaking as to what you’re doing there today.

What problems have you found? How did you solve the problem, right? How is this helping the customer? There are so many different things, and every scenario is different.

And even if it is the same, do not assume that the same person is watching your video each and every single time, because what one person saw, may not be what the other person is seeing. Understand that even if you’re speaking about the same thing over and over and over, different people are seeing it at different times. So keep doing it.

The point is, get social, start using social media and video creation to get your message, your branding, your name, your business out there so that you can ultimately get more calls.

2. Use your personal profile

Marketing strategy number two. This goes hand-in-hand with the very first thing that I just said, use your personal Facebook profile.

Now I scroll through Facebook every now and then, I try not to because it’s a distraction, but I see a lot of roofing company owners, you know, posting family stuff, funny memes, reposting stuff from, you know, roofing groups, and stuff like that.

So, you’re using it, why aren’t you using your personal Facebook page to promote your own business? If not you, who? Who is gonna promote your business for you, right?

You need to start using your personal Facebook page as a way to remind people that, “Hey, we offer roofing as a service.” So start using your personal Facebook page, right? Not only your business, ’cause you should be doing that on your business as well.

But your personal Facebook page is where you’re going to get a lot of traffic, a lot of eyeballs, people who will refer you, people who can share your stuff. So start using it.

Those social videos that you’re taking, post them on your personal as well, as well as your business, right? Get your name out there. Get your brand recognition out there.

For those of you who are unwilling to do this, ask yourself why? Why are you not willing to go out and use your smartphone to produce leads for your company? Why, when you wanna seek out the help of others to produce leads for you? What are you doing for yourself to produce those leads?

Those are questions you seriously need to have with yourself.

3. Keep knocking doors

Marketing strategy number three. Now I didn’t mention that this was only gonna be online, because the good old fashioned door knocking still works.

Now, this is one thing that I recommend, especially when you’re way too early in the process, right?

Trying to get online and start producing leads that way, or spending money to produce leads that way, there are many things that you can be doing for free, right? To produce leads online. So check out this video, so you can see how we go about producing leads free of charge, right?

In addition to doing this, you should also be doing your traditional means of advertising. Anything that’s not gonna cost you anything, especially when you don’t have the budget, and you haven’t set aside any marketing budget whatsoever on a month-to-month to be able to produce leads, right?

I see companies who are paying these, you know, big brands, these big marketing companies to market their business online for like 200, 300, $400 every month, and it doesn’t produce anything.

Now, serious question. What did you expect to produce from spending $200 a month on your online presence? Serious question, right? If you expect it to produce maybe one lead a month, okay, sure. But if you expected 40 quality leads every single month for $200 a month, I don’t know what world you are living in.

Figure out which areas may need you

So good old-fashioned door knocking. Get off of your butt, go outside, put on the tennis shoes and start knocking on doors. Especially when it comes to neighborhoods who you suspect have old roofs, right? Get in those neighborhoods. Like I’m staring at my neighbor, my neighbor’s house across the street from me. He needs a roof, I haven’t seen anybody knock on his door. And the houses over here are about that age.

So, figure out which neighborhoods have the old roofs, figure out the neighborhoods that have been hit by hail, right? Had a wind storm or some kinda storm come through that needs help. So, pinpoint the areas, don’t just go knocking on any door. Figure out the neighborhoods that actually need your help, eliminate the other areas that don’t, all right?

So, go through that process, start knocking on doors.

4. Invite friends to like your Page

Our next marketing strategy is taking us back online, and here is a very simple one. It’s a very simple trick, if you do a Google search for how to do that, it’s pretty simple. But all you’re looking to do is invite all of your Facebook friends to like your page, and also invite their friends to like your page.

Now, this is a simple trick where you can kinda just copy and paste, get access to the Facebook page, go into the settings, and give them a link. And I don’t wanna explain it in this video ’cause it’s a video of itself. Maybe I should make another video on that.

But nonetheless, get online, ask your friends to like your Facebook page so that they can kinda see what you do in your business. And now that you’ll be posting on your Facebook page, right? They’ll kind of see, hey, this is what we do. This is the type of company we are. These are the services that we offer, yadda, yadda, yadda.

So get your name out there. Simple as that, invite people to like your Facebook page.

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5. Digital marketing

So fast-forwarding to our next marketing strategy, which is a big one, digital marketing. And that’s exactly what we offer as a service to help roofing contractors generate more roofing leads online.

If you wanna understand how we go about doing it, or if you’re interested in working with us, then click the link in the description down below, which will take you to our webinar page. That’s a great place to start because it will give you all of the information you need prior to us jumping on a call. We’ll figure out what the best course of action is to help your roofing company out as far as generating more roofing leads online.

So digital marketing, you got your Facebook Ads, you got your Google Ads, Google Local Service Ads. The list goes on, email marketing, social media, all of these things are cool. They’re cool to use, right?

There are so many different options, tools, funnels, websites that you can be doing online to produce leads. Now, the downside to it, maybe not a downside, but there is a side to it, obviously, that is monetary, is financial, right?

Reinvest your capital to your business

How much capital do you have to invest on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis into your company?

One big mistake that I see, and it’s an entrepreneurial thing really where you’re not reinvesting the capital into your business, right?

You’re getting leads, whether it be door-knocking, you’re making the sales, you’re buying the materials to carry out the work, you’re paying the guys. With the leftover money, what are you doing with that? How are you using those profits? Are you reinvesting it into the business, or are you having fun with it?

Right, and that’s a personal thing, I get that. But understand that if you wanna scale and grow your business, you’re going to have to come up with a reliable marketing strategy to produce more and more and more roofing leads for your business.

6. Post on Google My Business

Our next marketing is GMB Posts. GMB stands for Google My Business. If you haven’t already, comment down below GMB and I will send you my free guide on how to use this on a daily basis.

Such a powerful and underutilized tool across the roofing industry. And so be sure to download the guide, and more importantly, execute on it, right?

Understand that this works, and it’s helped numerous contractors generate online roofing leads and you are no different. So be sure to download the guide, comment GMB down below, and I’ll send it over to you.

7. Start video conferencing

Our next marketing strategy is video conferencing. Now, during this pandemic, this coronavirus, a lot of stuff has been happening in the industry itself where contractors are not able to go door-to-door in specific areas.

So, going back to my door-to-door marketing strategy, it can be tough for a lot of you guys. And so a workaround to that is offering video conferencing, right? This enables your customers to have a sit-down, face-to-face just like this onscreen and utilizing the internet to be able to still have that sales conversation with your customers.

So if you wanna be able to do that, be sure to comment down below, video conferencing so that I can send you my guide on how to go about setting up your own video conferencing software within your own company.

Now you don’t even need a website to make this happen, right? All you need is an internet connection so that you’re able to get in front of those customers. So, comment down below video conferencing, I’ll send you the guide.

Now on top of that, you can also check out this video to show you how to set up the whole video conferencing software. So, be sure to check that out and comment down below, and get yourself online in a position where you can leverage the internet to produce more roofing leads for your company, especially during these crazy, crazy times.

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So that’s it for this week’s video guys. Hopefully, you found tons of value in it, but more importantly, hopefully, you will take action on some of these marketing strategies that I shared with you here today. Until next week guys, peace.


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